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Data mining strategy of commercial bank in large data era

Data mining of commercial banks in large data age China Minsheng Bank Development Planning department wangyanbing Broad Data era, for commercial banks, in the continuous improvement of computer application system of the underlying database group, operation data storage, master data storage, enterprise-class data Warehouse, Data mart and other construction based on the network crawler, Hadoop, Technologies such as MapReduce, NoSQL and Lucene have broadened the bank's data-control capabilities. At present, the bank regardless of internal data or external data, structural data or non-structural data, data generation, capture ...

New session of the new financial union summit and financial geeks ceremony

Netease Technology News June 29 news, today at the new session of the new financial Union summit and financial geek ceremony, Shi Yuzhu delivered a speech, he believes that the banking industry will not be hit by a short period of Internet finance for the following reasons: A: The banking industry is too big. The total weight of the banking industry in the financial industry is only a small part of the bank besides the bank. The bank is too big It is impossible for such a huge banking industry to disappear in 3-5 years or even 10 years. If so, the Chinese economy will soon have collapsed. Two reasons: the interest rate liberalization, the banking industry will be small spreads ...

Committee members suggested that the relevant departments of the state actively push bank development "fast payment" to make up for net silver deficiency

With the rapid development of e-commerce in the country, the development of related financial payment services has also been widely concerned.   During the NPC, some representatives suggested that the relevant departments of the State should actively promote the cooperation between the banking sector and the third party payment industry and provide strong support for the healthy development of E-commerce.   CPPCC members, Zhigong Central, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute deputy Dean Xu Xiaolan put forward the relevant motion: the construction of state-related departments should actively promote the banks and third-party payment agencies to develop "fast payment" way to make up for the shortage of net silver. Recently, the National Political Consultative Committee members, ...

The IMF and World Bank meeting revealed three big signals: increased Chinese discourse

Xinhua Beijing, April 27 (Qin Xin) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank spring meeting has been the curtain, the meeting in addition to the disclosure of China's share in the world economy and the increase in voice, to achieve the transfer of the developed countries to the developing countries a major breakthrough in the voting power signal,  It also reveals the importance of Asia leading the economic recovery and the two big signals that countries are working together in the face of uncertain economic prospects. Signal one: The weight of China's discourse is greatly increased by the World Bank Development Committee 25th, the new phase of the voting rights reform programme, the developed countries have shifted 3 ....

China raises World Bank vote to 4.42%

"Caijing comprehensive report" according to Xinhua news agency, the World Bank Development Committee Spring meeting April 25 passed the developed countries to the developing countries to transfer voting rights reform program, the reform so that China's vote in the bank from the current 2.77% to 4.42%, as the World Bank's third largest shareholder,  After the United States and Japan. In this reform, the developed countries have transferred 3.13% of their voting rights to developing countries, raising the overall voting power of developing countries from 44.06% to 47.19%, through the International Finance Corporation to raise basic voting rights and 200 million ...

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