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Razer releases the world's first cloud storage personalized game Setup software

October 20, 2011, California, Carlsbad--razer® (Thunder Snake), the game user interface technology leader, for the vast number of players to offer a new Razer Synapse 2.0 software-the world's first set your personalized game peripherals to store in the cloud application,   Make it easy to use the most personalized game settings whenever and wherever you want. Back in 2006, Razer created Synapse, the world's first onboard memory for game peripherals, which allows users to directly ...

Win8 can hold live a game? 30 popular online Games compatibility test

October 25, 2012, Microsoft officially released its next-generation operating system, Windows 8, in New York, USA. Windows 8 is a thorough innovation system that dramatically changes the logic of the past and provides better screen-touch support.   At the same time, the new system screen and the mode of operation of the changes also give the whole "PC computer" has given a new connotation. Windows 8 as a new generation of operating systems, its convenient operating system and more rapid speed, so that everyone wants to change the equipment experience. But for gamers, more ...

"Jin Dance Troupe": Set ambiguous play edge

Every reporter Xu Jieyun from Shanghai last week, the network game "Jin Dance Group" by CCTV "Focus interview" exposure, allegedly, the game because of encouraging the youth "one-night Stand", has been banned by the relevant regulatory authorities.  The daily economic news reporter found in a survey interview that although the game itself has no obvious pornographic content, but many experts and game users said that the game has become a large number of young players seeking a "one-night stand" platform. Industry insiders believe that China's online gaming industry should reflect on the balance between social and economic benefits, at the same time, the government's regulatory authorities increasingly strengthened, and related systems ...

Storage inventory: Ten worthwhile cloud deployments

Editing this list is like choosing the top ten Classic rock songs. There are always people who disagree with your choice, and there are too many good things to pick. What you choose depends largely on your personal preferences. But here on cloud deployments, I believe the following cloud deployments are the most interesting: 1. Internal Cloud upgrade Sales EMC is not just talking and not doing on the cloud. Within EMC's internal IT organization, the company is actively serving internal users in the form of cloud-based services. EMC has created a foundation for EMC hardware/software, Dell Servers, and VMware ...

Counting ten High-profile Cloud deployments

The concept of cloud storage has gradually taken root, and the following 10 cases of cloud storage will give readers more intuitive feelings. 1. Internal Cloud upgrade Sales EMC is not just talking and not doing on the cloud. Within EMC's internal IT organization, the company is actively serving internal users in the form of cloud-based services. EMC has created a framework based on EMC hardware/software, Dell Servers, and VMware to provide users with a virtual desktop through its cloud. However, EMC's intent is not to provide all services and applications through the cloud. EMC's model is for users ...

Have "Rong" is big: Docker container, 100,000 shop easy to host

"Editor's note" Shopify is a provider of online shop solutions company, the number of shops currently serving more than 100,000 (Tesla is also its users). The main frame of the website is Ruby on rails,1700 kernel and 6TB RAM, which can respond to 8,000 user requests per second. In order to expand and manage the business more easily, Shopify began to use Docker and CoreOS technology, Shopify software engineer Graeme Johnson will write a series of articles to share their experience, this article is the department ...

Online game players to jointly sue online operators network Dragon trial

Thousands of people "corps" encounter bizarre dissolution of the court hearing in China August 26, the country's first time because of the network game in the formation of the team met with a bizarre dissolution, resulting from a number of provincial and municipal players jointly sued the network game operators in Henan province Linzhou People's Court trial.  The plaintiff Song Jianghua as the leader of the team in the network game, was pushed by the game player as the representative, appealed to the Fujian Cyber Dragon Computer network Information Technology Co., Ltd. to restore the team formed by the plaintiff in the game, and compensate the plaintiff for the long-distance telephone cost of the defendant's negotiation process. 50 Yuan. 35 years old ...

77 Innovations of Internet Profit model (III.)

43. Network packages Most people don't like to learn new things, especially new technology, which is the biggest obstacle to the Internet. One of the main reasons is that from the Internet, website design to the site management needs to learn a lot of new concepts, new knowledge, new technology. For companies in China and the Asia-Pacific region, the situation is even more serious. But China and Asia-Pacific will be the net gold mine of this century! Using the minimum time and cost to build a commercial website is the basic concept of the current short-based network market! What happens when these two popular concepts collide? The result is the introduction of enterprise-oriented network sets ...

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