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Because of the continuous improvement of Baidu, original articles have become a personal webmaster weaknesses, personal webmaster not so many resources can create so many original articles. This has gradually become a watershed for big websites and small websites. In the false original gradually ineffective today, how to create more original articles are webmaster most headaches. But most webmasters are focused on how to dig the original articles that search engines think, rather than how to let users create content for their own sites. Today, Guo Hanyu has studied the types of content that users will actively create for your reference.

1, for the outside chain

This limit and webmaster Circle, Representative is A5 webmaster Internet cafes. Most people in A5 write original, are directed at A5 weight High, the article reprint rate is high, can bring an outside chain this reason. Undoubtedly this model in the webmaster Circle is the most perfect model, on the one hand users can learn knowledge, learned knowledge of the importance of the chain, but also try to create content for the chain. Such a perfect virtuous circle is beyond the reach of other websites. Of course, in addition to this, there are other professional sites, such as information network, but also the user to create content, with the chain outside the place. But those places because of the content of the original requirements are not high, so in order to create content outside the chain users create content value is not very high.

2. To answer questions

Representative is Baidu know, love ask question and answer platform. Network is a convenient platform, but because of the complexity of information, as well as the speed of information updates too fast. Many of the answers by consulting on the site tend to come faster than their own inquiries. Therefore, as long as where there is a professional talent can be consulted, there will be users to consult. The process of question and answer is also the process of creating content, with both worlds. In addition to the big question and answer platform, many professional websites, forums have mutual aid plate, such as seowhy also have, this is a good model.

3. For the sake of fame

The biggest representative is the columns of the major websites. Many people in the above to express their own comments, relying on large websites, professional website reputation, as long as their own point of view to get everyone's approval, slowly you will get the honor. A lot of big websites have created stars, such as potatoes to create a small star called Beast, a day and so on.

4, in order to marketing

Soft Wen is now often used in the marketing way. Large companies have their own copy, a good soft text to create the value is unlimited. This requirement is relatively high, generally in order to sell the soft text is published to the big Web Professional website above, or even most of the charge. This is more than the A5 of the profit model, and went to a class.

5, for the gift

This is the representative of cosmetics trial platform, a lot of cosmetics sites, are using cosmetics trial to let users create content, let users write experience. There are all kinds of creation competitions and so on, of course, create the competition in addition to creating content, but also created a large number of soft text.

6. For Hobbies

The representative of this is a variety of star forum, TV Forum. Because of hobbies, so will publish their own views, especially the TV series will follow the progress of the TV series to create a variety of content. When there is disagreement, the debate stimulates more content. Fans of all kinds of stars will write various articles, videos, pictures and so on to express their love for them.

Can think of this, of course, gradually extended there are many. This is just an example, how to use, to see you webmaster, hoping to enlighten you, then this article is worth. Guo Hanyu Original, reprinted annotated http://www.baiyoumei.com/

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