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A few days ago the group of People asked the station group of questions, promised to write a special article on the station group. Believe that many novice stationmaster to the station group's contact is not many, many knowledge through the network has some conceptual understanding, also has not practiced. The so-called station group marketing is to establish a number of sites, and the company related products to optimize the keyword to the Search engine home page, so no matter what product search keyword, the company's website can appear in the Search engine homepage, thereby improving the company's sales performance.

In order to be intuitive to understand is the station group, I give an intuitive example, a group of companies have many subsidiaries, head office and each subsidiary also has its own official website, and the official website links to subsidiaries, subsidiaries are also linked to each other. Such a site will form a station group. There are many advantages to do so, a group of companies have a wide range of business, the business has many kinds of products. A Web site is not a wide range of keywords, have done certainly not too good rankings. So do more than one site to do their own duties, do more targeted optimization and promotion. We can also think of the station group as a means of precision marketing. Because it targets the audience more accurate, also more competitive.

All above is an analysis of the enterprise, we webmaster can do station group marketing? The answer is yes. And there are many successful cases, take the recent very popular "left-carnitine" to examples, relying on the station group to do a successful case. Take the picture as the proof:


We note that the domain name is not difficult to find the meaning of it, of course, it also took part of the domain name and space costs, but and which bidding rankings of the site to save too much too much.

This is the use of station groups to promote a product case, we can also through the station group to do the portal station, so that a station do not finish the keyword into multiple stations to complete. I believe this is not difficult to understand, a station at the same time to do 5 groups of keywords, the weight of each group of keywords only 20%. If a station is only a set of keywords, then its weight is 100%. Then the search engine rankings are also obvious.

If it is a novice webmaster not so much money input (a domain name + space is also 200-300 between, do 5 stations a year is only 1000 yuan, if do a good annual income than 1000 AH.) Can try 2 domain name and Level 2 directory to achieve, although it is not a true sense of the station group, but the effect is not too bad. I would like to cite a simple example: We search a relatively large portal site, the pictures are as follows:


If your station does not have a level 2 domain name, the search engine appears only then has one. So we can see the importance of the level 2 domain name, need to remind everyone is is certainly not weight high. So we can use the concept of station group to do more than 2 domain names, each 2-level domain name as a part of the station group.

Above is my station group marketing some insights, hope for new owners to learn. I created a new network marketing QQ Group: 67693778 Welcome to join the discussion, long-term diving will not come. Reprint please indicate the source

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