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Successful web site can be used for reference, for beginners of internet start-ups, how fast through the build station to earn the first bucket of gold, to understand and learn from the successful profit model of the website is very necessary.

You can also be a successful webmaster

Second, share the stock of the city network

Third, the automobile China makes the most practical automobile website

Four, CG art pioneer-cgfinal Network

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emerged female network with specialization direction

Website: emerged female network (

Type: Female information site

Webmaster: AO

1. Website reviews

With the increase of various types of Web sites, the deepening of the content of the site is the only way, in small areas of in-depth expansion is the development trend of the website. This review of the emerged female network (, is a professional website representative, the station was established in 2007, to women's life-related information for the main play, after more than a year of development, the site is currently the average number of independent access to 100,000 IP, browse volume (PV) More than 800,000.

2. Site positioning

Emerged network is a female-related vertical interactive portal, the site is committed to disseminating fashion information at home and abroad, focus on the needs of urban women netizens, leading urban women fashion life, to fashion information and communication.

3. Website feature and Promotion mode

"emerged" is a major feature of the network, the content of the emerged network is not the most complete, but you can see that every article has been carefully selected, the article title writing and content editing is also more professional.

Thematic planning is one of the soul and characteristics of the emerged network, emerged network after hot events or women are concerned about the topic will launch the corresponding topics, with a further selection of topics to improve the usefulness and readability of the article. The content of the project planning is more comprehensive, at the same time the page design is very pleasing to the eye, in line with the site audience's aesthetic tendency.

Figure 14

According to the webmaster, emerged nets and has not yet spent more energy to promote, nor specifically for search engines to do optimization. The main energy is also mainly to do content, do fine content, now every day tens of thousands of loyal users pay attention to the emerged network.

For content-oriented sites, select valuable articles, keep content updated, you can be very good to attract visitors. And for the female class site, the boudoir honey word of mouth, rely on word-of-mouth promotion, but also a good way to promote a website. Site by a number of professional navigation sites included, and recommended, which is one of the sources of traffic.

4. User Experience

(1) page and channel

Emerged network channel is very comprehensive, although the site's positioning tends to specialization, but in the professional division of very meticulous. Not only contains the female-related channels such as beauty body, clothing accessories and so on. There are also practical columns such as health channels and workplaces.

The contents of various channels are also more independent and fine, such as "jewelry" channel and "Body" channel, through the comparison of two page screenshots can be seen, page planning is a framework, but color and according to the type of channel for different collocation, so that the overall style of unity and yet inflexible. For the site of the audience female visitors, appears to be more original, can play to attract and retain the role of visitors.

In the content page of the website, the organization is very clear. And advertising is also in the inconspicuous position, pay more attention to the user's reading experience. The right side of the content page lists the latest recommended articles and hot articles to better guide viewers to read.

Figure 15

(2) Information and update speed

Because positioning in the professional female portal site, emerged network both in the amount of information and column refinement are dominant. Emerged network content mainly by the original editor, forum selection excerpts and some beauty products official information and articles reproduced, of which the original editor is the main source of information. Emerged network currently has more than tens of thousands of fine information, the average daily information update close to hundreds, and insist on updating the home page of the recommended articles as well as some pictures. According to the introduction, emerged a lot of content editing from the graphic designer, so in the editing of the article and processing pictures of the process, speed and efficiency are relatively high.

(3) member Exchange and interaction

The site's community forum is also one of the bright spots, integrating a lot of WEB2.0 elements, including music, friends, circles, space and other practical functions, every day a large number of users in the community to communicate. Forum channel is divided into: beauty, clothing, emotion, family and other 22 plates, is a hot discussion platform for women's fashion. Community also deliberately according to women's preferences and use Habits design template interface, so that the Forum interface more concise and warm, clear theme, attract and retain a large number of loyal female netizens.

Figure 16

5. Website Profit status

According to emerged webmaster, he believes that the market potential of female professional site is huge. At present, the main source of profit depends on the launch of various types of alliance advertising, and then gradually to put advertising between the channels of communication. It includes interacting with cosmetic manufacturers and making profit in the form of content cooperation with print magazines.

The deficiencies of the website

Although the emerged site column subdivision of the relatively complete, but some columns in the number of articles is relatively small, and can not keep content updated every day. According to the webmaster, because the site's frame structure is some huge, columns and various channels too much, which leads to the need for a large number of human and material resources to ensure that all channels are fully taken into account.

6. Webmaster Questions and Answers

Figure 17

At present, how is the operation of emerged network, ready to deepen development in the future?

