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Successful web site can be used for reference, for beginners of internet start-ups, how fast through the build station to earn the first bucket of gold, to understand and learn from the successful profit model of the website is very necessary.

You can also be a successful webmaster

Second, share the stock of the city network

More information can be made to the article "Internet Entrepreneurship Success (10): You can also be a successful webmaster" read

Third, the automobile China makes the most practical automobile website

Website: Auto China Network (

Type: Automotive Integrated website

COO: Tan

According to the head of the Car China Network, the current site has millions of PV, for a year to set up the industry site, has been a good result. From the site's name and domain name look, the car China network goal is to become a national car vertical portal, for the automotive industry and end users with professional automotive information and integrated marketing services.

At present, domestic already has some more mature automobile industry website, this exclusively of the Small business group, how will lead the automobile China net to break through?

1. Site positioning

Automotive China Network positioning in the integrated automotive portal, and has been on this road groping forward, the direction and goal is clear: focus on the domestic automobile market, the International Auto Car, automobile after the markets, walking in the forefront of the automotive consumer market, providing information and services integration platform.

Figure 8

2. Website features

In order to distinguish the numerous professional website of automobile, the automobile China Net has done a lot of work from practicality, auto post market and information integration. Practicality reflected in the car, select the car, contrast, decision-making one-stop shopping guide services; for the potential of the huge automotive market, for more vehicles to provide car rental, second-hand cars, driving, auto insurance, maintenance, beauty and other information inquiries and online booking services; High resource integration is reflected in the update frequency quickly, Known as the current domestic automotive information updates the fastest, most concentrated, the most fit demand for automotive information integration platform.

In addition, it is worth mentioning is the site to provide the car selection function. Provides the vehicle's brand, the car system, the style as well as the price and so on many kinds of parameter inquiry service, to need to buy the vehicle the user, is a good function.

3. User Experience

(1) page and channel

The overall tone of the car China net is relatively fresh, simple is the design style of the whole page. On the page very little use flash effect, and even very little color contrast strong picture, also rarely hung on the colorful ads, the purpose is to give users a comfortable page browsing experience. In addition to reducing eye fatigue, information becomes the main body of the page, allowing users the quickest and easiest to find the information needed.

The channel planning of the website is more comprehensive, there are auto market news, shopping guide, test drive evaluation, car library, quotation database, picture library, famous car, Chi You and other main channels; In addition, there are second-hand cars, auto insurance, car rental, illegal inquiries, driving schools and other channels, specifically for each model and set the exclusive model channel. The type and amount of information are huge.

Figure 9

(2) Information and update

The Car China network currently includes nearly 3,000 models, photo library up to hundreds of thousands of. Update on the information, has long been to add more than 200 content per day, updated sources, including from foreign professional authoritative website translation, as well as friends from the car to buy car experience, and then to the editor run market access to the primary information, close to all levels of user needs.

(3) Exchange and interaction

In addition to car friends for the vast number of automotive China network users to provide a forum-type platform for communication, as well as car questions, news reviews, free submissions, such as Exchange and interactive platform. In addition to allowing users to share information with each other, and to the Automotive China network to collect accurate user data, as well as advertisers and distributors have reference and market value of data statistics.

4. Website Profit model

For a large vertical portal, the profit model is diverse and there is much room for innovation. Automobile China In addition to the main revenue share in the car manufacturers advertising, but also through Google AdSense ads, Baidu theme promotion, and Ali Mom, such as click Ads to achieve the basic income. In the future, when the dealer system is more mature, the online trading platform service for dealers will also become a significant income for the Chinese website of the automobile.

5. Insufficient website

(1) Not outstanding features

Although the information volume of the Car China network is very large and diverse, but at present has not come out of a unique way, but also need to further improve the site at the same time, out of their own characteristics and market positioning.

(2) original content is still relatively deficient

In addition to some of the channels such as new car launch, famous car and model channels, many content in the original has yet to be strengthened. The volume of information and the quality of information to achieve balance, go hand in hand, indeed need to pay more, including human and financial resources.

6. Webmaster Interview

Figure 10

Webmaster Introduction: Atta, car China Network COO. Personal motto: Repeat and repeat, simple and persistent.

The automotive industry's web site has already had a number of participants, including large web sites such as car channels. Why do you still choose this area, where do you think the business opportunities are?

