China Business Network Logo Design, have information, simple

First, please go to China Business Network to understand the overall style of Chinese business Network, based on the content design home logo. Specific requirements: 1, the required embodiment of the and contains the original picture of the Chinese characters, size 440x85 and 360x85 each one, the contents can be the same, the length and width of the proportion to coordinate; 2, color, text, pictures and website to seamless, have visual impact, in line with the overall style of Chinese business network, but not fancy; 3 , do not contain Google fonts, 4, for the "Domain name Exchange ...

top100web2.0 100 Most Popular websites

Video Youtube:youtube (your video) is a popular video sharing site that allows users to upload, watch, share video clips free of charge Cafe:metacafe (Maita Cafe)-Get the best online video-funny videos, surprise clips, rare movies Vimeo (Video media): Share your own clips. Upload your video clips with your own digital camera, cell phone, or camcorder, and share them with you through Vimeo. Daily Motion: Publish ...

One cent notes sell 8 cents stop circulation collection price Hu Shen April 01, 2007 14:17 People's Bank of China issued a notice, has been used for more than 50 years of one point, the minute, the wood notes will stop circulation today, the Reporter yesterday (31st) day to understand, in the coin collection market one, the other,  Wood notes Trading has been very active recently, and the price range is also relatively large. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the market of the fox in Malaysia, the price of a note is sold to 8 points, 9 points, is eight or nine times times the face value, and the other points, Wood notes is up to the original face value ...

Remember the real pot of coffee? We have a franchise.

Shanghai Real pot of coffee chain organizations wanted all over the franchisee this is a full of competition and elimination of the era!   Alone or a single store mode of operation, has long been unable to compete with the market competition, and has long been not enough to meet the needs of society.   Since the end of the decade, the rise of the chain franchise business, has gradually become a unstoppable in the development of enterprises, the chain of all walks of life set up. Under the mode of franchise, the head office assigns a license or privilege to a franchise to enable it to carry on business, together with assistance to its organization, training, procurement and management. So the organization under the uniform sign, to unite ...

Xiaobao for IT people

Reason 1: Xiaobao high IQ, suitable for the IT people.  Reason 2: Xiaobao eq High, suitable for it people.   Reason 3: Xiaobao thick-skinned, Heart black, suitable for the IT people.    Reason 4: Xiaobao merit, suitable for the IT people.  Reason 5: Xiaobao attracts attention and is suitable to be an IT person.  Reason 6: Xiaobao has a diversified fee base, suitable for it people.    Reason 7: Xiaobao have a sense of risk, suitable for the IT people. Reason 8: Xiaobao has the network under the Service Industry Foundation, is suitable for the IT person.

Tuesday, the new record of the new closed-end fund rose again

Tuesday the two cities to create a new record, the Shanghai Composite Index is gradually approaching another important integer psychological position 3300, following the Monday rally, in Tuesday, although there was a shock repeatedly, but the strong characteristics of the market has not changed, the final two markets to receive red, Shanghai Composite index closed 3291.3 points, up 1.19%, Shen closed 8963.47, or 2.02%. Shanghai trading 109.7 billion, a single day to continue to maintain in the hundreds of billions, the Shenzhen trading 60.3 billion. Closed-end funds have risen sharply again today, such as fund Kaiyuan, fund Taihe, fund Feng, fund silver Fung ...

Tak Tong Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Name: Tak Tong Capital Management Co., Ltd. English name: DT: Shanghai Tel: 86-21-53835999 Fax: 86-21-53835998 Profile: Germany Capital Management Co., Ltd. is committed to tapping the Greater China region's potential for high growth enterprises, and to provide them with capital and value-added services, so as to create excellent returns for investors.