AO: The site is based on personal interests and the ideals of the past to be able to go to today. With interest and faith is the main, but in the days to come, emerged network to become a team of each individual career, we all will strive to do this site, next we will intensify efforts to promote the site, and expand community development and add new concept elements.

The site is now a daily IP in about 100,000, PV up to 800,000, is not because of SEO good reason? In the promotion of what good experience and ideas.

AO: Emerged network does not specifically for search engine optimization, I personally believe that only the content is good, is the right way to attract more users. Emerged net visitor return is very high, the website traffic is a large part relies on repeat customer. In the future, emerged network will strengthen the content of other sites and cooperation, and also appropriate through the search engine to increase the intensity of promotion.

A specialized content website often needs to invest a lot of human and material resources, such as editorial team and technology research and development team choice, what good experience to share with the reader?

AO: As far as the current emerged website is concerned, the editorial team uses the company's own human and network-team complement. The company's editorial team seized a big head, handled and recommended those better articles, the company's editorial team of each individual specific to a certain channel, and data entry work has a network team to complete. And the company editorial team will submit daily work report records, in the process of the most critical is the two teams of close cooperation and institutional constraints. As long as this is done, the work can be arranged orderly. In the technical team, emerged hired are some of the more qualified programmers, coupled with my own former is to do the technology, so the webmaster are advised to read more books, learn more about technology. Because as a website operator, oneself also understand the technology, then your work efficiency will also improve. At the same time can also be good communication with the technical team, for the program features more considerate users to lay a good foundation.

What problems or detours have you encountered during the development of the website?

AO: Although the site's column planning is more comprehensive, but because of this, in the later update content is somewhat powerless. Even if you hire a large number of editors and set up an online editorial team, some sections of the site are still struggling to update.

So in this place I want to tell the friends who are building stations or preparing to build stations, in doing the site must first establish a point, first of their own this point to do, with a point to the radiant surface, slowly expanding their own strength, to avoid the beginning of the entire site to spread too wide. We have now found these deficiencies, so we are developing a new product library and to improve the functionality of the forum to make up for the current deficiencies in the content update, in addition to focus on adding original article entry. For this, we hope that the personal webmaster do not go our way, make such a mistake.

As far as I know, you used to be a technical site, to the current female portals, they are more specialized sites. In the site positioning, what experience to share?

AO: Speaking of emerged site positioning, our ultimate goal is to make him a professional female fashion website. But we are also looking at the concept of specific positioning. Because it is based on the user's behavior and preferences to position themselves, rather than requiring users to be accustomed to the positioning of our own settings. What we want is to give users the most favorite things, the most interesting things in the first time. So in the current situation, we are also groping, our experience is: more communication with users, in the habit and content of considerate users, so that there will be high viscous users. Only in this way can we occupy a place in our own field.

Can you disclose the profit model of emerged now and later?

AO: About emerged profit model, a lot of people are in suspicion, rely on advertising fee is certainly part of, but this is certainly not the main, in fact I think it is a vertical female site. Because today's girls like to go shopping, we all think that the prospects of the women's website profitability will be more difficult. In fact, we look at some of the domestic e-commerce sites are selling cosmetics is very good, they have to do the market is very mature, there are more and more girls started shopping online. Especially in recent days, many female netizens give us a message to ask us on the website of those clothes, cosmetics there can be bought. So in order to be more considerate for the vast number of female users, we will develop their own mall, in the information system to see some of the items will be directly in the mall can buy. As for the following specific business routes, because they have not started to do, so I do not say more, I hope that members give us valuable advice.


Emerged female network is an excellent female vertical portal to urban fashion women as the core audience, focus on women-related practical fashion information and the trend of topic exchange, combined with community exchange in one integrated female portal site. The site provides a timely and rich fashion information, for each woman to provide life, beauty, emotion, health, home and other areas of all-round fashion life elements, to the most accurate information services, leading the fashion life of urban women.

Special topic is a major feature of the emerged network, the editor of the emerged network should be the master of graphic design, and well versed in female psychology, from the content of the topic can also be seen by the editor carefully selected the content, the readability is very high.

The emerged network is doing well in the user experience because of the unique aesthetic needs of women and sensitive color induction, there are beautiful page templates, a brief introduction of the site column navigation, beautiful Web page images and so on will be the key to visitor precipitation as the core users, emerged network whole station tone soft and crisp, in line with the feminine aesthetic point of view. Plus the beautiful image processing produces a great visual impact, enhancing the reader's interest in reading.

