How to learn the "moving marketing" of Liu Bei in Three Kingdoms

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The Three Kingdoms are very familiar with Liu Bei, although Liu Bei is not much of the Vullo, but he used to move marketing won a lot of lofty. Now do move marketing enterprises are gradually increasing, but the effect is not very good, there is no very successful moving marketing cases. From the Three kingdoms of Liu Bei's moving marketing, you can find that such marketing is highlighted in small things.

1, moving Marketing Cottage

Liu Bei's cottage story is very well-known, this is also Liu Bei moved marketing case most well-known. In order to get Zhuge Liang this wizard with him to conquer the Earth, he condescend, again and again to please Zhuge Liang, with sincerity to really let Zhuge Liang greatly moved, determined to devote his life to Liu Bei. In the current marketing, not that you have to visit customers how many times, Liu Bei is not because of the number of visits moved Zhuge Liang, but sincerity touched him. So in the future in the lottery sales system product marketing, we also need to come out in good faith, with the quality of products, our services to impress customers, this is to impress customers the most real way.

2, moving the marketing of the enemy as friends

When Liu Bei was doing the plain phase, a man named Ping Ping sent an assassin to assassinate him. Liu Bei did not know, but as a general friend of the hospitality, so a bowl of dinner, a mat on the chat, the assassin was moved to the wrong. The assassin finally told him the truth: "I actually came to kill you, but you are too good for me, I can't." "Assassins, most of them are no joy, no sadness, heartless people, can move this kind of person, visible Liu Bei's moving marketing is how to do it!"

Such cases used in my lottery sales system product marketing, my idea is this, in our customers are not lack of picky, difficult people, but such a customer is not an enemy, but for such customers we need to use our first service to impress him. Moving marketing is widely used in service. Customers in consulting our lottery sales system, we have to hold customers abuse me million, I treat customers such feelings as first love.

3, moving marketing Gai

Liu Bei, another highly praised, people moved the characteristic is to have lost his wife and children countless times, but also to take the brothers and people. This is the typical selfless, self-sacrifice! I do not care whether this is Liu Bei staged gai or its really fearless, such a in today's seemingly ruthless generation, but can be widely praised by the masses, can only be explained in that era moved marketing to make effect far easier than now.

In recent years Haier's meeting, almost every meeting is the main move marketing card, every time watching the publicity film is Haier's staff in the snow how to carry a washing machine or air conditioning on foot more than 10 hours to the user home and so on, people moved to a mess.

This kind of Gai can also be used in the product marketing of my lottery sales system, we can put our sales staff in the sale is how to be wonderful, the customer is not to be fixed, but my sales staff in line with the principle of customer first, in line with the principle of expensive, and finally another customer admiration.

In this world, there are two kinds of things that are easiest to remember, one that is touched by the extreme, and the other is the extreme evil. Extreme things are always easy for people to remember.

Liu Bei told us earlier: moved, has become the marketing of the highest mirror circle. Since to do move marketing will need to be moved to the extreme.

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