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Two articles on hard drive repair-page 1/2 of hard drive repair and data recovery

Document directory Author: Zhiming Having spent a lot of effort posting these two articles, I think it is worth it. I have encountered many hard drive problems with my computer for so long, and many problems have not been solved. What makes me very sad is that the loss of hard disk data is caused by humans. This kind of data is returned several times and I

How to transfer data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive

Buying a new hard drive solves the immediate storage space and can also help improve your computer system and rejuvenate your computer. However, before you transfer data from your old hard drive to your new hard drive, you need to

How to choose mobile Hard drive mobile hard drive how to look

How to choose mobile Hard drive mobile hard drive how to look First, capacity The current market on the mobile hard disk capacity from dozens of G to a few T (1g=1000g), the class is multifarious, the price from sell his grove block to thousands of yuan, the difference is

DIY the hard drive of the old notebook into a mobile hard drive

If the user changes his notebook and does not know how to deal with the old hard disk, the author will teach you how to use the hard disk of the notebook to DIY a mobile hard disk. 1. Hard Disk check When installing the new hard disk, you can use HD Tune to perform a physi

Win7 enable AHCI boost hard drive performance what is the hard drive AHCI mode?

In today's computer system, the performance of the hard drive has become the biggest bottleneck affecting the performance of the machine. In the WINDOWS7 system with high requirements for accessories, the hard disk naturally becomes the object that needs to be optimized, and by turning on the AHCI mode of the hard

5400-turn notebook hard drive and 7200-turn hard drive gap

The speed of the notebook hard disk is generally how much, 5400 turn notebook hard drive and 7200 turn hard drive gap how many, whether should upgrade 7200 turn solid state hard disk. Notebook original more than 5400 revolutions

West number hard drive is broken how is the warranty? West number hard Drive protection tutorial

distributor or agent, you can directly find its warranty. The use of the "City Express" service will result in some hard drive transportation and transportation insured costs.2. This warranty is only for hardware, but does not contain data in the hardware, so please confirm:(1) There is no useful data in the warranty hard dr

What is a solid-state hard drive stronger than a common hard drive?

  The difference between SSD and ordinary hard drive 1. Solid State hard drive to start fast, no motor speed up the rotation process. 2. Solid state Drive without head, fast random read, read delay is very small. According to the relevant test: two computers in the same co

What about computer hard drive lights flashing? Win7 system hard drive lights always flash

Win7 system users may encounter hard drive lights flashing phenomenon, what is the cause, what is the solution? The following small series to teach you. Use a win PE USB disk guide or CD-ROM boot into the PE test hard drive to see if there is a bad way. Description is not enough, then try antivirus, or into safe mode

If you want to use a mobile hard drive to install Linux without affecting your computer's hard drive, please verify the feasibility!

If you want to use a mobile hard drive to install Linux without affecting your computer's hard drive, please verify the feasibility! -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. Because one of my family would like to try Linux and often use Linux

What is the difference between a solid-state hard drive and a regular hard drive?

Advantage 1. Start fast, no motor acceleration rotation process. Advantage 2. Without the head, fast Random read, the reading delay is very small. According to the relevant test: two computers in the same configuration of the computer, the laptop with solid state drive from the boot to the desktop has taken a total of only 18 seconds, and the laptop with the traditional hard

Ghost the hard drive is missing, cannot start, and cannot find the hard drive solution

Today to help a friend to reload a notebook computer (ASUS x401a) operating system, is the Win7 back to WinXP, originally it, because of the emergence of ghost, feel that the system is a piece of cake, is going to end the fight in 30 minutes, so the rush to start. Start very smoothly, into the ghost, and then choose XP SP3. gho file, and then the original C disk to write the file cover, and then restart, everything seems to be in control ... Then the cup came. Copy the file to C after the rebo

Rookie learn the five graphic graphics hard drive, optical drive, floppy drive installation

Have you already mastered the installation process of the components described in the previous installments? Oh, very soon! This issue will also introduce you to the hard drive, the optical drive, as well as the floppy drive installed. If you do not understand the installation process, or have any questions, do not for

Why does a Windows 7 hard drive computer frequently make hard drive rotation sound?

More and more computers are equipped with dual hard disks. Generally, one of them is used as the system's primary disk, and the other is used as the storage disk. However, many users often hear that the hard disk is stopped and started. Why? In fact, this is the built-in hard drive automatic energy-saving function of W

How to set the primary hard drive and from the hard drive in the BIOS

The following methods are set up for master and slave drives in the BIOS: (1) In the BIOS Setup main interface, select the "Standard CMOS Features" option, press "Enter" button, enter the Setup interface. (2) To set the first hard disk as the primary disk, select the "User" option in the type (hard disk type) option in Primary Master and set mode (hard

The difference between a SAS hard drive and a SATA hard drive

SAS hard Drive, is a serial connection to the next generation of SCSI technology, the use of serial technology to achieve higher transmission speed, and by shortening the connection line to improve the internal space. SAS is a parallel SCSI interface that develops a new interface. Improves storage system performance, availability, and scalability, and provides compatibility with SATA

Can I use an old hard drive removed from my computer as a removable hard drive?

A few days ago a friend changed a new host, think that the hard drive to tear down a pity, so asked me, can be used as a mobile drive? The answer is yes, but we have to see if it's necessary. Below is a small part of the following several to do the mobile hard disk needs to consider the parameters of the situation, we

How to restore the fedora9 hard drive system to a small hard drive

How to restore the fedora9 hard drive system to a small hard drive-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information, the following is a detailed description. The company has a GB hard disk installed with the fedora9 i686 system. now I want to restore thi

Dual-drive dual-system, optical drive bit hard drive upgrade WIN10 considerations

Dual- Drive dual-system, optical drive bit hard drive upgrade Win10 PrecautionsThis article is followed by the previous article of the memo, the last time the dual-drive dual-system;http://blog.csdn.net/aaa123524457/article/details/47058437Of course, the two-

Unable to set CD drive bit hard drive boot, make dual Drive dual system boot Menu

The first two days to replace the CD-ROM drive, tossing a long time to fix the dual system, here Memo:The optical drive is broken, and there is a hard drive that was previously removed from the notebook and is going to be mounted on the drive:My notebook is Sony, that need to install to the CD-ROM

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