The IW will not interfere with the reorganization of the studio.

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Play video (compile/wendy) as Jason West, Vince Zampella and other employees left their Infinity Ward Studios and defected to EA's Rebirth Studio, the Infinity Ward Studio was being reorganized. Earlier, analysts said Infinityward Studios would be dissolved immediately after the company launched the second expansion of the "Modern Warfare 2" package.  However, Infinity recently said that they would not interfere with the reorganization of Ward, Infinity Ward will not be dissolved. Dave Stohl, executive vice president, said they planned to reorganize Infinity Ward's studio, but would not change the group as much as possible, saying in an interview, "We want Infinity Ward to be Infinity Ward, which is a special culture."  "The studio plans to fill vacancies with an internal upgrade, and it is reported that the studio has received about 5,000 applications, and according to Stohl, there are still a large number of highly talented people in the studio." After Zampella and West left, the studio underwent a number of staff departures and lost the core design team of modern Warfare 2, including writers, engineers, art and animation designers. Stohl admitted the loss of talent, but also expressed the belief that the studio can recapture the glory of the past. The studio's development philosophy is still intact, and is constantly attracting new talent, Infinity Ward will be reborn. After Treyarch developed the call of Duty: Black Ops, the Infinity Ward studio has begun to develop the next piece of the Call of Duty series.
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