CN Domain Name Registration Volume Breakthrough 5.3 million leaped ccTLD world third

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Yesterday read a report "CN Domain name Registration Volume Breakthrough 5.3 million leaped ccTLD world third." Another related report is: China. CN domain name first Super. COM an average of 25 people per person. I would like to add some of the status quo, I think you can understand what I want to say!

Current about the CN domain name and domain name related status:

1, CN domain name does not allow personal registration, once verified for individual registration immediately delete the domain name. The rule is to "protect corporate trademarks from being registered".

2, the domain name industry there is a large number of domain name speculation, which members from individuals to specialized companies have registered.

3, CN domain name currently registered price of 1 yuan/first year.

4, most of the domain name service providers conceal personal users, and support individual users register CN domain name. And a large number of individual registered domain name publicity, such as blog domain name, baby domain name, mailbox domain name and so on publicity activities. The main user of the blog is the individual, the infant of course can only be an individual, these activities are clearly contrary to the provisions of CNNIC.

5, the domestic enterprise's CN domain protection consciousness is weak, many CN domain names have been registered.

6, 5.3 million domain name at least 30% of the domain name point to the page is the Domain name Parking page or domain name Sales page, rather than the normal use of state! These domain name list only needs to login,,, and so on these domestic well-known domain name.

7, 5.3 million of the number, domain name registrars have a domain name of at least half of the number, professional registration companies or individuals can be 5000 per person, amateur individual registered average can have more than 100, I have more than 130, and my classmates have more than 200. And we're just amateurs.

With these things above, I would venture to analyze:

First, the CN domain name does not allow individuals to register the original intention is very good, however, it seems that there will be a special domain name registration agencies such as: Beijing National Network, the name of the rich network, resulting in a large number of these enterprises to rush the CN domain name without legal sanction, the individual domain name registrars once registered a good domain name, The next thing is to remove the domain name and the company will not, because they are legal registrars, individuals are not.

Second, the current large number of domain names in the hands of a small number of professional perpetrators, and once the hands of these people, the domain name at least to be sold in the thousand-dollar calculation. In addition, the meaning of the CN domain name resources have dried up, if I need to open a company or start a website, want to find a good domain name is too difficult.

Third, in addition to professional registration companies, the company registered CN Domain name is still relatively small, so the registrar of the market aimed at individuals, especially college students, such as million nets, new nets, etc. have been for college students to give CN domain name publicity, led to many individuals in the name of personal registration, once these domain names are reported will be deleted, The interests of registered persons are not protected.

Four, 1 Yuan registered CN domain name activity, the biggest beneficiary is actually the domain name registers the person. Because this greatly reduced their cost of registration, previously registered a CN domain price can now register 50. Another, resulting in a large number of domain names into the deserted state. To to see the domain name, most of them are in the parking state, the domain name is not really used up.

I hope that the cnnic should not be able to register the name of the CN domain rules to remove, stop 1 yuan Storm action.

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