The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (III.): Website Payment function Configuration

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After understanding the theoretical knowledge of Internet entrepreneurship, began the field to start the actual operation of the site. In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.

Web page planning and style design

Second, the choice of Web programming language

Third, the choice of website database

Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website

V. Hosting and maintenance of servers

Vi. Server Performance Testing

Vii. Query and registration of domain name

Eight, the actual combat walkthrough domain name application entire Introduction

Nine, simple three steps to establish the embryonic site

Ten, 3G Mobile website to build the whole introduction

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XI. website Payment function configuration

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce in life, the transformation of personal website into a commercial quality site, can significantly broaden the revenue channels of the site. Here we will introduce the choice of payment tools, configuration and skills, so that webmasters can broaden their revenue channels.

Name Application Address


Cloud NET Payment @ Net

NET Silver online

Fast Money RMB Payment

Tenpay Enterprise Edition

Some common payment gateways on the Internet

1. Security and stability most important

If you want to make the site "promotion" for e-commerce sites, increase online payment function is essential, this is also the trend of web site development, but also can effectively improve the security and credibility of the site. Among the many network payment systems, the most widely used is the Alipay of Alibaba Group. In addition, in the site payment system for E-commerce sites, Cloud network, silver online, Tenpay, PayPal and other payment platform is also more popular.


For small and medium sized websites, because the transaction limit is not up to the requirement, it is difficult to build online payment system with bank directly. So to add online payment function for the website, often need to apply for such as Alipay for the merchant to provide off-the-shelf online payment interface.

In the choice of online payment platform, security is often the most important, because it involves cash transactions, if the choice of a security site, will inevitably have an impact on the site Word-of-mouth, and when the webmaster settlement income, often will suffer.

Generally speaking, the choice of Word-of-mouth better, more well-known online payment system, can meet the security requirements for the payment, the webmaster in the selection, also need to pay attention to the site has VeriSign Global security certificate, information encryption and so on. In addition to these third-party licensing certificates, it is best to understand the security performance of the payment platform through the actual trial and other users ' opinions.

Figure 21

The stability of the payment system is also very important, if the customer is prepared to pay the time, the sudden payment system page can not open, or because the user access is too large, and lead to payment platform access speed becomes very full, this course will cause the loss of toll users.

2. Optional service additional content to see

In addition to the performance of the payment gateway, online payment system service is also a need to pay attention to the choice of matters, generally in the selection, consider the following:

Type of payment channel: The more bank cards the payment platform supports, the better, the general large banks are to be supported, in this respect, Alipay and fast money do very well; In addition to online banking payment, other payment methods are also necessary to compare, such as fast money to support such as the China Bank recharge Cards, Alipay is also able to support offline payment methods.

Tip: For Web sites that are also targeted at other countries, it is also necessary to choose a gateway that supports international card payment for foreign currencies.

Settlement time is fast: Usually after the user has applied for payment gateway, once a user through the system to pay fees, the cost will be temporary presence in the gateway system, if necessary to present, there are often weeks or months of settlement differences. When choosing a payment gateway, be sure to pay attention to its settlement time and cycle, as well as whether there is a process fee, how much fees will be charged.

Do you have any value-added services: This is the details of the problem, such as the user will not be prompted after the payment of "success" information, for example, if a card payment is very low, there is no convenient way to guide users to pay in other ways, these are very important for online payment platform.

Integration of the site is convenient: There are many programs inside a number of built-in online payment system functions, only need to obtain a verification code, and then enter the number into the system can be used. This will greatly facilitate the payment platform and system integration time.

Others also need to know their choice of online payment platform, whether to support mobile phone payment, online refund, whether there is a transaction amount limit.

3. Choosing the right price is the best

Because most of the online payment platform to charge a certain fee, and for personal webmaster, the spirit of saving on the principle of saving, not only to choose quality services, can not have too high handling costs. Because while some of the big, hot payment tools are safe, the costs of handling them are higher.

In general, the cost of online payment tools includes service charges and transaction costs, and service charges are usually paid in a lump sum, and the fees are deducted from the user's payment transaction. Usually some of the market share is not big payment system, in the rate is more favorable, but actually the user's payment experience and large platform is no different.

In addition, for those who need to pay different amounts of the site, most of the payment platform has different packages to choose from, such as international well-known payment system PayPal, there are standard and professional version of the difference.

