From mechanical loss to oil-free 0 friction Haier maglev air-conditioning leading industry double durability

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All along, mechanical friction loss is the biggest obstacle to the energy-saving effect and service life of central air-conditioning, and in the country and industry are actively pursuing the trend of energy-saving and emission reduction projects, how to reduce mechanical friction loss, improve energy-saving effect, it becomes the central air-conditioning industry needs to solve the problem. Haier, as the industry leader, pioneered the innovative research and development of the magnetic levitation central air conditioner not only solves the bearing friction, realizes the zero friction, the energy saving electricity 50% effect, also subverts the foreign brand in the domestic market technology monopoly, causes the Haier central air-conditioning to become the user energy-saving preferred brand. Innovative maglev technology to achieve zero friction low energy consumption since the 2013, "innovation-driven" has become the focus of industry development, especially as a large power consumption, maintenance of high cost of central air-conditioning industry, more need to have innovative technology injection, in order to improve energy efficiency and service life. "The annual maintenance costs are a small amount of expenditure, not to mention the electricity bill, the installation of a more energy-efficient central air-conditioning is necessary." "Henan Zhengzhou Kai Fu Jianguo Hotel related to the responsible person told reporters, Haier Maglev central air-conditioning, only the electricity costs for him to save 50% of the expenditure." Reporter learned that Haier maglev air conditioning using the maglev technology, and people know the principle of maglev train is similar to the compressor can operate in a suspended state, will not produce any friction, not only to solve the unit due to mechanical friction caused by the loss of parts, but also the energy efficiency and operational stability of air-conditioning greatly improved, Energy-saving effect than ordinary product solutions increased by 50%, and the service life is extended to 25, is the general product twice times, a maglev product is equal to four ordinary centrifuge product use effect. In addition, according to Haier Central air-conditioning research and development staff introduced, due to the adoption of a 380V universal power supply and 2-ampere flexible pressure-free start, Haier maglev air-conditioning installation without the need to apply for a separate 10KV power supply and soft starter, which not only eliminates a large amount of ancillary equipment construction funds, but also shorten the application for approval construction and increase the time cost. Take the lead in implementing the innovation drive, leading the industry development trend the growth of enterprise market sales is always inseparable from the innovation of technology and the grasp of users ' needs, and the growth of Haier central air-conditioning is closely related to the innovation and development of new technology. Haier Maglev central air-conditioning not only solves the common central air-conditioning caused by high energy consumption, high maintenance costs of the problem, but also for the global HVAC industry to provide a new technology application, subversion of foreign-owned enterprises monopoly, become a maglev industry leader. "Innovation has been the central air-conditioning leading the industry development trend to meet customer energy-saving, maintenance-free and other practical needs of the important factors." According to the Haier central air-conditioning related person, is based on the concept of starting from the customer needs, 2006 Haier launched the first domestic maglev central air-conditioning, and has always been in the domestic Maglev air conditioning innovation in the first place, Haier has become the maglev central air-conditioning product model of the most complete industry enterprises. The industry experts said that 2013 is the national Energy conservation and emission reduction Twelve-Five plan implementation important year. Haier central air-conditioning not only pioneered the implementation of innovation-driven development warBriefly, accelerate the transformation of industrial structure, and the magnetic levitation technology has laid the status of the industry, will become the 2013 central air-conditioning market trend.
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