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With the continuous development of mobile technology and mobile network, the role of mobile advertising is becoming more and more obvious, even the most cautious marketers can not help but say that mobile is the last one of the most effective marketing platform. The mobile phone is no longer the role of a telephone just as it used to be. For the vast majority of mobile users it is already a channel for sending pictures, watching video streaming, storing music, browsing the web and reading news. That's why more and more marketers are paying more attention to moving this ad platform than ever before.

According to a study by Marsteller, based in the United States, there is still much room for smartphone growth. According to statistics, smartphone sales will exceed PC sales by 2012. The company's research found that at least 40% of Iphoen and ipod touch in the United States access the Internet more than using computer access. The popularity of portable tablet computers may affect future numbers. When research does show that more and more people would rather spend more time on their mobile phones. Marketers have to consider the market. Spending on mobile advertising increased by more than one times last year. This means your competitor may already have a place in the marketing platform. A study by IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that the mobile advertising market grew by 116% in 2010.

A recent study by Getjar, a mobile online app store, showed that 73% of respondents downloaded mobile apps that were embedded in ads, and 60% said they didn't resent the developers ' approach. Marketers might like to hear this: One-fourth of respondents said they had an intention to buy after clicking on a mobile ad. However, Getjar's investigation is not without flaws, and most iphone users do not have access to non-Apple app stores, which means that the data will have a certain margin of error.

Another interesting statistic, proposed by comscore, suggests that only 37% of people downloaded paid software in December last year, down 17% from the same period. This shows that the value of mobile applications is not just limited to the price of software, but the potential advertising value it can generate.

Advertising on mobile platforms is still a difficult and challenging endeavor, as current mobile networks are dispersed across different devices and technologies. But as more and more people use their mobile devices to get the price and information of their products, they are playing an increasingly crucial role in mobile marketing for online marketers. This article by Jia Colong Blog Original http://www.jieyitonggo.com reprint please indicate the source.

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