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Domain name, is the Internet service is the first step, but also the Internet important virtual assets, domain name registrars service level also reflects the overall strength of the enterprise. According to the latest data published by the of the domain name statistic organization and the data of the user voting of the third party evaluation platform, this paper has sorted out the newest top ten domain name registrars in China:


1. China million network

Main business: Domain name registration, virtual host, Enterprise mail

Impression: The old domain registrar, operating formal.

Evaluation: The most well-known domain name registrars, set up early, the number of domain names in the first domestic. After Ali acquired, become its brand, the main development of domain name and part of the virtual host business, the other business gradually fade. Million network currently supports fewer domain names, in the recent more popular new top-level domain did not see its figure, some of the product price slightly more expensive, suitable for not too concerned about the price of large enterprise users.

2. Easy to name China

Main business: Domain name registration, domain name transaction

Impression: Focus on domain name transactions.

Evaluation: Domain name registrars with faster growth in domestic domain ownership. Easy to rely on domain name trading started, mainly for domain-name investors. Easy name is currently well-known domain name trading platform, in the domain name transactions are relatively high popularity, and therefore increased the number of domain name holdings. In recent years, the number of domain name registration has increased rapidly, mainly to CN domain name, enabled a number of official website, launched a domain name information and domain name Exchange forum.

3. Western Digital

Main business: Domain name registration, virtual host, Cloud Server, Enterprise mailbox, enterprise construction Station

Impression: Old service providers, cost-effective, good service, fast response.

Evaluation: Founded in 2002, Focus on SME customers and individual users of the top domain registrars, to cost-effective and quality of service to achieve rapid growth. In recent years, the domain name registration, management use, circulation and other aspects of innovation breakthroughs. Domain name resolution is stable, fast, affordable, and the overall level of customer service is good, widely praised. At the same time also launched a domain name registration, domain name transactions, domain name parking value-added services, was named China's five-star registered service agencies. The enterprise in the new top-level domain registration promotion, achievements, according to the authoritative statistical Organization ( statistics show: At present, the Western Digital in the new top-level domain registrars ranked 17th in the world, the first in China, in the. Wang Domain Name field market share of nearly 60 %。

4.35 Interconnection

Main business: Domain name registration, virtual host, cloud Host, Enterprise mailbox, video conferencing, Enterprise OA

Impression: Business focus shifted, tepid.

Evaluation: 35 Interconnection was established in 2004, its predecessor is "China Channel", is also the establishment of an earlier domain name registrars. Mainly provide intelligent filtering spam system, and then began to provide enterprise OA Office system, such as enterprise-class services, has been "five-star China Internet address registration service organization" title. However, after the listing, the focus of its products shifted to mobile phones, pad, corporate office systems and other business, the company is gradually changing to corporate office services, domain name business gradually fade, according to IDCPS statistics show that 35 of the Internet domain name market share in 2014 consecutive months declined trend.

5. New Network interconnection

Main business: Domain name registration, virtual host, cloud Host, Enterprise mailbox, information name address, application development

Impression: Affordable, dedicated mobile Web site area.

Evaluation: The new network interconnection is through ICANN certified top-level domain registrars, domain name holdings are also more, affordable. At present, the center of gravity business tends to mobile web sites and corporate mobile marketing services and other products, positioning itself in mobile application service providers. The new network interconnection occupies the absolute market share in the domain of the mobile website (information name address), but in the traditional domain name domain its price, the flow, the service have not too many characteristics, according to IDCPS statistic data shows its registration quantity also showed a more substantial decline trend.

6. China data

Main business: Domain name registration, website construction, virtual host, cloud host, mobile application development

Impression: Positioning blurred.

Evaluation: China's data in the domain name registration, cloud computing, network applications, network marketing and so on are involved, but did not launch impressive products. Domain name business, in the past two years mainly began to operate the new top-level domain, 2012, the application of the top domain name, but so far has not released the new top-level domain more news, with the recent popular new top-level domain Wang domain name in sharp contrast. In previous years, the Chinese data given by the domain name channel price is very low, the domain name tenure is high, the last two years its price policy has been adjusted, no longer price competitiveness, market share daily decline.

7. Love Name Net

Main business: Domain name registration, domain name transaction

Impression: The domain name trading platform after the easy name net.

Evaluation: Love Name Network was founded in the end of 2008, in the domain Name service providers are relatively young. Love name is one of the main competitors of the net, with domain name registration and domain name transactions as the main. Currently focus on the development of domain name trading business, and provide domain name intermediary services. Its domain name trading more free, did not launch the domain name Information section, the official website forum popularity relatively weak, but gathered the industry celebrities more.

8. Orange Internet

Main business: Domain name registration, website construction, cloud host, Enterprise mailbox, Network Marketing

Impression: Main Building station star.

Evaluation: The United States and orange interconnection of the most impressive products should be the star of the station, from the focus of promotion, at present, should be mainly to build the star-centered self-service building station business. Domain name business aspect, this year uses the independent domain name to launch the domain name transaction business, the concrete follow-up situation remains to be observed. From the user's reflection, the advantages of the United States and Orange is mainly concentrated in the field of self-service building, in the domain name and host, the product does not have too many characteristics, the price has a certain competitive edge.

9, linkage World

Main business: Domain name registration, virtual host, cloud Host, Enterprise mailbox, intelligent Building Station

Impression: Low price, overall ability to be promoted.

Evaluation: Linkage World began to provide virtual hosting business, and then also developed a domain name registration and business mailbox. In the Domain Name field, in recent years to low prices as the main selling point, through this way to attract a lot of low-end users. As a result of their own experience and technical level limitations, the quality of service and influence than the first-line registrars still have a small gap.

10. Business China

Main business: Domain name registration, virtual host, Enterprise post Office, server leasing, enterprise software

Impression: Set up early, customer service system single.

Evaluation: Business China is also the establishment of a relatively early domain name registrars, has won the "Gold Registration service organization" title, but in recent years no impressive action. In terms of domain name, its domain name transfer faster, but the resolution speed relative to other registrars slightly slower, and the user reflects the bad experience of the official website, the provision of customer service support system is a single, General Service attitude, the problem is often not resolved in a timely manner.

The above domain registrars, are currently more well-known domain name registration enterprises, due to their own various reasons, their respective characteristics, the market is different, to the user's impression also has differences for everyone to reference. Maybe everyone will ask why the new net is not in this list? This data is based on the statistical data of third-party statistical agencies, the new network is currently ranked 15th in the rankings, naturally will not be included. Similarly, the new network in recent years a number of consecutive domain name security problem is also caused by the serious decline in the domain name registration one of the reasons.

To sum up: Everyone in the registration domain name as far as possible to choose a good reputation, perfect after-sales service domain name registrars, so that their own domain name security.

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