The method of obtaining high quality domain name in domain registration

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As a webmaster, do you know the value of your domain name? What suffix is the domain name and value? Will the value of domain name rise? Webmaster want to know more domain name registration related knowledge, want to add more domain name experience skills, small set today to share under the high quality domain name method. & ">nbsp; First, the domain name registration needs to ponder earnestly the necessity.   The value of the domain name is the prefix + suffix to give people the feeling, is not particularly high-end, is not particularly worthy of our trust, through their own charm to get people's attention. Domain name thin is, must be simple enough, but it is also memorable.   II, starting from the suffix, the suffix of the domain name is the origin of the representative. There are hundreds of suffixes of domain names! Mainstream have COM,CN, and so on, better also have hk,jobs domain name   General can suffix classification, some see can judge domain name is not excellent domain name.   III, to treat the domain name of the best, such as three letters or 4 digits, single pinyin and other types of domain names, we can see that this is not a high-quality domain name. How to cut from the general quality domain name, small series have methods:   (a) Pinyin   1, double spell domain name when content not so blunt.   Double spell can now register the domain name, general dual-fight domain name common webmaster difficult to find, more and more people pay attention to double spell domain name, which is also the domain name investors have found. Small make up feel, since is pinyin must emphasize original intention! It is said that in the daily life, there are, the use of frequent vocabulary. When it is difficult to identify, we can "ask Baidu". The second principle should be creative, not hard to scrape together.   2, three spelling above the meaning to be clear.   Three spelling domain name does not need to pay attention to creativity, as long as can let people remember clearly, point out the real meaning of the domain name, practical good.   (b) Words   1, pure words to see the meaning.   Pure Word domain name short, meaning to express clearly. To ensure the first principle of nouns, other words followed. The shorter the better the principle is the domain name in the international passport, but also the public most accept the basic conditions. Even if they can't remember the meaning, they can write down the domain name of short letters.   2, the combination of words to see the trend.   Word combinations are like double spelling, meaning to be very clear. In addition, we must conform to the trend and open up new ideas.   (c) Number   1, multiple domain name registration some auspicious numbers.   More than 5 figures are the most natural, some people have recently started to create 6-digit numbers, have to say that the number also has cognitive limits, beyond the defined digital position will cause identification barriers.Multi-digit domain name registration should pay attention to combining the usual habits.   2, from the composition of the lowest number of cooking.   from the point of view of resource distribution, the fewer the figures, the more scarce the resources. So it's safer to start with the smallest number of figures and add a few digits to the beginning.   3, check the pendulum law, starting from memory.   Domain name after registration is to use, so the domain owner to consider the domain name memory is also within our scope, to find a good domain name memory, convenient for other people to remember.   (d) Chinese   1, Chinese domain name is dominant. hk,.cn or. China, small knitting think national trend is bound by the state, state-owned enterprises and other related institutions they use what domain name, also explains the Chinese domain name trend in where.   2, to maintain confidence in the Chinese domain name, but do not create Oh! Now the Chinese preferential domain name began to be popular, suitable for Chinese use, the Chinese people understand more. Domain Special Offers: HTTP://WWW.IISP.COM/SPECIAL/DOMAIN_PROMOTION.PHP?S=ASDX
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