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Do the soft Wen promotion has some time, the recent boss question income how, this question asked me very is awkward, is also the soft article promotion did not bring any book to the company the benefit, certainly may have certain significance to the company brand propaganda. But the boss will not listen to you talk about this set of virtual, he needs is a real profit, in fact, I do in the soft text promotion of this period of time also constantly thinking about this problem. Today, I finally figured out that my soft text was just a shallow ad implant, what is a shallow implant, that is, just because you do a not very hard advertising, but not to arouse the attention of the reader, according to the communication, not caused by two of the transmission of soft Wen is a failure, it is clear that my soft wen is only the most let the administrator through, And did not bring two of times the spread, that is, I said earlier advertising shallow implantation. Today I want to understand is that I must advertise deep implantation, although want to understand this problem, in fact, do soft text ads deep implantation is also very difficult. But to do a piece of advertising deep implanted soft wen, I believe that there will be 10 or even dozens shallow implanted soft wen, perhaps you heard here is quite hanging on, and now do not understand what is called shallow implants, what is called deep implantation, I would like to pass two cases to let you thoroughly understand what I said these two concepts.

The first case: topic: My husband learned that I was a three-person before marriage is a torture

My husband and I are introduced by people. Two years or so, we love each other into marriage. When my husband learned that I knew him recently, our quiet and warm life has since been broken, my husband no longer have the past love and passion, no matter how I admit to him, to his confession, I do not know how to explain to his past, persuasion to his confession, his love with him, Had nothing to do with that man. Now I love him wholeheartedly, love this family. But he underestimated me, humiliated me, and said I had deceived him by concealing the past. This period of time, he often go out to play, in the middle of the night, not Mahjong will play cards is a foot massage. He was so angry that I dared not call him, nor dared to cross-examine him for the reason of his late return. If he drinks after supper, midnight back home, Wake me up, whether I would like to forcibly with my husband and wife sex, regardless of my feelings, even more exasperating is the more I do not want the more he wants to do, and even to the Internet to buy a "certain brand of Viagra" Against me. I feel like torture. I am tired of him doing this to me, sometimes I also refuse his unreasonable form with torture request, he in front of me Rogue said: "You are my wife, I play you also not?" If you don't, I don't want to, you think you are. Don't want to do it with me. I was speechless, only wronged. Now two months later, I confessed to him, warm and thoughtful to serve him, still can not dissolve his indifference to me. I was miserable but helpless. Think of him can not forgive me, that aspect of my torture, my heart a cross also want to divorce forget.

I comment: This is the author mentioned the advertisement shallow implantation, the author in this article implanted a certain brand of Viagra ads, in fact, this article opened that kind of women's website everywhere, nothing new, but the administrator thinks you this advertisement is very soft, does not affect reading, let you pass, this soft wen is no one to help you reprint , it is not two times the effect of transmission. It is now a lot of webmaster do the soft text promotion, including the author in. Otherwise I mixed soft wen promotion so long in the SEO industry did not see any classic case.

The second case: Hangzhou 19 Floor strategy director Xu Yifan told an interesting story, is a very classic marketing case:

"A beautiful foreign girl posted on the 19 upstairs, asked herself to aspire to Hangzhou, want to resign to find a job is not appropriate?" Of course, the locals welcomed the sound. Soon the girl followed up and said that really resigned to Hangzhou, but the money is not much, want to ask where to rent the house suitable? Then we found a good house, the landlord, thank you very much. A few days later, the girl continued to follow the thread that found the landlord with the same habit, hesitate to move. At this time she did not pay the rent, asked if you want to escape rent? On the way out to find a house, Hangzhou rainstorm such as note, the girl posted a panic! Originally went out when the skylight did not close, rain water will house floor flooded, the landlord stopped not let go, ask her compensation. The poor jingle just came to Hangzhou to find a job how can she compensate? This story all the way down, each link is bright spot, also has the topic and the conflict sex. Care, a foreign girl came to a strange place to find a job, survive, and encountered so many problems, itself is worth helping, or can arouse the sympathy of the workers. So constantly inspire a large number of netizens interactive enthusiasm, have followed the advice. Administrator also a few times the whole station, popularity explosion high. If this story is only so, in fact, it is no fun, a post just. Guess what the end would be? Surprise everyone: Rain Stop the Wind, the House of water back to drain dry, the floor is fine! After this post hundreds of thousands of people station letters ask: What brand of floor? Did you guess? This is a very cow, hidden very deep advertising stickers!

I comment: see this case what can you say? What do you do in the soft marketing? This is the God stickers! believe that the soft wen promotion of friends Many people have seen this soft text, the author also reproduced this article to their blog. This soft article not only put the advertisement deeply, but also caused a lot of people's concern and discussion, only in this way can carry out effective two times transmission, can bring the conversion rate, so the author said in the soft text ads deep implant is such a concept, That is to cause two of the spread and bring the conversion rate and greater brand awareness of the effect of the soft talent is the soft wen we need, at present, many people including the author is just stuck in the first case of the realm, of course, the author is just the same stay in the first soft text case. But the author has realized and put forward such a concept, I hope that after reading this article can also be embedded in the advertisement of such a concept. The above content by the Dongguan seo to everybody, hoped can the broad SEO soft article promotion person a little enlightenment.

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