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Before we analyzed the "> Marketing website construction and promotion, then is the marketing effect analysis work." Through the analysis of marketing results, we can understand the status of website promotion and marketing issues, for more targeted work to provide the basis. Now let's introduce how we can do a good job of marketing results analysis. Marketing effect analysis, at the site itself level,

Our common method is the flow statistics tool to monitor and master.

Now popular flow statistics tools are more, the mainstream of 51LA,ITSUN,CNZZ and other tools. Software has a similar function.

We need to pay attention to is the flow statistics system inside some key indicators, now these indicators are divided into three categories to analyze

1 Website Traffic Index

Web site traffic statistics indicators commonly used to evaluate the effectiveness of the site, the main indicators include:
Number of independent visitors (unique visitors);
Access IP number (repeat visitors)
Page views;
Page views for each visitor (page view per user);

In these four indicators, the focus is on independent visitors (UV) and page views per person, and independent visitors truly reflect the number of users visiting the site in a per-hour time. Page views per person represents the stickiness of the site, mainly reflects the content of our site's attractiveness and strength of information and the degree of enrichment.

2 User behavior Indicators

User behavior indicators mainly reflect how users came to the site, stay on the site for how long, access to those pages, and so on, the main statistical indicators include:
The time the user stays on the website;
User source site (also called "Guide site");
The search engine and keywords used by users;
In these three indicators, we want to focus on the latter two indicators, the source of the site is the user's antecedents, such as Sina's picture link, link to your site, your users click on Sina's pictures, to reach your website Sina will be as a source site record down, this indicator for our analysis, The effect of our chain has a great help, you can follow this indicator to evaluate the weight of the chain site. The site of many sites we should focus attention, do more quality links.

Search engines and keywords are also critical, they almost reflect the end result of our search engine optimization, we can see the search engine for the site to help, we can see which keywords and the most contact with our site. This helps us to adjust the direction of optimization.

3 The way users browse the site

How users browse the Web site the relevant statistical indicators mainly include:
Type of user's Internet device
The name and version of the user's browser
Visitor Computer resolution display mode
The operating system name and version used by the user
Geographical distribution of users

These indicators are peripheral indicators, we should also be a little attention, mainly to analyze some of the browser's properties, such as the region, the way the Internet.

These indicators, we need to be included in the daily Observation project, from these indicators, we can diagnose the problem of website marketing. Example two examples:

One, the daily independent visitor more, the telephone quantity does not have many. This shows that our site's marketing conversion rate is relatively low, on the one hand, may indicate that the visitors include fewer actual potential customers, on the other hand, the site in the marketing details have loopholes, such as the location of the phone, sales guide, the attractiveness of discounts and so on.

Second, the search engine over the entire antecedents of the proportion of less, which shows that our keyword optimization effect or weak, need to strengthen.

There are a lot of examples like this, so we need to identify problems and solve problems from these metrics. In this way, the lack of site marketing will continue to be made up and corrected, and finally achieved an optimal network marketing results.

such as the adjacent network focus on the enterprise marketing-oriented web site construction, and strive to research and development of marketing-oriented web site system, for the vast number of enterprises to create the most valuable and rewarding network marketing services.

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