Atta: Before doing the car China network, I and several partners have done a lot of personal website, still be successful. Then we all realized that three or four people had been doing small projects without meaning, and decided to do a career. The choice of car vertical portal, in fact, from our own advantages, to market demand, as well as the industry environment to consider synthetically. In fact, China's civil car consumption era has just begun, whether the car or the use of cars, the rapid surge in consumption, soon China will become the world's largest auto consumer market. But the domestic automobile website big influential actually is not many, therefore this market space is huge, but for our entrepreneurial goal, even if only occupies this market small piece, also has the development space. And the portal has great potential for business opportunities. We focus on the most grassroots user needs, and then use the most grassroots approach to solve. In fact, do any industry will have business opportunities, the key is to see if you can innovate, at the same time can not insist.

Grassroots user needs, with grassroots practices to meet, this how to understand?

Atta: is a simple supply and demand relationship, users focus on what we do what information, users need what services, we have to find ways to meet. For example, to provide users with shopping guide services, we are not all the way with the commercial advertising to guide, but the trouble to help them for comparative analysis, inquiry, calculation of insurance costs.

How do you add so much information per day?

Atta: Part of the technology, some through the artificial, but also a large part through netizens. At the beginning of our editorial team to run the market every day to run dealers, very hard, but now and some channels to establish a cooperative relationship, the access to information is much easier, and we will be friends of the car friend information participation is very high, very happy to share.

How to solve the problem of funds in the early stage of construction?

Atta: Honestly, the car China net does not have any funds background, because before several personal websites, have certain income, the team also has the four person, the server and some office supplies are ready-made, the prophase operation fund is still relatively good to solve.

What is the difficulty of the team's entrepreneurial path after 80? What is the deepest inspiration?

Atta: The first is management. The team has grown from the initial three or four to nearly 20 people, a fast pace. Some of the backbone of the site are personal webmaster origin, the management of the Greek. Can only step by step groping, as far as possible to consult more professional managers.

The second is talent. In the size of the site membership every time before a quantitative change, we will consider the end is to look for some very powerful people back to prop up a day, or to find some of the internet has a passion and ambition of young people. Both are good and bad. But for the long-term development of the site, we are more willing to train some young people with entrepreneurial heart, and our site to grow together.

The third is money. Although the initial funding of the station can barely cope with the past, but with the increase in personnel size, some Web site promotion costs of the urgent need for income gradually become a problem. So I hung up on Google advertising, and through some business cooperation, I realized a part of the cash flow. When the website enters the advertising operation stage, it can transition to the break-even stage.

Four is the goal. For a self-made small entrepreneurial team, common goals and beliefs are the most valuable capital. Some of the difficulties mentioned above will shake our goals, so I hope our team will stick to their convictions. is to repeat, simple and persistent.

What is the experience in the website promotion?

Atta: From the traffic, we are growing, and there is no special skill. A new Web site, how quickly to do the flow, on the one hand, the product, or let users to a disappointment once. We through the flow monitoring system to analyze the user, we can also use this system, analysis to other similar sites of users concerned about what is to tap the user's needs, and what we have not done is to catch up. It can be said that most of the users like to see what things, looking for what type of information, we have customized services. On the other hand, insist on, the simple things to do repeatedly, such as links, may be a friendship link to bring us 3 traffic, then we do 10, 100, or more.

How to maintain competitiveness, profitability model of the future?

Atta: Although the market is brutal, full of competition, but we look at the angle of the market from the meet the demand, as long as there is demand there is a market, as long as we have to do that piece of field, we can do big. and technology and operation is our advantage, other aspects we will gradually improve, for now we, the competitiveness is gradually upgrade, rather than maintain.

Profit model this piece, for vertical portal, there is still a lot of space to dig, can go to innovation. In addition to precision advertising, e-commerce and other mainstream trends, there are many unknown waiting for us to open up.

Many car sites have been venture capital, the car China Network has the introduction of venture capital plans?

Atta: Auto Vertical website has always been the VC investors concern and favor. Some of the previous car network has been a little more than tens of millions of million or even billions of investment, this illustrates two aspects: the first is that the car vertical Web site is undoubtedly a huge commercial value; the second is that the car vertical web site desperately needs a certain amount of financial support, especially from the line to do offline, from information to do services, from information to do E-commerce, Also need to burn money. Before the balance of payments, the operation of funds is likely to determine the fate of a Web site. So the car China network will consider the introduction of venture capital in future.


Car China Network operation for a year, has been squeezed into the top 10 of similar sites in the country, it should be said that the pace of development is relatively fast, from which can also be seen as a personal webmaster, no funding background small team perseverance entrepreneurial determination. Perhaps because of grassroots origin, so they have been stressed that the user experience, to meet the needs of users are grassroots, tailored to the user's actual. This concept is well understood, but how to reflect it more clearly, the formation of their own characteristics and competitiveness of the whole team need to seriously consider and practice. At present, the Car China network Some user experience details are considered good, such as through technical means to highly integrated information, and strive to allow users within three clicks can meet demand.

