The misleading and the truth in the Battle of Gavan

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Is it necessary to know the hen that lays the egg when you eat the eggs? This sentence used to be a joke, but in the increasingly prominent food safety today, know that the source of food is not superfluous, but it is to determine whether the entrance of food safety at ease a standard.

For the uproar of the King Old Ji and many treasure dispute, although some consumers have appeared aesthetic fatigue, but also a lot of consumers are foggy, confused the truth. In addition to a lot of treasure renamed article, formula, descendants of ads under the overwhelming bombing, consumers puzzled, resulting in three major misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding one: Wanglaoji is Gado, Gado is Wanglaoji. The reason that the consumer produces this misunderstanding, is originates from the Gado "Wang old Kyrgyzstan renamed for Gado", "national sales leading red Pot herbal tea renamed to Gado" and other advertising publicity. These ads broadcast, soon because of the infringement Wang Old Kat Goodwill was Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court issued a ban, similar ads disappeared, but good consumers do not know the original, still think Wanglaoji and Gado is one thing.

So what is the truth? A popular analogy: in fact, is the owner of the Wang-ji trademark and related intangible assets of the Canton Pharmaceutical Group, the landlord, the "Wang Lao Ji" The right to use the trademark rent to the Gado of the parent company-Hung Road Group, the tenant, the lease expires, the landlord Canton Pharmaceutical Group to recover the ownership of legitimate reasonable, but the tenants Hung Road group is unwilling to withdraw from this, In the fact that is not a tenant is still playing the banner of the landlord to confuse, let uninformed consumers really think "tenant" is "landlord".

Truth one: Wanglaoji is always Wanglaoji, Gado is never wanglaoji, just a tenant.

Misunderstanding two: Authentic Herbal tea Formula exclusive Grant Gado. No longer the "tenant" identity is revealed in the world, one of the Gado soon throws another ad, "I am Wang Zebong fifth De Xuensun Wang Jianyi, in the 90 's, I have exclusive authorization to the ancestral herbal tea recipe to Gado, has never been granted to other enterprises or individuals, the past is, is now, and will be." The ad was defined by the industry as a recipe contest.

So what is the truth of the recipe? In fact, herbal tea founder Wang Zebong's descendants are divided into two, one to stay in Guangzhou, one to Hong Kong, Wang Jianyi for Hong Kong, two descendants in 1913 formally separated, no business relationship. Guangzhou Wang Lao Ji inherited the king old Ji Herbal tea ancestral shop, have the king old Ji herbal tea exclusive secret recipe, 1956 countries in accordance with the public-private policy, to purchase the way from the fourth generation of Wanglaoji from the hands of Guangzhou Wang Lao Ji trademarks, Secret recipes, crafts, employees and all the means of production, Guangzhou Wang Old Kat became state-owned enterprises and development so far. 1996, Canton Pharmaceutical Group was established, Guangzhou Wang Lao Ji as a subordinate enterprise into the Canton Pharmaceutical Group Management, Canton Pharmaceutical group to become Wanglaoji in the country's only legal heritage entity, with all the rights and interests related to Wang. Over the years, Canton Pharmaceutical Group to the king of old Kat pay a lot of effort, continuous research and improvement, creative development of China's first boxed and canned herbal tea drinks.

Truth two: The law and facts have proved that Wang Lao Ji's secret recipe belongs to the Canton Medicine group rather than Wang Jianyi individual.

Misunderstanding three: Gado is a private enterprise, and state-owned enterprises Wang old auspicious contest is weak. In the trademarks and formulations are not the facts and legal support, Gado played a sad feeling card, the identity of private enterprises to win the sympathy of consumers. And in the Canton Pharmaceutical group staff to the media issued by the "Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Network" Query results, the Enterprise Type column shows Gado as "limited liability company (Foreign legal person sole proprietorship)".

Is Gado really weak? In fact, in this protracted war, consumers see the majority of the audience to hear is Gado figure and voice, whether it is the network of public opinion, or promotional site, Gado performance is aggressive, and even knife-cutting opponents of the staff of things happen, and Canton Pharmaceutical Group always adhere to the law and the facts to speak, Efforts to tell consumers a real wanglaoji, it is because of the generosity and generosity of Canton Pharmaceutical Group, only to Gado the various facts and laws of the wrong advertising misleading.

Truth three: Wanglaoji is a state-owned enterprise, is a century of national brand heritage, Gado is registered in the British Virgin Islands, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Group, the nature of foreign investment.

Kuidong, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, who participates in Wang's trademark case, said to the outside world, in fact, Canton Pharmaceutical Group has always believed that, whether it is state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, or foreign capital, can not dominate the market of herbal tea, in line with the attitude of responsible consumers, enterprises should come up with high-quality products to speak, rather than the fact and the law disregard, Use the overwhelming advertising to mislead consumers. Kuidong also revealed that Wang Old Kat has developed a low-sugar, sugar-free and solid herbal tea and other new products, and in the formulation of herbal tea industry international standards, to real herbal tea leader's sense of responsibility to promote the healthy and orderly development of herbal tea industry, so that consumers can think of drinking water source, plainly consumption.


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