4. Tailored Selection Package

Once the appropriate payment platform has been selected, the actual application process will begin. Here we will use Alipay's online payment system to explain. Alipay has a total of three business services package, respectively, experience version, entrepreneurial version and Professional Edition. The difference between these packages is reflected in their ability to provide services, such as the most basic experience version does not have the function of bulk payment to the account. Professional editions also offer value-added services such as voice payments, designated IP access, and hardware certificates.

In the choice of packages, according to their own site can be achieved by the choice of turnover, the package service does not pass the function. In general, the annual turnover of 300,000 below the site, recommended to use the experience version of the business services, and 300,000 to 2 million of the turnover, is suitable to use the entrepreneurial version of the service, a higher turnover is recommended to select Business Services Professional Edition.

For Web sites that provide virtual products, such as the sale of Q coins, game point cards and other sites, the general single sum is relatively small, so in the choice of packages to pay attention to the choice of fees cheaper use, for example, for small sites, can not be in accordance with a single payment of fees, if the 1% charge, Often a few dollars of payment will be deducted a minimum of a dollar fee.

And for the provision of real large products of the site, although the volume may produce small, but often a high amount of payment, at this time can be adopted by the use of the year and other means to choose, as far as possible to reduce the online payment platform fees.

Tips: In general, you can choose the experience version of the trial, if the experience version of the service can not meet the needs of the package to upgrade the operation.

Figure 22

5. Request the interface three steps to fix

Determine the choice of the package, the following can start to pay the application of the interface, into the Alipay merchant Service Home (, select the appropriate package for the use of the site services, Then click on the "Reservation Application" button, you can begin to complete the registration form.

First step: Register the member. Alipay Business services can be directly used to pay the account to apply for PayPal, if there is no Alipay account, you need to apply to register online payment interface. Note that the application of the Alipay account is best through the real-name certification, improve the security of the account, and must pay attention to the preservation of the password protection data to avoid the possibility of misappropriation.

Step two: Apply for merchant tools. After using the Alipay account login, will jump to the application form interface, the site address, name and type of information to fill in according to the actual situation, need to pay attention to the form in the "estimated annual turnover", usually according to the site's profitability and expected revenue to choose, if the annual turnover is higher, The corresponding package recommendation is also different.

Figure 23

The next step is to fill in the details of the applicant, including detailed area and contact information. It should be noted that due to the application will have a dedicated customer service personnel telephone contact, so be sure to fill out the correct phone or mobile phone number, otherwise the application will not be passed.

Tips: Select the turnover will have the corresponding package tips, in general, according to the system recommended package can be. If you choose a high level package with a low turnover, you will have to pay extra fees.

Step three: Sign with Alipay. After submitting the application information, Alipay will have a professional sales manager in two working days to contact the telephone, to communicate the signing of the contract and to understand the specific handling costs and other information. After the application, you can pass into the Alipay management backstage, click "Merchant Service-my merchant service" to obtain the transaction security check code and the partner ID. You can continue to configure the online payment platform only if you have these two parameters.

Figure 24

6. Program configuration parameters are the key

Next is to be in the program backstage to integrate Alipay interface, in general, most of the CMS and mall system, have similar payment interface, here to sell a virtual host system as an example, to explain the addition and integration of online payment system methods, other procedures and methods of operation are mostly similar.

First enter the system's financial Settings column, open the online payment interface configuration interface, the general program provides a variety of online payment interface, such as the NPS, Ipay, online silver, Alipay and other payment interface options, just select their own corresponding payment gateway, select the "Enable" checkbox, Then follow the prompts to fill in the merchant number, apply for Alipay to use the e-mail, and just get the payment key and other parameters.

Figure 25

In the setting of the payment platform, it is also convenient to configure whether to deduct fees and other information, if it is for small volume of the site, you should consider the appropriate fees charged to the user. After the parameter setting is complete, the final click on the "Modify" button to complete the online payment platform integration.

Tip: The result returned to the URL and the merchant number and payment key must be exactly the same as the application information, Alipay's merchant number needs to fill in the partner ID.

Once the configuration is complete, you need to actually do a borrowed operation, to see if the payment interface is configured successfully, if the configuration is not wrong, through the online payment system on the website to pay a certain amount of money, you can immediately display in the management of Alipay, if the successful collection of payments, also indicates that the payment platform configuration succeeded.

7. Address "slimming" actual site static

Generally speaking, static pages are more conducive to the search engine to crawl the content of the site. But many web site programs do not have the ability to generate HTML pages, can only use ASP or PHP Web address, for visitors also difficult to remember. Here we will teach you to set rewrite static way, let Dynamic Web page display static address.

