Why is it that the money you hit on mobile marketing rarely works?

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Lead: Most marketing companies see a huge revenue opportunity at the mobile end. However, some companies do not have the strategy in place, they regard the mobile market as a "silo."


Today, marketing companies are spending more and more money on mobile advertising, and there is no sign that this trend will slow. According to the Interactive advertising agency (IAB), Iabeurope, and his data from the research institute, Mobile advertising revenue doubled in 2013 compared to the year before last, reaching 19.3 billion dollars.

Unfortunately, in this money, some money is not used in the blade.

It is clear that most marketing companies see a huge revenue opportunity on the mobile side, which, after all, has a smartphone in 58% of adults across the United States. However, some companies do not have the strategy in place, they think of the mobile market as a "silo", but not with other types of marketing channels linked. However, if marketers use a cross channel marketing approach, they are likely to have a better understanding of the user behavior of different platforms and then guide consumers through the right experience without having to consider what devices consumers ultimately use to purchase.

PhoCusWright recently released a survey that found that 41% of travellers would browse flights and hotel information on mobile platforms, but only 23% of users would make bookings on the mobile side. When we look at the silo, it turns out that 44% of travellers use mobile devices to study what hotels and flights they want to book, but when it comes time to pay the deal, they choose to give up. While 53% of travellers prefer to pay on their desktops rather than mobile devices, another 30% say they are not ready to book their own journeys. If marketers don't connect these "dots", they won't be able to advertise on the right channel.

With this in mind, the author gives five suggestions to help you get to the right "moving track":

1. Collecting the right data: This is critical for mobile marketers. Depending on the first party data, you can independently understand the activity behavior of the visitor. Not only that, ideally, if the user's past behavior and real-time data integration, so you can understand the consumer's intentions. When marketers think of visitors as independent individuals, providing them with personalized branded content based on a one-to-one experience, those visitors will likely pay.

2. Implementing a Mobility Assessment strategy: When a brand new advertising campaign is launched, a set of evaluation strategies is needed to measure marketing performance. But marketers tend to think of mobility as a "test channel", knowing they should use mobile channels, but not making the right strategic moves and strategic goals. Just as you assess the marketing effects of other online channels, you also need the same assessment strategy on the mobile side.

3. It is also important to get through the movement and other channels and to keep abreast of how consumers are associated with mobile devices and other channels. The marketing methods used by many marketers have been very isolated, they will split the mobile channel into seemingly unrelated modules, such as mobile apps, mobile sites, short messages, two-dimensional codes, and so on, and for each module, marketers often offer different marketing tools and evaluate silos. If marketers separate the mobile channels for evaluation, they will never be able to connect to the channels, and they will not be able to understand at what stage they would lose their customers, such as the travellers mentioned above tend to opt out in the payment phase of the mobile channel. Therefore, identifying and understanding consumers across all channels is a smart move, and you need to use these data guides to help make decisions for future marketing.

4. Rapid adjustment: In today's marketing environment, must always be proactive, such as responsive design, and hybrid application development, and so on, the most important thing is to maintain agility. Successful marketers must maintain a great deal of flexibility, and they will adjust and improve their marketing content and marketing activities in a timely manner based on different devices and different channels.

5. Work with savvy suppliers: If you're looking for someone to work with, you have to find suppliers who understand the current mobile marketing ecosystem, preferably some of the industry's leading suppliers. As we all know, marketing technology has been changing and has been improving. Marketers should work with leaders in the market, for example, to have a company that is familiar with the current assessment strategy and marketing integration strategy, while also having a forward-looking mindset that keeps you on the right track.

It is clear that there will be more money to be hit in the mobile advertising field in the future. By using the right tools and technology, coupled with savvy suppliers, marketers can eliminate silly mobile marketing practices and make sure their money is spent on the edge.

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