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China's personal web site from the great development of the 03, to the 06 recession, is a big ups and downs, in this arena whether you are successful or failure. Whether you are a wrist or a nameless little foot, will be recorded in China's personal webmaster development history.

Look at the well-known personal website since 03, transformation of the transformation, selling stations. Close the door. 1ting looked for her in-laws. 666CCC and 568 have fallen. Cococ,9flash also sold. Once K666 now is also a changed. The yake of the year was a cow. When I first arrived in Beijing, I saw his old man as an incomparable admirer. At that time, long Lian often go to K666 pull people. Haha, sorry, I first and everyone, let's talk about the past. Let those who have gone past into my little words, and the original struggle is still struggling brothers to encourage each other! Every night when I will be very sad, think of the brothers who fought with me together. Think of us together to earn SP log in the background to count money every day, think of those let us countless times of excitement! is the interest and the hobby lets us become the friend through the network. Same goal. The same ideals let us come together, we are grass-roots heroes, the annual growth of national GDP has our sweat. Each year alone Webmaster network advertising market This piece of value is in billions of. Indirectly or directly promote the development of the national economy.

To the end, my previous article. Said the "personal webmaster to the early turn", do not always in front of the various alliances. I personally served a number of alliance companies, to this very understanding, rely on the alliance you earn really small money, don't say you, is now all the alliance companies are depressed. They earn less. Most of the split was given to the webmaster. And some companies do not give the alliance, the Union will be owed to the webmaster. We all have to. Everyone has a hard time. That's why the small leagues are always trying to buckle your order.

You have to have a vision to make money. Be careful and observe diligently. You have to pay more attention. The difference between people is in the neck. Everybody does the alliance all know the Chinese myopia Net bar? and Huaxia Beauty net? A registered one will give more than 10 dollars. Some stationmaster said this silly company. Register a person to give 10 yuan, really rich burn. You know what? Millions of dollars a year. I've been advertising him for free. Huaxia Myopia Net. Huaxia Beauty Net. Huaxia Health Network. 都是一家公司的,他为啥做这么多的网站?为啥做的都是满赚钱的行业网站吗?为啥花10多块去买一个真实用户?他这钱能赚回来吗?这一大串的问题就应该在我们脑子里打问号?华夏近视网与全国众多的医院合作,这个聪明的家伙, Make money to make a classic. It is so clever, we see, he through the alliance to find the target users, is myopic patients. Pay by real registered users. It can be said that the flow of free access. People do not have to find their own website to promote their own things, put these things to the Alliance marketing company, the union company all day to work for others, help others find some myopia potential users of the site. such as education network, talent net what. After that, the Chinese myopia net spends 10 yuan to buy a myopic user, this data 500 pieces sell to the hospital. 500 BUCKS!!!! You say that these 10 dollars worth of money spent. 10 yuan for 500 yuan, but also received free clicks, free of charge on each website display, do not spend money, because he spent the 10 dollars, in exchange for 500. So his flow, the show is white. And I have to earn a big head. Ultimately, poor people who do myopia surgery. The hospital spent 500 dollars to buy your information. We have to find a way to get these 500 pieces out of you. So we have to do surgery to find a regular hospital.

Do the Chinese myopia net let their company taste the sweetness, and increase the intensity. Made Huaxia beauty Network and Huaxia Health Network. Because the beauty industry and hospitals are lucrative profits of the industry, so chose these two industries. Find a potential user by spending 10来 dollars looking for alliances. Those who want to do beauty, or are planning to go to the hospital to see the user. To sell these data to beauty salons, China Myopia Network will call you, said that through their here to do can get a lot of concessions. In fact, they have a commission, do not believe that you go to their website registration, not more than 24 hours people call to urge you to their partners to do beauty or surgery. We have to admire this marketing approach. With a relatively low price for a very high return,

In fact, we carefully analysis, this model in fact and do Baidu to promote almost, but also our webmaster is more adept at, like the 06 more popular Google CASH, the use of Google to do to promote, sell their products. Could be CPC. It can also be a CPA. It can also be CPS. Make the price difference. Now there are very smart webmaster in Baidu to do promotion, promote the product is DHC, we know through the Chanet Alliance to do DHC Guide a user is 6 dollars. Baidu's click is 3 cents. We do this by comparing the keyword with the registered value, so that if one of the 20 effective clicks is registered, you are not losing money. If 2 people sign up, you earn 6 bucks. If you do it through Google, the price per click is even lower, I have seen several personal sites to do some time ago, recently because of Google's price hike. I don't see any more to do.

Like the Chinese myopia net this kind of website, does not attract attention, oneself quietly earns own small money, the boss lives is full of moistens. Also do not make public, we see today, our webmaster, why do not have a little mind? Why is it that the circle of the alliance is always out of the way? Every day in the forum shout, scold, scold which alliance and cheated him, not to the settlement. or withholding data. Don't you have a backbone? You have to hang yourself in the league. I think it serves you well, since you chose to be a league. You don't have to complain. That's the way the alliance is, you have to endure. No ability can only endure. Occasionally scold and grumble. What time is it? All day long for their cheating Google to earn a little money and lucky, often because of the next month to spend this month do not know where to make money. Make a profit and spend it in the dead. It's easy to find money. And not to be considered more distant. If you have no money, you must starve and soak in instant noodles.

