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Original speech recognition PowerWord Android version trial

New interface and speech recognition mobile phone translation software is one of the necessary applications in intelligent terminals, although it is not used frequently for most people, but it can play an important role in the critical time. Recently PowerWord mobile version of the Android platform on the launch of the latest version of the 5.0, the most obvious feature is more fashionable new UI, and the biggest feature is PowerWord mobile version of the first introduction of the current popular voice input function. Now let's try a new version of PowerWord Android. Kingsoft PowerWord Android version of the new interface and speech recognition PowerWord Ann Zhuo version of the UI has been a turn ...

Intel Speech recognition technology does not rely on cloud processing speed will be super Siri

According to foreign media reports, Intel's speech recognition technology does not need to be based on cloud processing and will be faster in response than Siri, according to executives. The problem with the current speech recognition system is that it's too slow. Anyone who has ever used Apple Siri or Google Voice search must have this experience, and sometimes even simple instructions require a user to wait a long time. The problem is not that the speech recognition software itself, the accuracy of such software can be said to have reached an unprecedented level. The problem is that speech recognition is still a challenging problem from a computational standpoint ...

I want to have an application: Speech recognition convert text app

TechWeb I want to have an application, every day need to find a idea, fun, interesting, we come together to regaling. Friends go out to travel, all the way to laugh and laughter, each to a scenic spot to use Talkbox live a live. Today suddenly Gtalk said to me, she suddenly wanted to put these days on the Talkbox on the live audio files are exported to the text post to their blog. Talkbox is not able to export voice files at this time, let alone turn the recording file into a text function. Speech Recognition Conversion text app (TechWeb ...)

Siri speech recognition capabilities will be greatly enhanced

Foreign media recently published an article saying that the neural network algorithm has become the mainstream technology, can significantly improve the accuracy of speech recognition, technology giants to make products and services more intelligent, such as Google's Android voice recognition and Microsoft SkypeTranslate. Only Apple Siri has not embraced the technology, but the company has acquired Nuance voice technology license, but also recruit a lot of talent in the field, indicating that the neural network boost Siri version is coming. The following is the main content of the article: Neural Network Everything started in Canada not ...

In fact, in addition to Facebook, and these big companies have acquired voice recognition applications

Facebook's acquisition of voice-recognition start-ups yesterday wit.ai a spotlight on speech recognition technology. The Wall Street Journal said the company's technology helped Facebook get more information for targeted advertising. But in fact, in the speech recognition of the market has been very fierce competition, Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Google has Google Now, the three it giants have launched their own voice assistant products respectively. Let's take a look at some of the voice recognition companies that these big companies have acquired: ...

Fingerprint recognition is subverting the world of "passwords and keys."

Log in to an app, when you're typing a more than 10-character password on a keypad, the next person is a little bit on the home button on the phone and it's done. Alipay consumption, when you are still in the graphics password, payment password and mobile phone verification code of a lot of breakthroughs, The person next to the fingerprint has been used for 2 seconds to complete the consumption; standing at the door of the house, when you are still in the bag for three minutes to find the key to open the door, the next door with a fingerprint password lock neighbors have been sitting at home drinking tea .... Fingerprint identification as the representative of biometric authentication technology, is subverting the "password and ...

Android 4.4 Kat Experience Results

In 2011, Google released the Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system, in which some of the design elements appearing in the tablet began to slowly migrate to the mobile phone. Over the past two years, we have witnessed a rapid upgrade of the mobile platform: the system has become more complete and has added some important new features, but we have not been waiting for the 5.0 version of the update. Google believes that the 4.x system is already a "mature" system-no need to develop new core features and design style, now engineers ...

Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" system detailed

Sina Mobile News Beijing time November 1 morning, Google published in Thursday Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" details. Google said that "Kit Kat" was designed around 3 areas, including "Next 1 billion" users, the concept of "smart" throughout the mobile experience, and the development of mobile devices for the future. Google says Android is 3 times times faster in emerging markets than in developed markets, but most of the Android phones in these markets still use the gingerbread system. Most of the handsets in these markets are low in hardware, such as mining ...

Android Universal player Cool listen to new version evaluation

Introduction: Cool Listening is the mobile version of cool Music box, because of the prominent online search function, and has a wealth of playback features, applications since its launch has been widely favored by the Android users. The Android client that I listen to today has been updated to the 1.3.3 version, which is just the launch of the anniversary edition, after a great development, you can say cool listen to the function has become more perfect, for this we also brought the latest version of the software evaluation, and users together to understand this cool listen to hear from the launch after the new what good function。 Cool listen to the anniversary edition ...

System contention can Android overtake Windows?

Competition between platforms is no secret let's take a look at the question from the skeptics ' point of view. One not-so-sure message says: By 2016, there will be 2.3 billion devices in the world using Android systems, and 2.28 billion devices using Windows. When we hear the news, most of us will be skeptical. Because we know that one person speculates that the likelihood of a platform product's future use to such a precise number is almost Nil. However, in this perhaps the most important week for Microsoft in nearly a decade, we have a problem that is worth ...

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