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With the popularization of the internet, "Baidu" a household name, the 21st century Emerging network marketing to the traditional marketing model has brought a fatal impact, search engine marketing in the hot market, in the past four years, SEM (search engine marketing) growth rate has been as high as 520%. SEM is bound to encroach on the traditional marketing more than 70% of the market, this is not sensational.

SEM is search Engine marketing abbreviation, Chinese meaning is search engine marketing. SEM is a new form of internet marketing. SEM is to do a comprehensive and effective use of search engines for network marketing and promotion. Sem pursuit of the highest cost-effective, with the smallest input, the largest access to the search engine from the volume, and generate commercial value.

Search engines bring a "godsend" to business development, but this gives us a great opportunity to develop these SEM practitioners. In the face of search engine thrown out of the olive branch, many business owners ecstatic, have recruited enterprise search engine marketing personnel, in the face of market demand for jobs, the number of practitioners are few, proficient in SEM is very few, resulting in the position and staff of the serious imbalance between supply and demand, Many newly graduated college students have tried to join the ranks of SEM workers, after six months of work, these first into the SEM students, began to be dazed, found that the industry is not imaginary paradise, do not know whether they can succeed in the industry, that is, do not know what the industry's success factors, According to the author four years of SEM marketing experience, the industry's successful experience summed up as follows.

A rich cultural heritage and good professional ethics is the cornerstone of the success of SEM workers

Search engine Marketing Personnel's identity is more complex, have to do the site's technical staff, have to do graphic design artists, as well as SEO engineers, traditional marketing staff, as well as the author of the former high school chemistry teacher educators. SEM workers are mixed, the quality is uneven, but to be successful, good professional ethics and cultural heritage, is the most important one.

A person's cultural background determines the height of his life. And a large part of the cultural heritage from the childhood began to accumulate precipitation. Now any enterprise, even the final competition between the country is a culture, the economy is only an outward manifestation of the way. A nation without culture is hopeless, and a country without culture is hopeless. An enterprise without cultural support is also impossible for a long time, a person without cultural support is difficult to succeed, so to fully understand the cultural heritage of the importance of the success of the industry. Only knowledgeable, rich industry knowledge, can better for search engine marketing to provide "hardware" support. Good professional ethics is equally important, in Heilongjiang, some industries to competitors as a friend, and not as friends, malicious to improve the keyword bidding amount, a competitor peer bidding words off the line, and more malicious click Peer bidding ads, and even use SEO means, artificial forgery opponents of negative information, so do, Can only be dogs, Baidu Yuwengdeli. The author of the study in the industry, last year also encountered similar events, and later through the author and peer company Good communication, not only malicious clicks, but also the search engine marketing cost significantly reduced, the fact that the same industry friends, still very much hope to reach strategic partners. Rich cultural heritage and good professional ethics, like the computer CPU, in the industry's success or not, the CPU plays a decisive role.

Second, perseverance is the successful follow-up energy of SEM workers

SEM is the predecessor of SEO, which is like raising their own children, must have perseverance, impatient to eat more than the success of the SEM fruit. Every SEO success knows that a successful optimization of a website often takes several months or even years of process. The author of the education industry in Heilongjiang province, business owners are often quick success, do not pay attention to their own enterprise SEM talent follow-up training, to spend a higher price, hired to do a good job in the industry, to request in the shortest possible time to get high SEO rankings, business owners do not understand the keyword ranking should not eat a fat, Also do not listen to SEO and SEM workers opinion, no way, SEO personnel can only use black hat and other means, so that the site ranked short ago. Business owners see Baidu Home has its own keywords, ranking on the front, began to torture SEO and SEM workers, forced to leave, replaced by some no industry experience or industry experience very few early entrants, so a few months down, they tasted the consequences, And entrepreneurs often do not realize that this is their own mistakes, the formation of the Heilongjiang Education Industry Network Marketing Circle.

The success of search engine marketing strategy depends on your subsequent work. It is not difficult to launch a search engine marketing campaign, but it is a pity that many advertisers begin to relax the monitoring of advertising in the weeks after their campaign. SEM workers to avoid: The search engine advertising activities can not hold a permanent attitude. We have to persevere in the performance of advertising tracking management, and competitors go hand in hand, will be able to get more from the advertising campaign unexpected benefits. SEM workers, often from a failure to success, avoid no perseverance, halfway. SEM workers perseverance, as the computer motherboard, no motherboard, computer can not light, SEM workers can not be successful.

Third, a strong thirst for knowledge is the key to the success of SEM workers guarantee

Curiosity is an intentional activity that recognizes the world, desires to acquire cultural knowledge and constantly explores the truth with emotional overtones. SEM workers in the search engine marketing practice, often feel that they lack the corresponding knowledge, so will have to explore new knowledge or expand, deepen the understanding of existing knowledge tendency, seriously this situation repeated repeatedly, the understanding of the trend is gradually transformed into SEM workers inner curiosity.

To become a senior SEM workers, to improve their own awareness of the development of the Web site, the industry's mainstream programs (such as Weaving dream PHP168 and other CMS systems) and technology have a basic understanding. Because SEM workers before the identity of the particularity, here we do not require SEM workers how proficient in PHP or MySQL, but to know these mainstream CMS usage, the function at hand. In addition SEM workers of the industry marketing knowledge is also critical, such as the author of the study in the industry, is the education industry, the highest level of knowledge in the industry, as SEM workers, although not required to meet the consultants to every country every project proficiency, but for some basic common sense, such as the admission of each country's conditions, costs, The enrollment period must be clear, only in this way, to better do the work of search engine marketing, to help enterprises achieve maximum benefits, the basic industry marketing knowledge of SEM workers is also very important. Even if we have done well, ask yourself, is there any way to make these keywords more effective? Design a few long tail keyword to be able to have better effect? Optimizing keyword creativity can be said to be a core part of search engine marketing strategy. The author has optimized an advertisement, just slightly changed the content of the advertisement, the result of the marketing effect of advertising turned over three. Leisure, is not more to think about how to optimize their advertising creativity? Curiosity is like the memory in the computer, the size determines the speed of the storage operation of SEM workers.

I believe that as long as you do these, coupled with excellent professionalism, you can be a perfect gallop in the SEM industry, to achieve extraordinary success!

Author: Posen serving in Harbin Information Consulting Co., Ltd. reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

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