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Novice webmaster or want to do a webmaster to build a site friends, may be in order to choose a site to build what kind of worry, and worry about one of the reasons is: do not know how to build a website profit point where. People who have not done the site are often whimsical: think that the establishment of a website will have advertisers to find their own ads, or can be directly put on the Baidu Alliance or Google Alliance ads. These ideas are good, but the reality is really brutal. Think of that year, love Xiao Zhi thought to build a website, as long as the intention to operate, update the article every day, there will be advertisers to find their own, but the reality is not so, because, a site if there is not enough high-quality article support, not enough traffic, not good enough keyword ranking, Advertisers don't find themselves advertising. Because, a website does not have the traffic, does not have the keyword rank words, is cannot give the advertiser to bring any benefit. Then, we need to understand how the personal and corporate web site is how to profit, and finally we will say Love Blog is how to profit.

1. Portal site: such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu and so on portal site, because the traffic is very large, so put on the above advertisers are also a lot of, but the cost is also very expensive.

2. Web site Navigation Station: Like hao123,2345 Web site navigation, and so on navigation sites, in addition to putting a small number of pictures on the home page ads, but also put on a variety of alliances to promote links, such as the day cat nets, Ali mother, Jingdong Mall, the public comment network and so on the Alliance and the Users simply click into these sites, after these sites are consumed, these Web site navigation sites can get Commission commission, such as placed in the 2345 Web site navigation Home "Amoy plastic sell", we see why to Amoy plastic sell the text and hyperlinks on the home page so significantly get the position, and is added color, This is because: 2345 Web site Navigation application Ali mother, recommended Taobao a channel, you can get Commission Commission, of course, the prerequisite is the successful purchase of goods, and these commissions are from the store to get divided.


3. Forum: such as MOP Forum, Tianya forum and so on large forums, mainly rely on advertisers Baidu Alliance, where the ads, as well as Ali Mother's CPS ads also have the user's RMB recharge and so on to obtain income; To A5 Forum is the user in the certification of the need to pay 10 yuan certification fees and A5 intermediary transactions to obtain a certain percentage of commission (charging platform fees) and so on to obtain income; like BA 0 music forum, my love to crack the forum is mainly rely on the sale of invitation code to make money, Users to register these forums are required to purchase the invitation code before they can register those members of the website; like the network Disk resource Sharing forum is mainly rely on doing network disk download to make money, such as the city through the network disk, the Army network disk and so on can make money of the network; like net earning forum is mainly rely on the sale of VIP members to obtain income ( But these VIPs are basically useless ... Of course, there are other ways to operate and profit.

4. Software Download Station: For example Sky Software station, Huajun software station and so on mainly relies on the advertisement and "The false, induced" fake "download link to make money, do not understand the netizen is almost likely to download the wrong software, is obviously downloading the software, but downloaded the software, these methods seem to have become the software download Station" unspoken rules. " and users just download the software, such as the Golden Hill Alliance to provide the Kingsoft poison PA, Cheetah Browser and so on software, you can get commission, and these download stations in a large part of the proceeds are dependent on this way. Looks like a few days ago a certain download station also has an input advertising verification code to make money, these are can make money.

5. Resource sharing sites: such as movie-sharing sites, music-sharing sites, and so on, if the flow is large, the main is to rely on advertising to make money and can be attached to download links to the Internet, the same can be downloaded into the network disk income; And through the net to download the way to make money, the gains are still very considerable.

6. Pig Website: Mainly rely on the extraction of a certain percentage of income to obtain money, as well as the release of the task of the employer to buy a variety of value-added services, as well as advertisers in pig engaged in a variety of competitions, various activities, as well as a variety of advertising such as Baidu Alliance, Ali mother CPS promotion and so on to

7.PC Egg and so on game experience Station: This kind of website mainly relies on the game developers who play games to these websites to collect the operating expenses and the promotion expense to make money, the game business in these website operation game is to the PC egg and so on the game experience station to pay the money.

8. Survey Web site: mainly rely on the publication of commercial questionnaires on these websites of individuals or enterprises to collect a certain fee, which is part of the payment to our investigators, the distribution of the Commission for our investigators generally between 50% to 80%.

10. Alipay and so on Third-party payment platform: mainly rely on the collection of fees to make money, as well as to pay for the cooperation of merchants to collect service fees to make money.

11. Mailbox Service providers: such as NetEase mailbox, QQ mailbox, these mainly rely on advertising and sales of VIP members and so on value-added services to make money.

12. Video sites: Like Youku, Tudou, cool six nets and so on online video site is mainly rely on advertising to make money, generally we play each video before the time in 5 seconds to 60 seconds between the time, we each play a paragraph of such ads, these video sites can earn a certain amount of income. In addition, video sites can also sell genuine video tutorials, movies, television, video to make money, as well as VIP membership services can make money.

13. Search Engine: For example, Baidu Search, Google search are relying on advertising to make money, such as Baidu Alliance mainly rely on Baidu launched the auction promotion and brand promotion to make money, users every click of these ads, Baidu will earn revenue.

For example, we search in Baidu "QQ number" will appear ads:


And the background is grey, and behind the words "promotional link" is the word ads, and the "Baidu snapshot" is not the words of advertising, Baidu is the natural ranking of the search, Baidu snapshot, whether your ranking is the first or the nth, are not to pay Baidu.

14. AD Mission Network: For example, Ali task network and I want to long hair, these AD mission network is mainly relying on users to recharge VIP members and from advertisers to publish the task where to get a certain amount of money, as well as the sale of advertising to make a profit.

15. Shopping Rebate Network: For example, rice folding nets, is mainly through the Ali Mother Alliance to make money, users through these sites to enter the shopping site shopping channel, if this product can get congestion commission, then, users can be able to buy after the successful purchase of these sites can bring revenue, but also to our users bring rebate, Realize the benefits of a win!

16. Network Disk Station: for example, 115 network disk, the city network disk These are mainly rely on advertising and sales of VIP services, selling network disk space to make money.

Finally, say Love blog online earn how to make money? Love Small blog mainly to earn money to introduce the network to get income, love small volunteers most of the introduction of the net to earn items, recommended friends as long as the referral link through Love Small blog to earn the site, as long as in these net earn the site to earn money, Love will be able to obtain a website provided by the 3% to 30% of the extra income, of course, not this money is not from my recommendation of the profit from the deduction, but I recommend the goal of the net to earn additional sites paid to us. The reason for these net earning site to do this recommendation Commission mode, is because these nets earn a site in order to achieve a marketing and expand their impact of the purpose, so that the vast number of friends to earn free publicity these nets earn a site, this is more than their own ads on the major sites to save more money, so just out of such a referral to make money model.

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