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When it comes to Baidu bidding, it is necessary to mention keyword settings. Keywords are used to capture the intention of the Netizen is also your potential customers. Suppose you are a potential customer, try to write every keyword you can think of, and incorporate keywords that are similar in meaning and structure to the same promotional unit. The meaning is similar to ensure that the same promotion unit multiple keywords and creativity have a high correlation, the same structure is to ensure that the idea of inserting wildcard characters to get red, can simultaneously ensure that the statement fluent, to achieve better promotion effect.

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in accordance with the keyword positioning potential customers, small head bidding software small series listed below are a few common types of keywords:


Product Word


product words can be the product/service you provide a large class, can also be a product of fine class, may be specific to the type of products, models, brands and so on.


the former such as "English training", "Flowers", "pet Supplies", "car" and so on, such words search volume is larger, can cover more potential customers, the competition may be more intense, the latter such as "Ielts Listening class", "Buy Roses", "Royal Cat Food", "Audi A4 price" and so on, The search intention of this kind of word is more clear generally, suggest you emphasize your product characteristic emphatically in the creativity, clear convey price, promotion and so on selling point, seize these potential customer's concern, promote transformation.


to different industries, enterprises, product terms of the broad category and the distinction between fine classes may be different, such as "IELTS training" for the specialized IELTS training institutions may be a large category, and the agency for all kinds of training business registration may be a fine class, please according to the nature of their business flexible grasp.


due to the Netizen's search habits are different, for some specific product names, you can also consider the use of some abbreviations, alias forms, such as "IELTS"-"IELTS English"-"IELTS", "Dry cleaning Machine"-"dry cleaning equipment" and so on.


Popular Words


That is to say, some colloquial expressions may be used by netizens, such as "I want to open a dry cleaning shop", "which English training organization is good" and "how to learn English well". The use of this type of search term for the general consumer, search purposes may be based on information acquisition, the results of the business promotion of different levels of attention to bring you the effect of transformation and business value is also different, it is recommended that you based on your business characteristics to try.


Regional CI


is the combination of the above product words, popular words and geographical names, such as "Beijing French training Course", "Shanghai City Express" and so on. Search for such words of the Netizen's business intent is more clear, the general hope that local consumption/purchase, suggest you in the creative focus on product/service geographical convenience.


Brand CI


that contains your own brand keywords, such as "Baidu", "there ah" and so on, or some proprietary brand asset name, such as your business has proprietary technology, patent name, etc., but you can not submit infringement of other people's intellectual property rights keywords.


group Related words


users do not directly express the demand for products/services, but the search term expresses other relevant points of interest, and your potential customer base may be highly coincident. You can present the results of the promotion in front of these potential users, attract their attention, stimulate their desire to buy.


Small head Intelligent promotion software is to improve the user's network marketing investment rate of return, enhance Baidu to promote user bidding experience for the purpose of professional bidding word promotion tool. Our software seamless docking Baidu to promote the account, directly for you to show Baidu to promote account information, set account keywords increase or decrease, price modification, competitor analysis, report download as one of the bidding word tool. Small head Baidu bid assistant allows you to quickly adjust the price of single or multiple promotional keywords, batch management of hundreds of or thousands of keyword information, for you to save the cumbersome price adjustment process, just set your highest bid and target advertising location, our software will calculate for you the lowest bid and get the most desired ranking position, Make your Pay-per-click campaign a higher return on investment, the ultimate goal of smart software management for small brains.


Small head intelligent promotion software


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