What women like to do in the wireless world

America's rint U.S Wirele world body has summed up a survey of what women like to do in the wireless universe. In the report, the agency mainly reveals what women like to do with their phones, and here's a simple overview:. 71% of women use camera phones to take photographs during winter vacations. 56% of women like to personalize their phones (such as putting pictures on them); 81% of women like to personalize cell phone ringtones; 72% of women like clamshell phones; 44% of women like the phone's shell gorgeous ...

I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm holding a field for my sister.

Blessing of the elder sister's layout more and more prosperous, speak more and more people, and rushed to that!!!!!!!

The Joy of Progress

Innate inner wild, appearance but give people the virtuous, hehe ~ ~ Mood gradually began to publicize, this and entrepreneurship-related! It seems that I am right, it seems that the world's greatest thing is not against the life, to open up the fog of mind, entrepreneurial a bit easy ~ ~ Of course this is made by themselves, because I do not want to like the end of the world to the same pressure, I have been tortured for too long! A previous treatment of a patient, at first because of face problems to be treated with a pseudonym appear, after our 10 days of drug treatment, the patient to rest three days of time difference feeling, completely quit, ecstatic ...

There's a guy named PT990.

Yes, it's good to live without doing anything, but she doesn't or can't, and she has a lot to do. Unless she likes to make money. I feel very hard. 80% of happiness in life has nothing to do with money, and 80% of unhappiness is about money. But no money will be very hard, even the quality of life is not high, especially women, the old very quickly, very poor, in the young time without the nourishment of money, of course, do not agree to sell themselves for money.

Qiming Venture

Chinese name: Qiming Venture English name: qiming Venture: Http:// Headquarters: Shanghai Tel: 86-21-61016522 Fax: 86-21-61016512 profile : Qiming headquarters in Shanghai, is committed to becoming a leading venture capital enterprise, together with ignition partners in the United States, focused on China's science and technology ventures in the field. The partners of Qiming are ...

I just want to get drunk.

No more reading.

Tourism search engine battle: Online travel world is flat!

Wealth of the story is always the most eye-catching one, especially overnight accumulation of huge wealth of companies, has been countless rings of attention, such as Ctrip, China online travel products booking big players. A year 241 million yuan of profit make Ctrip spine hard over the cement wall, CEO Fan said: "The new person to go to catch Ctrip, may have seven years distance, seven years in China is a gap." "Emboldened behind is the High Commission has been converted into real wealth, according to Ctrip 2006 earnings, each ticket average commission of 46 yuan, the hotel every night the average commission of 70 yuan." In a typical ...


I'm coming up.

What is the cost of joining a franchise organization?

What is the cost of joining a franchise organization?

Good news!

Zhongguancun SME listing will be the government 2 million subsidy source: Venture State newspaper (reporter Liao Yan) this year, Beijing will have 20 small and medium-sized enterprises in the government's help to listed financing.  This morning, the municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange held in Beijing, "Beijing support SME listing financing cooperation memorandum" signing ceremony, and some small and medium-sized enterprises to launch the listing training. This year's goal is to achieve the SME training 1000, focus on the cultivation of 200, restructuring 100, listed 20 targets. For the enterprises involved in training, the government will focus on tracking, ...

Why to deal with ICP Business license

Why to deal with ICP Business license

Can you believe in advertising?

I see now a variety of websites and ads have a lot of attractive advertising, write the hype, it seems to go in to make a lot of money, let the people drool ah, but said so knew, do not know is really fake ah, which master pointing a bit! This post was edited by the author in 2007-4-4 16:43:33!

How do you think you are? ...

We have not stood upright in China, stand still, never mention ... Today in this version of a post to see such a sentence: "The above is pure nonsense, to see how I" ... After the calculation, it should be 16-17 years old. I remember when I was 15 or 16 years old, it was summer vacation, when I was handing out leaflets on the road, one months and 300 dollars. Get up from 5 o'clock in the morning, sit two-hour car, before 8 point to the trade Center next to the sales company report, and then put the bag full of leaflets, set out ... On foot ... All the way, ...

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