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Enterprise Http:// "> Blog marketing status one: Enterprise blog marketing has gradually become a new hotspot of network application

As a typical application form of web2.0, blog is a kind of information platform which embodies individuation and socialization, which has been widely welcomed by netizens since its beginning.

In recent years, the number of blog service coverage and stickiness to maintain rapid growth, the blog has become a real-time communication, search, news, e-mail, after the emergence of another major network applications hot industry.

Corporate Blog Marketing also broke the concept of space-time, sitting in the office can talk about business.

Enterprise Blog Marketing status two: Enterprise blog marketing and blog traffic inseparable

The most professional network marketing services company Network Zhi Cheng that, first of all, browsing the corporate blog, you must be your potential customers, only through the blog article to understand your products, and ultimately interested in business with you.

Second, look at your business blog article people must have certain decision-making power, only then may purchase your product.

Third, the big environment has been touched so many companies have through the blog to buy products. 1th, has done a bit, because after all, there are many boss-level people in the blog to read blog, but this kind of people are not Big Boss, 2nd, corporate blog Visitors are mostly the company's sales staff, no decision-making power, in addition to the enterprise blog really want to sell things more people, want to buy things less. The 3rd now does not exist at all.

To sum up, corporate blog marketing, corporate blog advertising, mostly still in the primary stage, not to mention the blog to start a business. At the end of this article, the net Zhi Cheng or to suggest you bo friends, do not put blog marketing and blog advertising as the main direction of your career, or to combine the traditional way of sales, your business can remain invincible.

How to do business blog marketing better, see blog marketing Skills (

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