Six, change the network experience DIY pictures of the fun

Website: map-changing network (

Type: Application class Web site

Webmaster: hu

Do not understand the image processing software, want to modify the picture how to do? Want to learn from scratch is too cumbersome, change Map Network is to provide online image modification tool Application class Web site, can be online picture generation operations, is committed to creating an intelligent, convenient Image tool class website.

1. Site positioning

Change Map Network is a picture modified as the core function of the tool site, the site has a large number of original picture material, as long as the typing, you can DIY funny, teaser, blessing and many other categories of pictures. Here you can make a variety of functions such as picture modification, online and from all over the country to change the master, can help modify the uploaded pictures, the site also covers entertainment, friends, community and other Web2.0 elements.

2. Website features

The biggest feature of the map-changing network is that it provides a richer picture template. And the image template also according to the category of classification, so that users can in the shortest possible time to find the template they want to find. Users want to change the image network to modify a picture is very simple, just choose their favorite pictures, and then just move the mouse, according to the instructions can be quickly changed, do not need to have professional knowledge.

In addition to self-help to modify the picture, the network also provides a free manual modification of the picture of the service: The picture will be revised submitted to the Forum, manually modified by manual, can meet the majority of users of the repair map needs.

3. Website Promotion mode

According to webmaster introduction, the site mainly through two ways to promote: First, Word-of-mouth marketing: Many members in the use of the site will tell other friends, some members will be the Web site to write their own QQ space, signature, these to the promotion of the site has brought great impetus. The second is the QQ group promotion: The webmaster has joined the loyal member to the website specially establishes QQ group, regular and they exchange, listens to the opinion and the feedback. Respect this group of early joined to the conversion network members, and they are using their own online popularity to promote the conversion network, bringing a group of new members.

4. User Experience

(1) Page channel

The site mainly by the conversion tools, topics, forum three channels, which in the conversion channels can be directly modified pictures, and in the topic of the site in the past for a theme to focus on the map. In the forum to change the map gathered a lot of loyal members, if you encounter difficulties in the operation, you can also post help posts here, as well as exchange some of the experience of mapping techniques.

(2) Information and update

Since its inception in December 2007, the website has registered a membership of 120,000. According to the webmaster, the site's planning is to achieve a daily at the end of this year to ensure that there are 1000 original pictures of the update to meet the actual needs of members of the general membership of the current through the production of a member of the picture is about 5,000 a day.

(3) Website evaluation

The website provides the modification function is very suitable for does not have the computer technology the novice to use, if wants to carry on the DIY to the picture, must also register first. Although the registration process is not troublesome, simply enter the user name and password can be completed registration, but for users, only to modify a few pictures need to register the words will be a bit cumbersome.

If the site is properly configured so that no registration can be made directly to the map, and registered users can save the modified picture, or provide advanced editing capabilities, so that the site's usability will be better. After all, there are many similar sites, without registration, you can directly change the map. If the change Map network limit registered users can be changed, will greatly reduce the competitiveness of other similar sites.

When the reporter registers the member, discovers a small problem: registration form By default, the password entered is displayed in clear text, although it can be set so that the Web page form does not display a plaintext password, but the security of the account is compromised. It is suggested that the network can set the display of the password to be invisible, which can increase the security of the user.

Figure 18

After the user registers the member, can begin to carry on the DIY picture operation independently. The homepage of the website lists a variety of different styles of picture thumbnails, in the modified channel page A total of 10 categories to modify the image of the classification, users can choose their own interest in the classification. It is only in the ointment that some of the information in the Web site lags behind, only according to the general picture categories for classification, and for some popular events, hotspots and other information is not classified. If the site can grasp the hot information, in the event of hot events, timely launch of the corresponding picture template, I believe that in a short period of time to gather a lot of popularity.

Figure 19

Figure 20

Figure 21

More user-friendly is that every picture produced in the site, you can see other people's comments on the picture, but also can know which netizens have also used the same pictures for DIY.

5. Insufficient website

(1). Picture template is not rich enough

The picture template on the website is not very rich, provide a limited number of templates, if the site itself can provide more picture templates, I believe it will attract more people.

(2) Less customizable

Although the user can DIY pictures, but the degree of customization is more limited, most pictures can only add some text to it. If you increase the customization of the picture on the basis of existing, the website usability will be better.

6. Webmaster Questions and Answers

Figure 22

What was the idea of doing a tool-type website, what inspired your interest in building the site?

