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Today a webmaster friend chat, talk about his station why IP is not high, also can not keep visitors and other problems. Went in to see the next, do not say keyword selection, give the first feeling is uncomfortable, templates give people feel very messy, color collocation does not conform to the station type, the content is messy and empty. How can such a station keep a visitor, ask stationmaster friend you do station have considered user? Do you have any plans to run your website when you do your own station? A lot of webmaster are very impatient, standing just on line template did not fix, the content did not collect good, outside the link did not do, promote a few QQ group, every day in see traffic statistics, and then ask everywhere why station no flow. Will you stay if you enter such a station yourself? Absolutely not, so webmaster friends to draw up a plan for themselves, including the station's prophase planning, medium-term development, late operation. Set up a perfect mechanism to allow yourself to operate at the time of the station will not be in confusion and no purpose, and then talk about how to do:

1. Find a suitable positioning, the best subdivision of the industry, do fine, make the characteristics. Personal webmaster want to do a big and full station is difficult. Therefore, the station type selection needs to be carefully considered well, the general direction must be correct. Content must be done, the site looks more rich, very strong, only look not empty after the vigorous publicity, also have effect. A station without content you advertise what use, there is no content is not to stay users.

2. Site template positioning, must be suitable for your industry, professional and technical station to make the entertainment station template, what do you think the result is. This can see more people, please their own friends or around the friend to give some advice, although not all adopt, but they can give you a lot of advice, they are very helpful when visitors.

3. The above two to do a good job, they are not to do Baidu included bright and included speed increase, PR value upgrade, the station itself to enhance the weight. For example, the first stage to do how many included, how many links a day, how many updates per day, how many QQ group, how many outside the chain of construction. The second stage after the first phase should be to modify and improve your first phase of the problems and deficiencies encountered. I think these 2 stages should be at least 3-6 months to do it! A long year has even been like this. If you do so, yourself and the station itself are progressing, nature can also understand the experience you need to build the station.

4. Continue to adjust and improve the user experience, listen to the voice of users. The use of all means of mass propaganda, continuous learning to improve and perfect natural success is not far away.

From the above points it seems to be very simple, but also let people yearn for the final success. But stationmaster friend you really calm down to do the station? 90% Webmaster did not do it! Most are in the group blowing water, send spam ads, look at IP, ask why IP is still so little, everywhere hair spam links, complaining about their bad timing, bad policy and so on! So starting today, calm down to do the station, Plan to realize your entrepreneurial dream, instead of just thinking about it!

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