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NHibernate Tour (17): Explore the use of stored procedures in NHibernate (next)

The contents of this section Introduced Example analysis Supplements Conclusion Introduced Two, describes the use of the template provided by Mygeneration to create stored procedures and delete objects, create objects, update objects

Summary of methods for customizing functions in SQL Server

"Custom Functions" is our usual term, and "user-defined Functions" is a written version of SQL Server. SQL Server 2000 allows users to create custom functions, and custom functions can have return values. Custom functions are divided into:

Introduction to Oracle Data types

Defined in ORACLE8: scalar (Scalar), composite (composite), reference (REFERENCE), and lob four data types. (i) scalar (Scalar) The scalar type is the same type as the database column, and it has some extensions. It is divided into seven groups:

Data types for Oracle 9i

Oracle 9i provides a total of 16 scalar data types, as shown in table 7.4. Table 7.4 Oracle 9i scalar data types Name Meaning Char Used to describe fixed-length character data, length Varchar2 Used to

Introduction to type Constraints in PHP

This article mainly introduces the type constraint in PHP, PHP class methods and functions can be implemented type constraints, but the parameters can only specify classes, arrays, interfaces, callable four types, parameters can default to null,php

"PHP program Design," the fifth chapter in midfield one: database connection

The fifth chapter in midfield one: database connectionThe first two chapters are focused on the PHP language, and now stop to start creating an application. In this chapter, you will create an application that connects to the MySQL database.After

DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer Certification Examination 735 preparation, 3rd part

Before you start About this series These six DB2 SQL Procedure Developer Tutorials Discuss all the basic constructs and methods of SQL procedural Language, and explain how to use SQL procedural Language in stored procedures, UDF, and triggers.

Phplib class Chinese detailed

/** Phplib Template 7.4 Chinese version (the deficiencies also please correct me)* (C) Copyright 1999-2000 netuse GmbH* Kristian Koehntopp* Peng Zanqing notes in June 2004, qq:9537075 tel:13787877670**//* Here is the

VBScript Basic tutorial of the four VBScript variables

vbscript| Variables | Basic Tutorials What is a variable? A variable is a handy placeholder for referencing a computer's memory address, which stores program information that can be changed when the Script is run. For example, you can create a

Hey, Oracle, "1."

Sequence In order to write stored procedures in the work,. At the same time, I'm going to write a study note on "Mastering Oracle 10g Pl/sql Programming" (Water Conservancy and hydropower). Can you write all this: Data Query Language--select Data

PowerShell Big Impression Series 3 FAQ, the truth? Add

This article is mainly to put some PowerShell often make people feel not accustomed to the place, and some internal treatment of the way to introduce. Learn a high-level language, often by its convenience, let you feel foggy, but I like the reason

Consumer All-in-one screen backlight related voltage measurement manual V3.0

Knowledge Point Analysis: Consumer All-in-one screen backlight related voltage measurement manual V3.0 Scope of application: 1. This manual is suitable for the host to add the Self-Test normal, but black screen, no backlight, backlight weak,

ASP Introductory Tutorials-vbscript basic elements

VBScript data type VBScript has only one data type, variant, called Variant type. Varriant is a special type of data that, depending on how it is used, can contain different categories of information. Because the variant is the only data type in

12th Chapter-Exception Handling and program debugging (III.) (2) Watch Expression The Watch List window (Watch list windows) Displays the value of the current watch expression in the program's run. Select view| Watches can open the Watch List window. The most convenient way to add a watch expression

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: User-defined functions

In addition to using system-supplied functions, users can also customize functions as needed. User Defined functions is a new database object for SQL Server 2000 and is a great improvement for SQL Server. User-defined functions cannot be used to

JDBCTM Guide: Getting Started 4-statement

4-statementThis overview is quoted in the book Jdbctm Database Access from Javatm:a Tutorial and annotated Reference. JavaSoft is currently preparing the book. This is a tutorial, as well as an important reference manual for JDBC, which will be

SQL Server Work Tips

1, isnull (); function In SQL Server, you often encounter fields that are null, and you can use the IsNull () function to make judgments; eg: Select IsNull (table_column, ' Test ') as column from Table This statement means that the field

Flash 3d Effect Wonderful example--mouse 3D sensor

Induction | Mouse flash in the field of 3D applications is very broad, flash can be very easy to make some wonderful 3D special effects, and many effects can respond to the mouse action, this example is a mouse 3D induction effect, by moving the

T-SQL query Advanced: deep understanding of subqueries

Introduction SQL has a very powerful and flexible way of querying, and multiple table join operations can often be replaced with subqueries, this article will cover all aspects of subqueries. Brief introduction A subquery is essentially a

Making materials in WPF: A contest between picture and vector graphics

If you want to do one of these things as a background. How would you do it? Figure 1. Target background effect Plan one, use PS to draw out. Then take the PNG picture as the background color. This scheme can be, but what if you want the color of

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