Three ways to network marketing What kind do you like?

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Three ways to pull customers online what kind do you like?

1. Through business-to-business Web sites to pull customers, such as:, global resources, made in the products, buy advertising;

2. Through Google AdWords, Baidu bid rankings to allow products in search engines to get a good ranking;

3. Production Marketing Network marketing platform, so that the site's products in search engines ranked well, bringing customers.

The above three kinds of cost analysis:

1. First, business-to-business, one is the membership fee. You can get some inquiries, and the second is the home page advertising fees. It's more expensive. The former are two thousand or three thousand. The latter is hundreds of thousands of and less tens of thousands of; AdWords, Baidu bid, membership fee, and then a click Fee per click. The fee is less each time, a few cents, a few yuan have. The overall fee is higher. Less than one hundred or two hundred a day, more than thousands of;

3. The third, 25058.html "> Enterprise construction Station Fee, about 300-1000 year, construction station fee." Marketing station system, about 3,000 yuan, one-time fee. Network promotion fee, according to the effect to decide.

Effect Analysis:

1. The first one, about 10-30 per month, ranging from a few, more competitors may be, the real inquiry can also;

2. The second one, more invalid clicks. There are also a lot of inquiries;

3. The third, if accurate positioning, to the basic is the potential customers, there are rival companies. There are also invalid clicks.

What kind of good do you think?

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