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Many people say that it is difficult to do a good station, especially a good station with flow. Indeed, it seems impossible to make a good stop if you don't spend your mind on it and don't know how to stick to it. But at the same time, there are many people said, my station can be rubbish, what content is collected, the engine included the situation is not how, but I have a lot of traffic, I am a good station. In fact, in my opinion, as long as there is a flow of stations, are counted well stations. No matter what you are doing, the flow is not only the proof of the strength of the site (of course, brush out not counted, despise brush flow!), with traffic there will be no one to deny that you are a good station.

But the same is to do the station, some people study to study to always not on the flow, and why someone is gently loose flow over million? Where do they come from? Is it really easy to create traffic? Well, today I'm going to talk to beginners about the experience of using the home page to attract big traffic, Maybe it will help you a little bit.

Novice may have been listening to the old birds said "xx keyword how hot and hot, XX keyword can bring how much traffic." "But it's always about where the old birds come from," he said. And these keywords can bring over how much traffic. The so-called keyword, is not only the user through the engine input corresponding vocabulary to find the relevant content, and the site by guessing, judge the user may use the vocabulary to adjust their site title, so that users can be retrieved from the engine and generate traffic.

And we know that the site is included in the engine needs a cycle, may be the same day, it may be a week, or even six months. And the engine included the first page will often be home, then why is the home page? Because the home page in the engine default weight is the highest, so, reasonable planning the key words in the homepage, the engine included your first page can bring traffic is our focus today.

So how can the home page quickly by the engine included and can bring traffic? Please listen to the following:

1, the volume of the home page. Homepage try to keep below 50K, imagine a bloated home page let engine spider crawling up is how difficult. Personally think that the simplest way to reduce the volume of the home page is to remove all the picture content, replaced by the plain text of the home page. Pure text to the engine is simply delicious, any change in text, the engine will be interested in it, thus speeding up the home page is included.

2, the page typesetting problem. If the simple SEO optimization, may be novice and I said that the fog, here on the popular to say how to arrange the first page of each column. First of all, in the navigation bar requires a secondary navigation, the so-called secondary navigation can add some calendar code, weather code, to add a collection, set as the home page label, remember, each text label must add a description, description can be your site's keywords. Next to the navigation bar, the navigation bar strongly recommends that you continue to use plain text, also in each category to add a detailed description, preferably some long tail keywords.

The following is the content of the partition, the section is still the text route, in each partition head to keep links to the interior of the link, and the link will still be added with a keyword description. It is worth mentioning is the bottom, the top and bottom of the first page is the most important, some key words to build, many times to rely on the top and bottom. For example, at the bottom of your site to join the copyright information, you can write a brief statement, and this statement you as far as possible to join your home page A few keywords, do not be afraid, the engine will not because you in this position added keyword and punish you. Of course, be modest!

3, focus on, since we have to rely on the first page to traffic, of course, is the choice of keywords. If you don't know what a keyword is, please use the identity of a user to search for what you are interested in, and then look at the title of someone else's site is how to write you understand that the title of the other people have you look for the content, yes, that is the key word.

For keyword selection, the individual does not recommend what the so-called SEO tool, through the content of your website, you put yourself in the user's perspective to think about what kind of words your users will search you, if you are the industry station, and is relatively unpopular industry station, so congratulations, You just set you think the user may search the word for the title can get a good ranking, because it is very unpopular, perhaps only you are doing, do not underestimate these unpopular words oh, maybe users are accustomed to this search.

If you are not the industry station or the same type of site with you too much, it is necessary to listen carefully below. First of all, through the Baidu index http://index.baidu.com/to find the relevant hot keywords, the same from the user may search the vocabulary, has been looking down, find 3 index in 3000-5000 words set the title of the first page, keyword and keyword can be used between "," Separated。

Many people say to do is to do tens of thousands of keywords, yes ah, novice, you let him do tens of thousands of keywords, they can not even walk, you call others fly ah? So it's challenging for beginners to choose the key words for the 3000-5000 index.

4. Attention matters. Beginners can not be impatient, the choice of key words must be cautious, do not think today to revise, tomorrow think of and revise, we must seriously consider the comparison after that is the case. The engine will despise you if you change it. It should also be noted that many novice webmaster like to give their own site to make a unique name, such as "XX Hut, xx paradise", ask you a nameless station just on line, who will go to this search, so, please avoid the novice webmaster personal fantasy, really put the key words to the first page UP, Don't write down what's in the title.

This operation, a small volume, plain text, with the optimization of the first page was born. Then you can leave a message on the forum, or publish the form of the article to promote your home page, while exchanging some links are also necessary, in exchange, you must use your website keyword as a link description, do not make any "xx hut, XX Paradise", will be people jokes.

In general, the home page will be included after the flow of production, but the size of the flow depends on your chain of friends in the late construction of the chain is strong enough, do a good job, flow is absolutely not less. As for the new person said so that the home page does not come to traffic, then you really need to find a problem from their own, whether the intention to do the station.

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