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MD5 encryption functions written in PHP

Functions | encryption MD5 encryption functions written in PHP PHP_MD5 ("string")Define ("Bits_to_a_byte", 8);Define ("Bytes_to_a_word", 4);Define ("Bits_to_a_word", 32);$m _lonbits=array (30);$m _l2power=array (30);function LShift ($lValue,

Implementation of RSA encryption and decryption in ASP

Encryption | Decryption article has two file composition, test.asp test demo file; clsrsa.asp implementation of RSA encryption and decryption of the VBS class file Here's the code: 1. test.asp REM Article title: Implementing RSA Encryption and

RSA algorithm based on private key encryption for public key decryption C # implementation

RSA algorithm is the first algorithm that can be used in both encryption and digital signature, and it is easy to understand and operate. RSA is the most widely studied public-key algorithm, from the proposed to now nearly 20 years, experienced a

Web page layout design: Using mathematical modulus for precise layout

Many mathematical formulae can be used in the design, for example, the common golden ratio is one of them. In the design layout of Web pages, we can also get the ideal composition ratio by precise calculation, this article will introduce the use of

apache1.3.27+mod_ssl+ Custom SSL Certificate

Absolute blue screen [Ihweb] (Huanghuatong) Apache 1.3.27+mod_ssl+ Custom SSL Certificate in my first article I introduced the use of FreeBSD ports to install easy, can more users use the OS FreeBSD or want to download their own original code to

Algorithm title: UVA 10306

Problem G E-coins Input:standard input Output:standard output Time Limit:10 seconds Memory limit:32 MB At the Department for Bills and coins, a extension of today ' s monetary system has newly been T fit the new economy better. A number of new

RSA encryption and decryption via the VBS class in ASP

Encryption | Decryption This article is composed of two documents Test.asp Test Demo file Clsrsa.asp to implement RSA encryption and decryption of the VBS class file Here's the code: 1. test.asp REM Article title: Implementing RSA Encryption and

Implementing RSA Encryption in

In our practical application, encryption is an important means to ensure data security. Before using ASP, data encryption can use the MD5 and SHA1 algorithms, these two algorithms, although fast and efficient, but can not be encrypted through their

Some algorithm ideas of large number processing in. Net

Algorithm In. NET development, sometimes because of the knowledge content of some marginal disciplines, such as statistics, finance, astronomy and other calculations, encryption and decryption algorithm will involve a large number of operations,

Make the perfect tiger with Maya

Using Software: Maya First, introduce Photos are always my inspiration, and I especially like the photographs of nature and wildlife, such as National Geographic, that are filmed in magazines. On a recent trip I went to South East, Asia, where I

Asymmetric encryption (4). NET Asymmetric Encryption Practice

Asymmetric encryption seems to be simpler than symmetric encryption in theory, but the details in practical applications are much more complex, in order to be understood from the very simple. NET, this section is a step-by-step understanding of the

RSA encryption solution that exceeds the 117-byte data error

Encrypt | solve | data A while ago to the Public Security Bureau to do the project, the use of public key encryption technology and symmetric key encryption technology. Information is encrypted through 3DES, and the key is routed through the RSA

Using asymmetric cipher algorithm to make the registration code of share software

Most of the Internet Share Software registration code (also known as serial number) is not very good design, more easily be cracked to make the registration machine. The following describes a method of making a registration code using a public key

PHP implements a method of automatically changing random greetings every day

This article illustrates how PHP implements a daily automatic transformation of random greetings. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Here is a predefined PHP array, there are some random greetings, call the

A function of encrypting and decrypting in ASP

Encryption | Decryption in the ASP encryption method has a corresponding decryption method does not seem much, now based on the predecessors of the data in the ASP encryption and decryption function Rsa.asp REM Encryption and decryption in ASP,

Configuration instance for Cisco router telnet and ssh telnet

Telnet remote Login Configuration 1, configure Cisco router login account, password, account level, as shown below, account name ABC, password for abc123, account level of 15 (highest level) R1#configure Terminal R1 (config) #username ABC

UVa 128 Software CRC: Modulus calculation and CRC cyclic redundancy check Codes

128-software crctime limit:3.000 seconds Http:// Problem&problem=64 You are work for a company which uses lots of personal computers. Your boss, Dr Penny Pincher,

Implementation of RSA algorithm under PHP

/* * Implementation of the RSA algorithm * (C) Copyright Edsko de Vries, Ireland * * Licensed under the GNU public License (GPL) * * This implementation has been verified against [3] * (tested java/php interoperability). * * References: * [1]

Java Arithmetic operators

Java's basic arithmetic operators are the same as most other programming languages. These include a plus sign (+), minus (-), Division (/), multiplication (*), and modulus (%, which gets the remainder from integer division). Integer division cuts

ZBrush Intelligent Topology Function introduction

Zremesher is a major evolution of zbrush® in the automatic reconstruction of topological tools, which brings the process to a new overall level. It produces a very natural polygon wiring by analyzing the curvature of the grid body. And it takes only

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