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Talk to the Wireframe - Stay extra time for wireframes

Note: heidi wrote this series of professional articles, does not say how much heidi doing well, on the contrary, whenever I found myself doing well or when I encountered problems, like to reflect on and summarize, but as previously developed Of the bad habits, leading to what I eventually write things like professional tutorials, which also led to some children mistakenly believe that I am a professional, in fact, is not true, I write is not necessarily a professional article (sometimes only shows so ), I just think this topic worth exploring, it is worth sharing, it is worth to continue their efforts only. So, please do not reprint everywhere. -...

Foursquare can be said to be the victim of the early hopes and impetuous coexistence of mobile internet

In a Saturday afternoon in March 2010, Foursquare, the 33-Year-old co-founder of Dennis Klauri, received visitors on a sandy beach in front of the Texas State Austin Convention Center, the 5th time he had traveled from New York to attend the annual "South-southwest" conference. At this time, a CNN photographer took hold of Crowley's arm and wanted to introduce him to a father who was old enough to be a gram laborer. Guests from the United States federal government, a newly formed department, the face of the eyes of the hair fluffy, wearing brightly colored sportswear, a pair of ...

The successful way of Internet entrepreneurship (10): Successful website Case Analysis (2)

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Successful website has the reference place, for the novice that involves the Internet to start a business, how to make the first bucket gold quickly through the construction station, understands and borrows the profit pattern of the successful website is very necessary. One, you can also be a successful webmaster two, play stocks of the stock City network three, car China to do the most practical car website four, CG Art Vanguard-cgfinal net above content can go to article "Internet Entrepreneurship Successful Way (10): Successful website case analysis ...

Analyze Internet page patterns and marketing opportunities

In the current era of internet prosperity, there is a lot of data showing a huge opportunity in the mobile Internet market: As of 2010, there were 5 billion handsets worldwide, 73% of the total population, and only 1.2 billion computers worldwide; in 4 billion of the world's mobile phones that are being used, There are 1.08 billion smartphones, accounting for up to 27%, and the number of third-party apps downloaded 30 million times per second, up to 347 a day, and as of April 2011, 900 million mobile subscribers in China, 3G users up to 67.57 million ...

Four key elements of mobile internet brand transformation

The mobile internet can be called an era, not because it created more information, but because it changed the information and people's two-yuan relationship, so that people become part of the information, thus changing the various relationships and structures of human society, and therefore will cause the whole social business model changes. The development of mobile Internet makes information more transparent, consumers in the choice of products will have more independent choice than before. User-led, products for the king, experience first, Word-of-mouth communication is the mobile internet age brand transformation of the four elements, together to see how this article is analyzed. Micro-letter ...

From 0 to 300 million, cosmetics industry millet in Weibo reverse attack

Wen/Yinore (micro-signal: Yibeichen) Company Team 100 people, 2013 gross income 100 million, 2014 estimated gross income 300 million, all the way to the top 20 Taobao cosmetics industry. The four founders, led by Li Wenxiang, were strangers in the 88, from the university during the micro-Bo intermediary platform to start the formal creation of the WIS brand, they have a micro-blogging social platform as their base, in the changing business world for their own place to win. I'm not good at depicting legends, it's for the dead. But such legends in the Internet era every ...

Social media marketing case for 3 car brands

21136.html "> Guide car brand Marketing We can always see a lot of creative and bright spots exist.  This time we chose a few different social media platforms, everyone, Sina Weibo, watercress more successful cases, and share with you. 1, Renren: Mobile app+ Activity Marketing-Volkswagen mobile phone app "Night Photo" This case is located in the young people who love nightlife, by encouraging the target audience through the app upload theme photos (nightlife photos), set the medal, get prizes. Target/goa ...

is 1 yuan "stick" insurance? What is the likelihood of a premature death?

~ Wen/Zhao occupy Liu Fuyin spend 1 yuan to pay less than 100 yuan vehicle parking fines? Yes, recently mobile phone app "OK Insurance" launched a special "stick insurance" service, owners need only mobile phone registration, fill in the license plate, car owners and other information, and spend 1 yuan to buy the service, when the vehicle parking illegally, through the app to pay fines, can be reduced by 100 yuan. The service was launched, unusually hot, the author also deliberately buy an experience. According to Zishi, the owner, the app now has more than 200,000 users. But, this kind of service is popular at the same time also quickly caused the society each ...

Sing it. Not fade: In the direction of the billion-level users

Sing it. App was launched last May 31. One time, Tencent vice president, micro-letter leader Zhangxiaolong to Barber, found that the barber is playing sing it. When he met, he asked Chen, did not see the singing bar advertising, in what way to cover such users? Chen reply, "Use product form to realize viral transmission". In the 2012, "China Mobile internet first Year", sing it to become a tens of millions of user-level tools social applications. Sing it. August 2012 over 10 million users, November over 30 million users. Chen said, sing now in to the billion-level user volume to the self-proclaimed "most fashionable mobile phone KTV ..."

Lean user Experience (UX): Getting rid of results-oriented work

Web pages (and interactive design, interface design, etc.) are traditionally executed on a deliverable basis. Frameworks, site maps, flowcharts, content lists, classification systems, prototypes, and specification documents (also known as "the Spec") help define the implementation of the site during its initial phase. These results form the metrics of a system's user experience. Over time, this deliverable-oriented design process has placed user experience designers in the delivery business, measuring and complementing the depth and breadth of their design results, rather than the quality and success of the user experience that was designed. Design ...

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