Who said that the forum outside the chain is not good to do five strokes to teach you to play the forum

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Many webmaster in the website optimization, will be the forum as a chain platform, however, we are not difficult to find, most of the owners are simply signed to leave their own web site connection, and do not say whether the signature is still a few years ago so large role, we first to explore whether there are other ways? For example, on the topic of the forum to leave their own site connection?

Many webmasters may think that the theme of the forum outside the chain is not good to do, after all, now a good point of the forum, have their own version and administrator, once there is a link with the post, it may be deleted immediately. However, there is no absolute, in fact, as long as the intention to do, BBS outside the chain is also very good to do.

Who said the forum outside the chain is not good to do? Five strokes to teach you to play the forum!

1. Leave a link


Many seoer do BBS outside the chain of time, like a paragraph after a sudden bring their own links, so that the version and the administrator to see, it is possible to delete your post. It is better to leave their own links in the end of the text, marked by the form of reprint. As shown in the figure.

2, furtive Hide-and-seek



Of course, the first method is also very easy to be deleted by moderators, after all, this is too common. OK, let's just play Hide-and-seek. Hide the link or anchor text and turn it into white text, which you can only see when you select the mouse. This way, your posts can be removed without fear. As shown in the figure:

3, quietly Mimi disguised as low-key


Do hidden links through white fear of being punished by Baidu? Well, then the text will be slightly larger font, the color of your links to make a little bit smaller, we should be low-key ah!

4, Sneaky play face



Or do you think it's not safe? All right, then look at the Wood's smug trick! stationmaster all know, anchor text link is very important, to the website keyword rank also plays a very big role, they will think the forum since pure text link don't let take, anchor text link just don't think! In fact, you can use a little skill, As the picture shows: by adjusting the anchor text link and the body of the post to a color, all underline, the owners and administrators should not have so much mood to check your posts?

5, Chen Cang Dark degree change Old post


There are so many ways you like it? Then just send a post it, as long as you this post can stay and be Baidu included on the line, do not have ads do not have outside the chain. After a period of time, such as the post sank, the post all changed! In this way, the chain also left, the post will not be moderator or administrator to see! Then go to the original post of Baidu snapshot complaints, the reason can write content has changed something! Your posts in the outside chain will be Baidu crawl! such as wood before sending a post, is also the type of nonsense, and then today to modify the post into the chain of soft Wen, find the original post Baidu snapshot page, to Baidu Complaint snapshot content has changed, not long after Baidu on the post has been reproduced!

This is to do the forum outside the chain of five big kill strokes, in fact, are just some small skills, but can give us to do when the chain of time to bring greater help. This article by the pole graduation design net http://www.cpcie.net/for you to share, the first A5, respect the author hard work result, reprint please keep the website, otherwise Fengjie will find you.

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