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Probing Linux DNS server health

In a Linux environment, a widely popular bind server is provided, which is the most common server software for building DNS servers. Introduction to the installation of bind now a lot of articles, now we will talk about the maintenance of the topic.

Parse how PHP writes logs into syslog

This article is the PHP in the log into the Syslog method for a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends under the reference In doing the project in order to facilitate operation,

Configure the Linux FTP server to log FTP transmissions

Use the following procedure to set up FTP for logging: 1.# Cp/etc/inetd.conf/etc/inetd.conf.bak 2.# vi/etc/inetd.conf Edit the FTP line as follows, with the-l flag added at the end: FTP stream TCP6 nowait root/usr/sbin/ftpd ftpd-l 3.# vi/etc/sys

Router Log analysis and setup

Logs are important for network security, and he records a variety of things that happen every day in the system, and you can use him to check for the cause of the error or the traces left by the attacker at the time of the attack. Routers are a varie

Classic: 10 Important PHP Network Information function description

PHP is so tightly integrated with Web pages that it's easy to forget that the language can also be used to perform other functions--Data encryption, window application and interface programming are three examples. Since network programming is the mos

How to make a floppy disk version of Linux system Firewall tutorial

Linux under the Firewall (firewall) from the birth to the present, the firewall has experienced four stages of development: the first stage: the firewall based on the router, the second stage of the user Firewall tool sets; Phase III: A firewall buil

Construction of mvc4+ef5+easyui+unity2.x injection background Management system (11)

System log and exception handling ① System needs to be more and more automated, we need to introduce logging and exception capture The Administrator's action record needs to be recorded to see which modules are frequently manipulated, what are the

Linux Delete special character Fu Zhengwen garbled file method

Mark a moment. [Root@lvsmaster ~]# LL Total Dosage 44 Drwxr-xr-x. 3 root 4096 May 29 07:26 " -RW-------. 1 root root 1372 May 07:37 anaconda-ks.cfg -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 18796 May 07:37 Install

CISCO PIX Firewall and network Security Configuration Guide

With the development of the international interconnection Network, some enterprises have established their own intranet and connected with the Internet through a dedicated line. In order to ensure the security of intranet, it is necessary to use dedi

Linux under the schema log server

One: Principle: Logging is important to the security of the system, which records a variety of things that occur on a daily basis, which users can use to check the cause of the error or to look for traces left by the attacker. The main function of t

CISCO PIX Firewall System Management (2)

Third, using DHCP (using DHCP) The PIX firewall supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers and DHCP clients. DHCP is a protocol that provides automatic configuration parameters to an Internet host. This protocol has two components:

Shell scripts periodically empty log files larger than 1G

This article mainly introduces the shell script to empty more than 1G log files, this article directly gives the implementation code, the need for friends can refer to the following A question about

Discussion on security protection of Linux system

Whether you're a regular Linux desktop user or a system administrator who manages multiple servers, you're faced with the same problem: a growing variety of threats. Linux is an open system that can find a lot of off-the-shelf programs and tools on t

Switch Security Six

How to filter the user communication, secure and effective data forwarding? How to prevent illegal users and ensure the application of network security? How to carry out safety network management, find out the security of illegal users, illegal acts

Issues to be aware of when configuring Dell switches

This is my original, mainly for their own in the process of using the Dell switch to appear and solve problems. These problems are almost always unresolved by Dell engineers, so I have a long-standing opinion about Dell support Services, and I hope

CentOS Common Service Detailed explanation

Acpid power management by suspending unnecessary equipment, reducing the frequency of the CPU or other methods, can reduce the energy consumption, achieve the purpose of saving electricity. APMD--APMD is used to monitor the power state of the system

Chroot Limitations of PROFTPD

PROFTPD. How does conf change? I want to restrict different FTP user to read and write in his own directory, other directories are not readable and writable. Please help a bar!! Please take a look at this configuration file wrong there: (FTP USER an

Windows-based green version of the syslog logger collector: Sysloggather

Really can't remember where to download the SyslogGather.exe, but my "unfinished files", there is such a file, see the name to know, is related to syslog, open the interface is very simple: We can see that SyslogGather.exe is actually a green vers

c connection to MySQL instance

MySQL today to the new colleagues to do MySQL training, the use of an example: Connect database test username root password ABC In the inside there is a username table, describe username results are as follows Mysql> describe username; +----------

A solution to memory leaks caused by misuse of logging modules in Python

A solution to memory leaks caused by misuse of logging modules in Python This article mainly introduces to solve the memory leak caused by the misuse of logging module in Python, because of the probl

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