Growing car China needs more determination and efforts to continue to break through, and hope that through the car China network of small achievements, can let more small entrepreneurial team more confidence, continue to adhere to their own path.

Four, CG art pioneer-cgfinal Network

Website: cgfinal (formerly Cger China) URL:

Type: CG (Computer Graphics) Art Portal

Webmaster: Ding Yipo

General art types of Web sites, the inception of most of the first is due to the webmaster's personal interests. But most of the domestic art sites still stay in the initial stage of personal hobbies, in the site specialization is not satisfactory. And this time to introduce the cgfinal, although also because of interest in the establishment of the site, but the site is professional and well-known.

What is CG

"CG" is a computer graphics computer graphics abbreviation, the international custom will use computer technology for visual design and production of the domain known as CG. Generally speaking, CG refers to the digital works, including pure artistic creation to advertising design, can be two-dimensional three-dimensional, static or animation. The broad sense also includes dip and CAD design, now the concept of CG is expanding, the media culture produced by CG and virtual real technology can be attributed to CG category. They have formed a considerable chain of economic industry. CG can be divided into four main areas: CG Art and design, game software, animation and comics.

1. Site positioning

Cgfinal positioning in China's CG cause of creativity and development, determined for the domestic CG designers and companies to provide professional interactive exchange platform. In addition, the webmaster also want to pass more offline activities, forming a large-scale industrial chain.

2. Features of the website

Founded in 2002, is one of the few dedicated to CG art site, but also the earliest in the Web2.0 mode of operation of the art site.

Free magazine is the site currently the main push of the project, the home page in the prominent location provides the current period and the most recent magazine download links. You can feel the professional of electronic magazine production by downloading reading.

The original list is one of the characteristics of the site, but also the webmaster more value a column. The prominent position on the homepage of the CG users of the original works recommended, and in accordance with the popularity of the work of the ranking, which is divided into popular ranking, scoring rankings and the number of votes ranked three kinds of ranking. The annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly rankings of the work are also categorized.

Figure 11

3. User Experience

(1). Website Channel

The website mainly divides into the magazine, the CG blog as well as the talented person net three subsites, is divided into 10 channels, including three-dimensional animation, the film special effects, the game, the illustration, the concept art, the graphic design, the webpage design, the multimedia technology, the architectural design, the industrial modelling design and so

Because it is the computer art related website, similar picture and so on resources are essential. The Resources Download section of the website provides 3D model, flash source, vector pictures and other files download. But you need to register to be a member first, you can download the resources of the website after login. Cgfinal specializes in CG-related talent recruitment channels, there are many companies through the platform to publish recruitment messages. Through the experience you can find that users can browse the information arbitrarily. If you want to publish relevant job search or recruitment information, simply register a forum account.

(2) Electronic magazine

A major feature of Cgfinal is the monthly publication of the original electronic magazine, Cgart, which is rich in content and specialized in production. The website has also established a Media strategic alliance, and once a new issue is published, many of the league's art sites will appear in the latest magazine downloads. Because many design users are using Apple computers, electronic magazines are divided into Windows versions and Mac versions for downloading, depending on the user system.

Figure 12

The magazine mainly divides into the topic, the interview, the course and so on column, among them "the CG new show" The column compares has the characteristic, each period is to the CG industry outstanding Newcomer carries on the work introduction. In addition, when reading the magazine also found a very intimate function: After closing the magazine Open again, will be prompted to start 续读 from the closed page.

(3) Information and update speed

Because the construction station time is longer, the website information quantity still is quite considerable, in this aspect cgfinal occupies the superiority. The site has related articles and resource updates every day, not only the original content submitted by members, there are various cooperation media published information. But there are only a handful of channels that are being updated every day, perhaps because the channel is too large and some channels are not updated in time.

(4) member Exchange and interaction

The site was originally developed from the Forum form, so in the exchange of members, the Forum played a major role. Forum at the top of the "CG Gallery", where the forum members will be recommended for outstanding works. Can better enhance the user stickiness.

In addition, the website's comment system facilitates users to comment and communicate content in real time. Complemented the forum-oriented interaction.

4. Website Profit status

According to the webmaster, so far, the site has not been commercialized operation, only through the advertising to maintain the balance of payments. After the launch of the new website, will continue to explore the commercialization.

