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Marketing Tips: Eight steps to create a landing page with high conversion rates (iii)

Editor's note: 90% of the total network of paid traffic to land to those who design rude, the content is not attractive, poor ability to transform the site or page, this is a huge waste. Bo Public Interactive Deputy general manager Xunlijian (Sina Weibo: @ Highland Flying Bear) contributions, introduced a high conversion ability to create a marketing landing page method. Net sales personnel can be applied to the enterprise Network Marketing in actual combat, resulting in benefits. The paper introduces the system methodology of the marketing landing page with high transformation ability--web farming, which is the most important two steps of the "Operation of Customer Marketing" (Information architecture method).

Digital Development Accelerates Internet Process

Wing from 517- Shandong Telecom: Broadband Internet messaging wonderful wonderful type: Original Author: Zhanheng bright Time: 2014-05-16 16:10:00 International Telecommunication Union believes that digital is a way to accelerate the development of sustainable development Innovative tools. In order to give full play to his potential, we must vigorously promote high-speed broadband networks. With the theme of "Broadband Promoting Sustainable Development", the world's telecommunications and informationization day are approaching, and China's industry will come at a suitable time. Since 2012, our country has been promoting the special operation of broadband China annually from the national level. China...

Peak Forum: The large integration of mobile internet industry resources

Summit Forum: The large integration of mobile internet industry resources 2012 Guangdong Internet Conference was held December 14 to 15th at Poly World Trade Expo Hall Fifth, no. 1000th Haizhu District East Road, Guangzhou. This meeting is hosted by Guangdong Internet Association, organizing Committee of Guangdong Internet Congress and the media consulting Group.   The conference focuses on the Internet industry new ideas and digital media era, in-depth focus on the Internet industry resource integration. The mobile Internet Industry Resource Integration Forum by the Ministry of Communications Research Institute deputy chief engineer Chen Jinchao, China Telecom (micro-Bo) Guangdong company vice ...

Cloud computing Landing project Pioneer cloud storage into future "gold"

Cloud computing Landing project is in full swing. In a large environment, cloud storage services developed by IT vendors are just a simple application in the cloud storage industry. In China, the cloud storage industry is also a toddler in the early stages, in the future development path, there are more attractive "cake" in the waiting for the Nuggets.   and cloud storage as the pioneer of the cloud computing landing project, has recently become the High-tech zone, it vendors in the eyes of the "sweet Cakes", will soon become a competition excavation gold mine. April 27 last year, Zhengzhou high-tech zone "data Bank" project Phase I ...

Cloud computing accelerates landing cloud storage as "next gold Mine"

The various cloud storage services developed by IT vendors are just a simple application in the cloud storage industry.  In China's faltering cloud-storage industry, there are more tempting "cakes" waiting for the Nuggets.  This reporter Go Qingping reported as the pioneer of cloud computing landing project, cloud storage recently became the High-tech zone, it manufacturers eyes of the "sweet cakes." April 27 last year, Zhengzhou high-tech zone "Data Bank" project first phase of the successful acceptance of the passage, marking the domestic "cloud storage" technology to achieve the operation of the shared data storage Backup center officially put into use; this May ...

Mobile Internet makes the world flat the Internet opportunities in China and America are big

The Silicon Valley news China market is becoming increasingly attractive to American technology companies. While no American internet company has really been successful in China so far, a new wave of US technology companies has arrived. From the second half of last year to the first half of this year, it was almost the most concentrated time for emerging technology companies in China. This includes both social giants such as LinkedIn and mobile internet stars like Uber. In addition, the superstar technology company Tesla also officially started selling cars in China in the first half of this year. In addition, AIRBNB, many neighboring countries ...

3G full definition _3g exactly what it means.

In this basic knowledge area I've seen an administrator send a complete introduction to WiFi (WAI-FAI) without the more popular 3G, one of which is the internet of things, 2165&cid=17 for everyone more detailed understanding 3G I conveniently in Baidu know excerpt down after all, people say already good enough we don't need to modify the counter ...

Internet company profit model for e-commerce

Chinese Internet companies listed in the United States, the recent year, the price of a lot of jump, a lot higher than the same period, the stock valuation expensive surprising.   Is there a bubble in Chinese internet?   Recently, the bell in The Wall Street Journal column published titled China Internet: Looking at bubbles from advertising, the article said, "If there is no innovation in the business model, still so dependent on advertising, then the market value of Chinese Internet companies can be said to be overdrawn for years of growth, the bubble has slowly formed." Is there a problem with this judgment?

What kind of abacus do retail stores and internet bosses play?

21st century Economic Report Once upon a time, the Thunder is healthy E-commerce giants and traditional retail stores, across the Chu Franco sector.   The two sides assumed a posture, or a round of competition for consumer purchasing power is full of gunpowder. But in business, there is no permanent enemy, only the same interests.   Since the beginning of 2013, the tension between the traditional retailer and the "old enemy" internet power has suddenly eased, even once the public bet on Wanda and Alibaba are "a smile." February 25, Hualian shares (000882) announcement ...

Sohu Marketing Reform

The February 2013 issue of successful marketing-Influence • Mobility • Large data with the rapid development and transformation of the Internet, network media development is increasingly diverse, facing endless network marketing model, a pharmaceutical industry advertisers once said: "New media delivery for us is a new attempt, the process we need to grope, However, in the face of the exploration process of the emerging new marketing model, for our traditional marketing people, and is full of challenges. "Undoubtedly, this" exploration "and" challenge "not only for advertisers, but also media platforms, agents of the new lesson ...

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