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False price reduction of digital appliance product inventory, sounded the alarm in your heart

Promotion is a kind of behavior that the businessman stimulates the consumer to buy, and urges it to reach the purchase and the common promotion without the gift, price, rebate, etc., for consumers, the amount of gifts, price range has become a measure of whether the value of promotion is more intuitive way, so some businesses to use and consumer information asymmetry , using a number of opportunistic ways to fool consumers, we refer to it as a false promotion, this false promotion of the practice of electronic business channels are particularly prevalent. We have selected several more representative of the false price of the digital home appliances products, to give everyone to knock a duties ...

The supply and demand change of the fire of the sea and the RAM

Abstract: Spot prices of international dram grains have soared today, according to industry insiders, the main reason is the Rexroth semiconductor in Wuxi, Jiangsu, the factory fire, causing the market to worry about the future supply shortage.   September 5 latest data show that international DRAM memory particles now international DRAM grain spot prices soared today, according to industry insiders, the main reason is that the company is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, the factory fire, causing the market to worry about the future supply shortage. September 5 The latest data show that the international DRAM memory grain spot prices have soared today ...

Millet 4 Low distribution access to the network license, price or less than 1799 yuan

NetEase technology News September 23, in the face of the strong pressure of the MX4, the recent news that the Millet plan will launch the flagship version of Red Rice, configured higher than MX4, and the price is only 1499 yuan, to save the Lost "price/performance" label. At the moment it seems inaccurate, at least not in a short period of time. The reality is that Millet has not been able to wait so long, directly in the existing Millet 4 body to do the article. According to the Ministry of Communications Equipment management official website information, September 22, millet application increased mobile 4G version of the 4 configuration information, increased 2GB RAM ...

Mobile Shopping Guide: HD screen + dual-core CPU hot-selling high-performance smart machine recommended

For those who like to watch high-definition movies on their mobile phones, the mobile phone besides the processor to give power, the screen display effect also plays a very important role, although iphone are very strong in all aspects, But its tiny 3.5-inch screen is really not fun, fortunately, the Android phone screen is big enough, and the resolution has entered the 720P HD era, can be a perfect display of 720P movies, browsing the web to play the game more enjoyable, the following editors recommend several with HD big screen hot-selling dual-core smartphone introduced to everyone, Be the entertainment party and don't miss it. First, hot-selling high-performance intelligent machine recommended —...

Lenovo V470A Promotions

Today, Lenovo V470a-ith (i3 2350M/2GB alone) notebook in the Amazon mall price dropped 100 yuan, compared to other dealers, the price of 400 yuan, very competitive prices. This model is a business model designed for business people. This notebook uses the Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 750GB high-capacity hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M standalone video card. Windows 7 Home Basic is also pre-installed.

517 operator Melee, copy "Electric Business War"

Taobao "Double 11" to promote inspiration, the three operators decided in the "5 17 Telecom Day" to organize a network shopping festival, launched the Electric Business promotion war. Zong Wanhua, general manager of China Unicom's E-commerce department, said May 15, Unicom to learn from Taobao, will be "5 17" to make the annual network of operators to buy big promotion festival.   Yesterday, reporters in China Mobile and China Telecom's official online see, its 5 17 network shopping festival preheating activities have been launched. Operator Melee "5 17" from May 17 to May 2 ...

Single-way Getting Started Tower server Dell T110 Promotions only 4900 RMB

Dell's PowerEdge T110 (Xeon e3-1220/2gb/500gb) Perfect fusion "> Price advantage, Reliability, Collaboration and data protection, positioning Small business, easy to build running applications and access data through any workstation, and control access to data encryption protector. At present, the merchant "Beijing Oriental Sen Technology Development Co., Ltd."

Huawei honors mobile phone announces 4 million glory 3C phones

Absrtact: Huawei Glory Mobile phone today announced its 4 million glory 3C mobile phone line, also released the Glory 3 C 4G version, 1G RAM+8GB rom price of 998 yuan, 2GB RAM+16GB rom price of 1298 yuan. Starting from today, open for sale June 5. In addition to the Glory 3C, Huawei Glory 3X sold Huawei Glory Mobile phone today announced its 4 million glory 3C mobile phone line, while releasing the Glory 3 C 4G version, 1G RAM+8GB RO ...

Millet officially released Smart TV, 47-inch version of the price of 2999 yuan

Abstract: In the Millet 3 mobile phone, Millet released its first smart TV, the main young man's first television concept, 47-inch version of the price of 2999 yuan, you can choose High-definition Cable TV set-top box. This TV hardware is equipped with the Gaotong MPQ8064 four nuclear ...

Ultra Low price HP Tower server Ml110g7 only 3900 RMB

HP ProLiant ML110 G7 (c8r00a) tower server, with Pentium Dual-core processor, standard 2GB RAM, SATA hard drive, 250GB capacity. Now there are distributors to promote this server, the price of 3900 yuan, interested friends can pay attention to. HP ProLiant ML110 G7 (c8r00a) product model tower type 4UCPU type Pentium Dual core CPU model Pentium G860CPU frequency 3GHz standard CPU number of 1 max CPUs ...

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