I have had enough of this suffering. I always remind myself to plan for the future. I also believe that I will make the first 1 million in the near future. I'm confident. I think young people need to be confident. I always thought I was at least a millionaire. Just a matter of sooner or later. And in the near future. For this purpose. I work hard every day. I am passionate every day. Because I think the goal is getting closer. I like to encounter setbacks. I always think that frustration is the test of God, every failure I will be a step closer to success.

If you want to succeed. You first have to start with the 1 million goal. Here's what I'm analyzing. I believe that in the next 1 to 2 years I will be a millionaire, at least 1 million. I want more people to start now. And I together to face life with passion. Face all setbacks. I came to tell how I earned my first 1 million.

In the year 2006. I have contacted 2 industries. Talking about making a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean hundreds of thousands of a year. One is the investment in medicine. One is the local talent network. Of course, millions of businesses make money. It's just that I'm talking about these two industries.

In the pharmaceutical investment industry can be said to be profiteering, the income is staggering. We go to Baidu search "pharmaceutical investment", you can see that there are dozens of in the competition, and each keyword price has reached 3 dollars per click, why these companies are willing to spend thousands of a day to do the promotion? Can they make it back? I know a more legendary webmaster medic360, He was first in a medical newspaper media work, because hobby network, think the network will change people's life in a few years. He made a medical website entirely out of personal interests. Mainly to some customers do online sales, did not expect to make money, then one day, suddenly a pharmaceutical companies want to advertise in his station. gave him 10,000 dollars. It turned out that the company was his former client. He accidentally put the company's information on his website, the last few days the company through his website to deal with more than 1 million of orders. So I found him this time. Gave him (medic360) 10,000 bucks to buy a few important positions. This made him see the prospect of the pharmaceutical investment Network, only to promote this inadvertently inserted Willow shady things. A few months later he made his web site full-time at home.

Now his website (Pharmaceutical merchants Online) has become one of the industry's pharmaceutical investment sites, and set up their own company. The industry circulated a jingle: Internet investment-pharmaceutical merchants online. To increase visibility. And through Baidu to promote, although spent thousands of a day, but brought more customers up, profiteering of the pharmaceutical industry, achieved his success. Now many pharmaceutical companies are looking for him to advertise. Monthly income reached 400,000. Oh。 I'm so jealous. Take him. We can see no matter what line to do must be careful, he did not do Baidu to promote the monthly income only tens of thousands of. Through Baidu to promote, indeed can make money. Of course I'm not advertising Baidu. We can also see other lucrative industries. The price of the keyword is outrageous. One click to 10 pieces. For example, "metering pump" this keyword 14 dollars a click, you say expensive? But you don't just stay on the surface. Not to analyze him. We want to see through his essence and learn from experience. Does he spend these 14 dollars every day in the loss? Certainly is through Baidu sells the product to make the money far more than he said spends the money.

The talent website of the national medium and large cities. The annual income is almost million. Less had in hundreds of thousands of. Day IP in more than 2000, the operation is good, choose a more developed city. Monthly income. 4,5000 not a problem, you may not have thought of it, this 2000IP is how valuable ah. You do the trash stand. Do 20,000 IP also make no money. Do industry class. The income is a bit too much to accept. Ha ha. I'm telling you. The average about 100,000 of the talent Web site annual income of about more than 300,000, mainly see the operation. The annual income, like Alexa's top 10,000, is millions level. Some are ranked 2. 30,000 is also a yearly income of 3, 4 million. Or do the day IP2000. You can basically rank top 2 in the local area. 3. IP2000 Talent Network I would like to run a year enough to achieve. This time is quite long. My talent network only works for 3 months. The IP on the day is 1000. Don't say I'm advertising. You're too tacky. I turned my back and shared it with you. May attract competitors if anyone who read my article today decided to be a talent net. Never forget me if you succeed in the future. I introduce some stationmaster that I know. Some of them do stand for months. Some do stand for a few years, are successful transformation of the personal webmaster. is a success. Some monthly income is thousands of. It is also very quick to be away from the tens of thousands, with a monthly income of tens of thousands of. And more than 100,000 of the income.

You can take a look at their website and learn some experience. Changchun Talent Network (do station three months income more than 2000) Fuzhou Talent Network (monthly income 10,000) Changsha Talent Network (monthly income 50,000) Chongqing Talent Network (monthly income 100,000) is based on the check. You can contact them. I want them to beg. But they are really busy sometimes. The people of all over the country do not do a great job, and the outstanding are not only the few that I have listed. There are more low-key, people are covered with the head to make money.

In the early 2007, I sincerely hope that the webmaster can be in the new harvest, we are ordinary people's children. Our parents are ordinary, kind and industrious. We are not a millionaire. But we have a never-say-die heart!

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