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In recent days more busy, long time no here. Recently busy doing the optimization of the virtual host. Long-term technology, away from the market, work alone can only pick and do. Since sell virtual host, why not own first SEO it.

The market of the virtual host is quite big, the competition is very intense. Our kind of small virtual hosting service providers to survive, we must reduce their own costs. SEO is a more appropriate marketing method.

Through Baidu Index, found that the word access to the virtual host more. Web site optimization is more difficult. I chose "Nanjing Virtual Host" as the main keyword. Virtual host related to a lot of keywords, such as dual-line virtual host, free virtual host, business-easy China virtual host, what is a virtual host, virtual host evaluation, virtual host software, virtual machine, virtual Host management system, Hangzhou virtual host, virtual host recommended Danet and so on. Choose the keyword, not to say that the number of visits is good. The number of visits, the key or volume. In other words, when choosing a virtual host keyword, I should consider how to use the search to transform a visitor to a customer or a potential customer. There is also a point, popular keywords such as "virtual host" does not necessarily suit us. Why do you say that? First of all, do the virtual host IDC service providers more, the strength of more than N, the enterprise site for a long time. Some are 96. Our website optimizes this keyword, in Baidu rank top several pages absolutely have difficulty. and search the word "virtual host" is relatively professional, we compete with other virtual hosting services, including prices, access to the server and so on. So analysis and analysis of our target customers, I chose to optimize the optimization "Nanjing Virtual host." Regional use in the service industry is relatively high, and regional competition is small (including website optimization and market).

Choose the key words, start designing and designing the website title. Forget where I've seen the title before. Anyway, according to the memory, a short summary of the nature and positioning of services, add a sentence promotional advertising language. Thus, in search results, the abstract, the title is a bit appealing. Here is the problem of Internet marketing. The purpose of optimization is to generate transactions. In the process of optimization, we should embody the idea of network marketing at all times. How to say? For example, when the text design to consider the user's psychology, experience. Eye-catching places to put on the eye-catching prompts, to meet the browsing habits, access to click Habits. such as "Nanjing Data Virtual host discount, G-Class space only 300 yuan." For more details please login "and so this advertisement needs to be obvious and attractive. Of course, to ensure the "Nanjing Virtual Host" The main keyword frequency and distribution. Because of the excessive introduction of the virtual host type, other extraneous text is more. Keyword frequency is low. My solution is to make a picture and do the background. To minimize the code, there are avoid excessive use of pictures, the best of both worlds.

The contents of the station are set up. Below is to find some external links. This needs experience. For example, some independent links to the station, you do not need to go to the link. Dependencies are bad, and most are jump. It's hard for spiders to climb to their stations through that station. I am going to find some similar IDC station to link under. The effect should be better ~

SEO after a while, effect a little later. We should also shift our attention to network marketing. How to say. Today's title is SEO and internet marketing. To say is that SEO should be closely linked to marketing. Don't forget to sell at all times. Excessive optimization will be cheated by Baidu K, then all the opportunities for marketing are gone, especially the main station. Everything is just right, and optimization is enough.

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