(1) Configure components to implement rewrite functions

Static site use of the address is not only conducive to the search engine included, but also to the visitors have great benefits, such as "Domain name/article/bin/" and "Domain name/article/ Rewrite.html "Two addresses, the latter's static page is obviously easy to remember, and more beautiful." To implement the URL address static, you first need to configure the server side.

IIS Server installs rewrite components

For a personal webmaster using a standalone server, you need to implement the URL static function in a isapi_rewrite way, first download the Rewrite component Isapi_rewrite under the IIS server, and follow the prompts to install it.

Then open Internet Information Services, find the Web site where you want to set up static, select Web Site Properties, then open the ISAPI Filter tab, add a filter, name fill Rewrite, path select Isapi_rewrite.dll file, OK. Finally, edit the contents of the Httpd.ini file according to the different website system.

Path selection for Figure 26Rewrite

Virtual host setting static is simpler

For the webmaster using the virtual host, if the server supports the rewrite function, you can use the. htaccess file to set the dynamic program's page static. The method is to add the URL static code required by the program to the text file, and then use the FTP software to upload the file to the virtual host, and then modify its name to. htaccess.


If the server does not support the. htaccess file, the static feature cannot be set, and the file name can be modified only through FTP, otherwise an error message will appear.

(2) The end of the program parameter settings

Set the server-side rewrite function, you can in the Program Management page to enable URL static effect, such as the discuz! forum only need to manage the page "search engine optimization" in the check set URL static can be.

Figure 27

12, the site ICP record must not be less

The website also needs to handle "the identity card", this is ICP record, only after the record, the website is legal.

The Ministry of Information Industry recently released a new filing system, the new system is more convenient and faster than the previous system. And in the record of the approval speed has also been greatly improved. Has your website been filed? It should be noted that, whether it is a personal homepage or blog, also need to record oh. Below teaches everybody how carries on the website to record the operation.

1. Registered users

First login to record the site, click on the top left of the page "registration" to start application account, read the "use statement" after the "accept" button, will appear ICP Information flow chart. The diagram briefly introduces the general process of filing. Click again to fill out your own basic information, according to the normal registration method to enter the user name password information, and then click the Registration button. If the registration is successful will appear prompts, the "mobile phone, mail verification code" after the number needs to remember.

Figure 28

2. Record System User Registration

The registration form has three mobile phone number columns, namely mobile, Unicom mobile phone and PHS. This number is used to receive cell phone verification code, only to fill out one of them, be sure to fill out the correct. As a result of the mobile phone message delivery platform, the system will automatically display the phone and mail authentication code directly for registered users. After the message platform is stabilized, the system will cancel the validation code of the page directly display function.


Non-operating Internet Information Service can fill in the record information directly on the Internet. The operating Internet Information Service provider shall apply to the corresponding telecommunication administrative department for the business license of the telecommunication service. The record of the website should ensure the authenticity of the information filled in.

3. Website submission

After the successful application of the user, return to the record home page login, the first time you need to enter a mobile phone and mail verification code, that is the number of the page shown just now. Login can be used to record information on the site of the entry.

Click on the left Drop-down menu, enter the Information entry page, enter the site to record the main information. Then in the second step to fill in the need to record the site's specific information, such as multiple sites need to submit, you can click the "Add Site" button to add information on the site.

Figure 29 Input record information

Then the network access provider to add, enter the IDC name can be queried, and then fill in the site using the IP address and access mode, and finally select the server place.

The website and its access information are all filled out, you can enter the next "ICP Record information Summary" page, here will be listed just entered the information, if there are errors you can click the "Back" button to return to modify. After the confirmation, click the Completion button, the completion of the information work.

Small hint: Once clicked "completes" the button carries on the information to submit, cannot again the record information carries on the independent modification, if needs to revise, must go to the Access Service Department application to make the modification.

Figure 30 Site Content Fill

Small hint: After the record application is passed, should put the record electronic certificate to the designated website directory. Otherwise, when the Telecommunication Management department carries out the inventory of the inactive Internet Information Service activities, it will be treated as the record-keeping process.

Please pay attention to chapter III other content

13, the establishment and modification of DNS system

14, the website CMS Choice has the knack

The convenience of small use of worry-free CMS Rapid construction Station

16, use the discuz! to build the Exchange forum quickly

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