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The use of PHP array [a more comprehensive method summary]

An array is a collection of data that organizes a series of data to form an operational whole. Each entity in the array contains two keys and values. First, what is the array Array is a collection of data, a series of data organized together to form an operational whole. Each entity in the array contains two keys and values. Second, the statement data There are two main ways to declare an array in PHP: First, the array () function declaration array, one is directly assigned to the array element. Fei Fei Asp! Technology Paradise <1> array () function ...

Php translate Chinese phonetic code

Php tutorial to convert Chinese Pinyin code The original realization of this program is to convert the Chinese characters into the corresponding machine code, and then define the relative Pinyin, Chinese Pinyin conversion is just a matter of inquiry. $ d = array ("a", - 20319), array ("ai", - 20317), array ("an", - 20304), array ("ang", - 20295), ...

PHP array definition and initialization learning notes

Array definition and initialization What is an array? An array is a programming structure that is a variable that holds a set of values ​​or a series of values. For example, at the time of the census, personal identity registration, such as name, gender, nationality, birth, etc. can be used as an array. The array created in the php tutorial is defined using the array () structure, such as $ people = array ('name', 'sex', 'nation', 'brith'); and how to display the value of each element in the array Is to use the index from 0, the index number ...

Hybrid Flash memory Array sourcing Guide

The hybrid flash array is superior in performance to an array based on traditional hard drives, with lower latency and cheaper prices than most pure flash arrays. However, their prices are still higher than those based on traditional hard disks, and their structures are much more complex.   Given the price and complexity, what kind of applications and environments can derive the most benefit from a hybrid flash array? First, let's look at the purpose of developing a Flash array: High data growth rates have had a huge impact on the data center. Analysis of this problem can start from "3V", namely: Volume (volume) 、...

PHP delete array elements and delete duplicate array function

php tutorial delete array elements and delete duplicate array function This article is mainly about the deletion of the php array value Oh, tell you how to delete an array of elements at the specified location, the two tell you to use the array_keys function to delete the array of duplicate elements. * / $ a = array ("red", "green", "blue", "yellow"); ...

"Array NX" array NX Intelligent Cloud delivery protection enterprise applications

The data on the Internet exceeded all data in the past year in 2010 years and will grow at a higher rate over the next 5 years. Mobile data tsunami outbreaks, the amount of data in 1 billion of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets will grow more than 3M TB. Today, the demand for data processing will continue to grow on more terminals, and application services with cloud computing as the backdrop will become more prevalent. The demand for multimedia, games, etc. from business applications to E-commerce, social networking, audio/video, and gaming will result in continued consumption of networks and power supplies. In short, in the current it big situation ...

Array function library: Array_multisort

Array_multisort (PHP4 >= 4.0b4) array_multisort---&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html "> nbsp; Array syntax for sorting composite or multiple dimensions: bool Array_multisort (Array ar1 [, mixed arg [, mixed ...).

Pure storage confident its technology can defeat high-end storage array manufacturers

Does not a VC invest in a start-up that is trying to challenge an EMC San array on a storage array alone--a stupid move--but what if it's a vmax/vnx, lower-cost flash array? Now we're talking about the company--if its product is true. Pure storage confident its technology can defeat EMC, Dell, HDS (Hitachi Data System), HP, IBM, and NetApp FC San Arrays (Editor Note: The authors are likely to refer to high-end storage systems with FC San arrays ...).

Array function Libraries: each

Each (PHP3, PHP4)---returns key/http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/9541.html from the array >value to syntax: array each (array Array); Description: Returns the current key/value pair from array arrays and moves the array cursor (cursor) forward. Returned array ...

Storage array vendors should seize cloud storage gateway market Opportunities

Storage array vendors have a problem when the storage array vendor's customers are storing data on the cloud. They have sold their products to these customers, but cloud service providers are usually smarter buyers, and they may be more inclined to come from cheaper and specifically cloud-based products from other vendors. So what does a storage array vendor do? Their value is not in the disk drive racks but in the software in the storage controller. Customers who use cloud storage may not want storage arrays, but they may want a cloud storage gateway. That device, or running in virtual ...

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