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Did not do the tour guide, did not do the adjustment, a demobilized soldiers, with his unique dedication and enthusiasm, from a tourism, the network does not have the slightest idea of the layman, little bit, and constantly groping, the creation of their own the Zhangjiajie tourism network played as one of the few popular visitors to Zhangjiajie, And this site to bring the tourism reception made vivid.

He is the manager of market Development Department of Hunan Zhu Wanxian International Travel Service Co., Ltd., founder of Zhangjiajie Tourism network.

December 2001, had the opportunity to stay in Beijing Armed police unit Zhu Wanxian resigned from the petty Officer post back to the hometown, facing the advantages of home resources, he did not hesitate to choose the industry never contacted-tourism. At the beginning of 2002, Zhu Wanxian contracted a network marketing department of a travel agency and became a member of the army of the city's mighty tourism industry. At that time through the website to publicize the upsurge of Zhangjiajie, Zhu Wanxian also produced a production site to promote their own tourism department idea, but the first site built because the effect is not ideal, Zhu Wanxian not put into use.

So he contacted the students at school. "For seven days and seven nights, we talked together." He made, and I gave him food to send water. "Zhu Wanxian told reporters, because Zhangjiajie is the world's natural heritage, we discussed after think" green "should become the theme of the site, so the new site is full green appearance, tourism network will be this style has been extended to the present. "It can be said that the site, more commitment to introduce the role of travel agents, rather than the current marketing." At that time, the network tourism, also not developed now, the net shopping at that time very little, not to mention travel reservation. With the website, I mostly look at myself. Zhu Wanxian recalls.

Zhu Wanxian hopes all on the new website. A few months later, there was no news of any team bookings on the site. "Spend every day, no money, good uncomfortable, sleep every day!" This situation continued until September 30, 2002. Zhu Wanxian clearly remember that night, he was still the same as usual, waiting for people to go home after work, just dejected. About 9 o ' clock, Zhu Wanxian suddenly received Beijing tourists booking travel itinerary phone, ecstatic he tried to endure the inner excitement, dedicated to the guests made a quote, the guests in the phone confirmed the trip. Put down the phone, Zhu Wanxian in the room like a child to jump back and forth, the previous depression and depression in an instant release. When he had yet to withdraw from the delight of the first advance order, and then the phone rang again, he calmly gave the guest the budget and the second stroke was finalized ... "11 is really a golden week!" Zhu Wanxian regrets that he received more than 60 visitors from Beijing and Shanghai in just 4 days.

He was pleasantly surprised by much more than that. One day in November, a mail from Japan caught his attention and, with the help of the translation software, Zhu Wanxian excited to discover that it was an appointment itinerary for tourists from Kobe, Japan. "You may not believe that during the entire appointment we have not been on the phone and have been contacted by email." Before that, I didn't believe that the Japanese team would actually come to visit. He brought 25 visitors from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie, before leaving, he wrote to tell me the flight number and China contact number. I called the Japanese guide, calculated the plane landing time, at the airport and waited, after the flight landed 10 minutes, I asked the guide to call him. God, they're really coming!

Because of good service quality, no effective complaints over the years, Zhu Wanxian's website operation has gradually won a better reputation. After several years of development, Zhangjiajie Tourism Network has become one of the few popular visitors click Site. When talking about the successful experience of website construction, Zhu Wanxian said: "In fact, there is no coincidence, the first is to innovate, the site provided to tourists comprehensive information should be comprehensive and thoughtful." Second to the tourists must be thoughtful service, in case of disputes, it is possible that you spend many years to build up the credibility and reputation will collapse overnight!

I want to organize a professional operation team to do a good job in Zhangjiajie's network tourism market. "When it comes to the future," Zhu Wanxian said. "So far, Zhangjiajie has not a really decent team to operate the Internet market, this time I bought a travel company, is to make a difference in this area." Zhangjiajie now really value this network market is very few people, although there are hundreds of travel sites, but the vast majority of the copycat imitation, there is no matching tracking service reception. Some websites do well, but do not know the technical promotion, do not understand the overall marketing, there is no appropriate capital investment. After the establishment of my travel company, I will set up a number of relevant departments for the network market, to make it more than 60 travel agencies in Zhangjiajie the only full use of network resources to serve the enterprise. The

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