Hu: I am a graduate student of design college and have been dealing with the picture design. After entering the Internet circle, found that many netizens around because they will not operate Photoshop and other picture editing software, resulting in the production of pictures and modify pictures. Look for me to make pictures of more and more people want to develop an online processing picture of the network platform, can make users very convenient to achieve the image processing, so think of making a Web site can be changed online.

Website at the beginning of the establishment, promotion should be the hardest, you are using what method to attract netizens to the site?

Hu: It is really very difficult to do at the beginning of the website, especially the website without funds investment is not easy to carry on the initial promotion. I think there is no shortcut to promote the site, only a down-to-earth step-by-step, the first site submitted to the major search engines, and not regularly submitted to a variety of social sharing sites, such as bookmark collection sites, Digg class sites.

The site brings together a lot of popularity when it comes to making promotional pictures for fans and game unions free of charge. We also adopted the way to promote the image, the site's pictures produced a variety of small stories or interesting articles, sent to the major forums and blogs, the picture has been added watermark, in the article reproduced in the process also attracted a lot of popularity. I think the most important point is the word of mouth, the site just established in order to retain members, I personally add everyone's QQ, and then communicate. See what the site has to offer and see what they have to say. From the visitors to understand the status of the site, can better grasp the direction of the development of the site.

The site has a lot of pictures of the original template, these templates are you do it, or rely on users to provide?

Hu: Picture of the original template one part of our own designers are original, of course, our ability is limited, creativity is limited. The site has a lot of fun and interesting pictures are provided to us by netizens, without the support of netizens, can not be seen in the change map to see such an interesting picture.

Now there are many sites to provide the function of the map, compared to these sites, what is unique to your site?

Hu: We know that the network is now popular online production of such web sites are mostly foreign, they basically do not support Chinese input, and for those who do not understand English, it is difficult to understand. And the change of Map network is completely in the culture, in addition to the changes in the picture can be entered in English, but also can be entered in Chinese. Of course, there are several such websites in China, but they are specific to a particular category of pictures for separate production, and we are integrated, such as the current popular network of posters, Non-mainstream signature map, flash map, webmaster pictures, network business cards, logo production tools we have to provide.

Feel your website member viscosity is relatively high, and everyone's participation is more positive. Have you considered organizing a number of change competitions so that you can better participate in the site?

Hu: That's a great offer, we're planning a change game. The activities are planned almost, and we are in the process of engaging in sponsorship and cooperation, and I believe we will see them in the near future.

As far as the current situation is, there seems to be no clear profit target for the change map. A website is difficult to maintain if it has no profit point. Have you ever thought about how to make a profit in the future?

Hu: Our website has not been profitable for the time being. But now get a large number of netizens affirmation, see the site can help many users to meet the need to modify the picture, this is our current insist on doing the driving force. For the site how to profit this problem, I believe that as long as the site has a huge flow will certainly be profitable.

Because of the special nature of the site, direct advertising effect is not very obvious, but I recently talked about a lot of manufacturers are interested in our website to do image advertising, in the near future will be in the map online to see special image ads.

The site function seems to be relatively simple at present, is there any intention to add some advanced image processing functions, rather than simply add text?

HU: Now the internet slowly to personalized development, comprehensive categories of sites now too much, we only intend to modify the image in this area to develop well. At present, in addition to the image can add text in the picture, but also can add pictures on the picture. The team is currently developing the function is also around the online mapping direction, our image processing function development or not depends on the member, have the member feedback their needs, we develop what. About to meet the function is to upload the picture can be in the original image below, this feature can be made into a good picture of the big head posts.

The manifestation of the internet has a variety of ways, we focus on the image field, I believe that the development of space in the middle is very large. The current Internet in the Picture field is very successful site is basically picture material, wallpaper, picture storage, and our site and they are different.


Now some online production of pictures, generate expressions and other tools such as the Web site more and more, in order to have a breakthrough in such sites, need to have their own characteristics to do. The change in the network from the popularity and provide the function of the look is not bad, but the feeling is still lack of some innovation. Because a variety of user needs are different, many users need not only simple picture modification, if the provision of some more advanced image modification features, the development of the site may be a higher level. I think that the site to further development, it is necessary to break through the existing bottlenecks, we must enhance the richness of the picture modification. If the network can change this part of the function to modify and improve, coupled with the existing popularity, I believe it will be able to stand out in similar sites.

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Seven, Vista house exists because of value

Viii. 8684 bus network for travel convenience

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