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Keywords SEO Realm believe three talking

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Believe that many of the people who do the optimization every day are concerned about the site's main keyword rankings, but also as far as possible to find a better long tail keyword to obtain traffic. These are the processes that every successful optimizer has to go through, and as experience accumulates, we tend to find many shortcuts to optimization. For example, we can use competitors in the same industry to get long tail keywords, or with some optimization tools. But I think the highest level of optimization does not say that our keywords, long tail keyword has a good ranking, get how much traffic. The highest realm is the key words of the independent creation, today the author through the use of three successful examples to talk about the highest level of SEO to create keywords for themselves.

Keyword one: beautiful say


Baidu Index: 83635, can have such a brand keyword has such a high index of E-commerce site presumably not a few bar, beautiful said business model like Taobao, through the promotion of Third-party E-commerce Site Commission Commission. Nowadays, more and more domestic Taobao guest site, mode is also a wide variety, there is a return network mode, there is a single page mode, there are API patterns, etc., but can make a lot of money Taobao Guest site is not much, most of the Taobao guest webmaster sigh is to earn "pocket money". And for beautiful said this site we have to say is Taobao guest industry a myth. and its highest level of SEO is to create their own site keywords, we use webmaster tools to query Its main keywords can be seen, ranking the best flow of the most keywords are created by themselves.

Key words two: SEOWHY


In the domestic optimization industry, if you do not know seowhy, or the teacher is a little out. and seowhy The keyword is also its own creation. We can see that although seowhy this keyword Baidu index and no "beautiful said" to the scary, but Baidu Index is based on Baidu's Daily search volume, the teacher's seowhy forum in the "SEO" this keyword Baidu ranking has been in the top several, and can maintain a few years. Seoer know that it is difficult to stabilize the rankings, especially the competitive keywords. "Beautiful said" the reason is so high Baidu index, I think also and the recent "hype" related. Baidu News A search Sky related news ah, but this keyword Baidu index should also drop down.

Keyword three: admin5


For the ADMIN5 webmaster Network, presumably many people are very familiar with, whether the webmaster or optimization personnel are basically every day on the site, in the ADMIN5 read articles, write articles and so on. Admin5 certainly did not have this first keyword, but now we look at Baidu Index found already, also become a new keyword. In fact, there are many examples, such as: Chinaz, Mushroom Street in Baidu Drop-down box.

The above three listed sites are brand sites, you can say a brand site, its key words on behalf of the brand awareness. As there is a sentence: "To do a good job in the brand must first become a brand person." "Of course for a site to create brand words is not a two-day thing, the need is perseverance." As our seoer, we need to move forward towards this goal.

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