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Keywords SEO in one analysis such as acne products competition degree

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For an SEO project, success is largely based on the right choice of keywords. If you choose a word that is less competitive but less relevant, it doesn't have much effect even if you get the flow. And if you choose a highly correlated word with unusually high competition, it's hard to make a profit in the short term. There are many ways to judge a keyword, if you just use one of them, there will be a very high error rate. Based on this, the following author to "Acne products" this keyword as an example, talk about how to interpret a keyword competition.

One: Analyze the number of search results

When we find a keyword, we can search the word to get some data from the search results. We can use the search results can only give the number of information to analyze, if the number of search results is very high, then we can roughly say that the word has a high degree of competition. For example, we use Baidu search "acne products" search results are as high as 25,190,000, we can roughly judge the competition of this word is not small. But at the same time we also need to note that there is a certain amount of error in the judgment of this method, for example, I search for "Good morning," a word that has no commercial value, and there are 5,190,000 search results. Therefore, this means can only be used as a general assessment.

II: Using the intitle directive

Using the intitle instruction is less error than direct search because we know that if we search the word directly, as long as the word is included in the page, the general search engine will incorporate the page into the search results, and this page may not be related to this keyword. For example: "National Day" the word, sentence 1: National Day holiday, the entire full package mail. Sentence 2: Beijing Olympic bid successfully, nationwide celebration. The words "National Day" exist in all two sentences, but the fact is that the meaning and usage are different. The word "National Day" in sentence 2 is not the central word of a sentence. We can exclude this part. We use the instructions on the search engine "intitle: Acne Products" found 593,000 results, compared to the above methods to obtain data, using this method to obtain data will be smaller and more accurate.


Third: Interpreting the number of bid promotion in search results

The main way to search engine profit is to advertise, and the words that have commercial value and high competition will be promoted in the search results. In the same way, we can analyze the degree of competition according to the quantity of these bidding advertisements. The following figure shows the "acne products" of the word search results of the auction ads.


Baidu's search for a few more in the promotion of links to the largest number of 16, and we can see the search results of our keywords There are several bidding ads, if the higher the number of proof of competition is higher. And we see "acne products" this keyword search results page content and the sidebar of the 16 advertising positions are full, then you can say that the word competition is very high, if you intend to optimize the word, it is necessary to think twice.

Four: Read the words your competitor makes

Is the so-called enemy win, in the SEO industry, although the competition is fierce, but 8630.html "> sometimes competitors can also help you." Especially in the choice of keywords, we can analyze our competitors keyword selection, the words they are doing into our reference data, which will be good for us to save time for analysis.

V: Analysis of keyword search results in the home page and the ratio of the pages

We are in the analysis of a keyword competition can also analyze this keyword search results in the first four pages of the page and the ratio of the first page, you can say so, if the four pages in the ratio of high, then the word competition is low. Conversely, if the home page is a lot, then the competition of the word is very high. Because the weight of the home page is higher than the internal pages, if the proportion of the page is high, then it can be explained that the word is very good, competitive degree is very low. We also take the word "acne products" as an example to look at the top four pages of the search results in the page and the ratio of the homepage, we found that the first four pages are basically the first page, we can judge that the word competition is very high.

Hear, Shinze. Hope that by five methods can help you find more accurate keyword, win seo this battle. This article by the Acne products Philip website, reproduced please retain the source.

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