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Tang June to fulfill his promise to visit Nasdaq

August 24 Evening News, according to foreign media reports, Nasdaq-listed company Dahua Construction (CAEI) announced today to bid 25 million shares of the Shanghai Joint Tour network to acquire 60% ownership, and appointed Tang June as chairman. The network is a developer and operator of a large multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).  Dahua Construction completed the deal through the acquisition of 60% ownership of the new crown technology by the parent company of the joint Travel Network. It is reported that January 25, 2010, Xinhua Group's Hong Kong and Macao Information officially announced Hong Kong and Macao information to 25 million U.S. dollars cash plus shares ...

Chi Kuan Wang Junbo: The game industry should not blindly pursue diversity

July 28 Morning News, Wisdom Crown Technology Group chairman and general manager Wang Junbo in the 2010 ChinaJoy Summit Forum warned that the company should not blindly pursue diversification, multiple production lines, this may let the enterprise lose their own.  Wang Junbo, chairman and general manager of Chi Guan Technology group, said at the meeting that now basically big game companies are moving towards diversification, or even more production lines, but each company using the same engine to develop a variety of games may cause the player's lack of interest in the game. He warns that online games are now free, when the game is launched ...

Blue Harbor Wisdom Crown sign up for online games "mercenary World" to enter the Taiwan market

June 28 News, China's Taiwan region's first network game operators Chi Crown Technology subsidiary of the Game Shinkansen and the third-generation online gaming company Blue Port On-line (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed, become the latter independent research and development of large-scale 3D network game "Mercenary World" in Taiwan operators.  According to the Blue Harbor online people did not disclose the amount of authorization, but said the "Mercenary world," the authorization to refresh the mainland game products in Taiwan Licensing records. It is understood that the prestigious wisdom of the Crown Technology in Taiwan successfully operated the "World of Warcraft" and other famous online games products, the new main line is its 2002 set up a special ...

"World of Warcraft" full appearance of the players return server queuing phenomenon

"World of Warcraft" since the update of the "Earth's fission," the popularity of the growing, China's Taiwan region Server A large number of backflow players, individual server queuing phenomenon.  The authorities have locked in some of the heavily loaded servers, restricting the creation of new roles, suspending paid transfers and opening up server free streaming services. At the end of August this year, NetEase updated the second "World of Warcraft" movie "Wrath of the Lich King", countless players in Taiwan to return to their "hometown", experience the Simplified Chinese version of the "Wrath of the Lich Kings." Wisdom Crown Technology ("World of Warcraft" in Taiwan agent Chivandi ...

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