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The artificial intelligence technology, known for its machine learning, is now at a white-hot stage.

Ai technology, known for its machine learning, is now at a white-hot stage, as we have mentioned many times before. The technology is driving the development of computer vision, language recognition, and text analysis technologies for companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu, and has become the technology base for many start-ups (some of which have been acquired before the product is released). With the development of machine learning, these successes have received a lot of media attention. But what you're seeing is probably just a superficial phenomenon. Many studies are taking place in those non-large networks ...

Alibaba AI Labs Wang Gang Interprets "Tmall Genie" | GASA University

On November 14th, 2017 GASA University (GASA) Sixiang Class II, Professor Wang Gang, the chief scientist of Alibaba A.I. Labsoratory, explained the product of “Tmall Genie” and Alibaba’s breakthrough in human-computer interaction. At the same time, it also had in-depth exchanges with the students on issues such as commercial realization, convergence with the Alibaba ecosystem, user experience, large-scale commercial interaction of voice, competition and cooperation.

Wunda: Big data will eventually help the machine to have its own wisdom

Forbes website to join the Baidu Artificial Intelligence laboratory Wunda an interview. The article pointed out that the recruit Nawunda, reflects the Baidu hope that through the development of world-class technology, will itself to create the forefront of the world's innovative company vision. In the following interview, Wunda revealed how he will help Baidu achieve this vision. The following is the main content of the article: this May, Baidu in Silicon Valley, the establishment of artificial intelligence laboratory, and the Wunda into the under, named Baidu Chief scientist. As a Stanford University computer science ...

Demystifying the First Smart Speaker in Alibaba A.I. Labs - Tmall Genie X1

On the afternoon of July 5th, Alibaba A.I. Labs officially released its first smart device in Beijing, the Tmall Genie X1. According to reports, this product uses the Chinese semantic understanding engine independently developed by Alibaba A.I. Labs. The first generation of Chinese human-machine communication system AliGenie, and relying on Alibaba Cloud's machine learning technology to achieve smart home control, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, music playback and other functions.

What does big data bring to us?

First, the initial understanding of large data seems to be overnight, big data becomes one of the most fashionable words in the IT industry. First of all, big data is not a completely new thing, Google's search service is a typical large data use, according to customer demand, Google real-time from the global mass of digital assets (or digital garbage) ...

Future robot human crowd

Tencent Technology News British "Guardian" online version of Google recently published two co-founder Larry Page (Sergey Brin) and Silicon Valley to accept a well-known venture capital firm Vinod Kosley (Vinod Khosla) interview content. The two founders said in an interview at the same time that the two almost sold Excalibur to Excite, the Internet portal at the time, pointing out that the three major areas of healthcare, transportation and robotics will be the focus of Google's future business expansion. The following is an interview summary: In this release ...

Marty Cagan on the significance and process of product exploration

Navigation is an indispensable part of web design, and it is a quick way for site visitors to get the content they need. Navigation allows the hierarchical structure of the site to be clearly displayed in a structured manner and to guide users to find and manage information effortlessly, to deliver effectively. At the same time, navigation is generally located in the upper part of the Web page, but also in the Visual center area. While maintaining its reasonable function, a good navigation design can often become the crowning touch of the whole web design! A designer in the layout and overall planning Web page design, navigation is always an important element. We will think, navigate ...

Alibaba’s Computing Conference 2017 Live Updates

Alibaba Group Computing Conference 2017 focuses on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and more. Alibaba upgrades its operating system strategy to focus investment on the burgeoning Internet-of-Things (IoT) sector.

What are the top talent in the 2014 data industry? Fortune Picks 20 stars

Data is not just about dealing with a lot of numbers, it's going to have to build models, dig deeper, and look for information that might change the way companies operate.   I would like to introduce you to the top 20 large data fields. Pinterest data scientist Andrea Berbink Pinterest is a picture-oriented social network, with data scientists Andrea Berbink primarily responsible for the company's A/b test to assess how the company's Web site, app's appearance or function changes will affect its 60 million of global users. If P ...

Fortune picks 20 top talent in the big data industry

Author: Andrew Nusca,robert hackett,shalene Gupta Translator: Pak From: Wealth Chinese network large data not only to deal with a lot of numbers, but also to build models through these numbers, dig deeper, and look for those who are likely to change the way the business operation of information. I would like to introduce you to the top 20 large data fields. Pinterest data scientist Andrea Berbink Pinterest is a picture-oriented social ...

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