5. Deficiencies of the website

Now the problem is that the Web site interaction and household viscosity has yet to be improved, although located in the CG portal, but in addition to the current electronic magazine, other users can attract the place is still very weak. There are similarities in content with other art sites.

6. Webmaster Interview

Figure 13

What is the idea of doing such an industry website?

Ding Yipo: In addition to their own hobbies, I think may also be related to their principles of doing things: or not to do, to do is to make the appearance, to do a bit of fame. At that time felt that the domestic CG technology is too backward, compared with the United States 10 years behind, and Japan and South Korea than 5 years behind, the word CG appeared in China for many years, but has not formed an industry. Most people's creations, or in The imitation stage, of course, there are many experts, in some respects with foreign countries, just because of the domestic environmental impact, did not appear a landmark works.

There is also a lot of people do not know CG, most of the understanding of CG more narrowly. For example, the person who paints with the computer, thinks this is CG, the person who plays 3D, thinks 3D is CG ... So do a real CG professional website Dream was born. Although at that time there are related websites, but most just stay on the technical level, or even pure 3D technology and communication, and our website from the day of birth, we hope to be able to perfect integration of art and technology, including the various aspects of CG.

In the early stages of development, what difficulties have you encountered?

Ding Yipo: Because it is artistic origin, the biggest difficulty in the early development is the website's program development, the first version of the website, is to find a free open source program, modify their own online. Later on the internet to know a master of PHP and Java, in a QQ group to know Wang. Because they do not have a server, with free space, does not support the MySQL database, a company working in the mainframe Zhu Yi village free of charge for a year of server to solve this problem. Later I bought a server hosting, and persisted.

For art websites, what are the main WEB2.0 of new applications?

Ding Yipo: Should say all Web2.0 mode, can apply to the art of the site, the key to see how you understand, such as SNS services, wikis, blogs and so on. In fact, Web2.0 can not simply as a module or application, the key is how to integrate their own resources.

We are developing a new website, can say that will Web2.0 play to the extreme, but also perfect integration of our existing resources, in user interaction and user stickiness, will be greatly improved. It can be said that the new station is different from any one of the art site, take the unusual road, our goal is to do an industry site model, leading a direction.

What are the major promotional methods used in websites and electronic magazines?

Ding Yipo: We are not a magazine based website, the magazine in our entire website, only accounted for about 5% of the weight. In the promotion, we set up a media strategic alliance, the new issue once issued, the major art sites, will appear in our new issue information, but through our offline activities and surveys, more people, or through Word-of-mouth know, the most important, I think there are two factors: first, the quality of the magazine, that content, the second is to provide free download reading.

In quality, we always go a high-end route. Magazine from its own content, to the magazine's program and user experience, every detail is the pursuit of perfection, Plus is a free magazine, all have a lot of loyal fans. In fact, these faithful readers are also our motivation to continue to do, is the support of all readers, so that we have a vigorous and continuous passion to continue the magazine.

At that time in the website development Good, why will consider changing domain name?

Ding Yipo: Actually change the domain name still has the influence, the first is the impact of the traffic, because at that time the user is the search for lead to find our site, after changing the domain name in a long time, this part of the user even if it is lost (now good, in google search keyword CG, we almost always ranked first).

At that time, the change of domain name, is the strategic adjustment, because CGERCN this domain name, there is a geographical limit, considering we may have English version, so we changed the cgfinal domain name. Here can be disclosed, the new version of the site is a multilingual edition, the entire site can be free to switch different languages, of course, including a separate English site, the goal is to develop the needs, such as more convenient for us to communicate with foreign counterparts.

What are the things that make you happiest since you've been doing websites and magazines?

Ding Yipo: In fact, let me the most happy is: a person's insistence, now let nearly 200,000 members have a pure paradise, so that nearly 1 million of readers can read free magazines, enjoy a free feast.

Comment on the net

Now like CG friends more and more, but the domestic CG on the site is not a lot. Although foreign CG website is excellent, but communication is not very convenient. Cgfinal site from the birth began, it is located in a comprehensive, professional road, which makes it currently in the CG class site to maintain a high visibility. Cgfinal has a large number of original content, through the original list can see most of the domestic excellent CG design and the latest popular CG works. It is worth mentioning that the Cgfinal website also launched a free CG electronic magazine, the same professional as the characteristics of CG enthusiasts can through the magazine to the CG culture has a further understanding, which also strongly attracted more users to become loyal users. Insufficient is the Cgfinal website interaction is poor, in addition to the forum, basically cannot with other Netizen and the website personnel carries on the exchange. If you can strengthen the interactive function of the website, let CG enthusiasts better communicate, I believe Cgfinal site will have more people like.

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