In the history of the 25 most expensive domain name if you have long been registered

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According to DN Journal, a foreign domain name service site, more than 500 domain names have been purchased and sold for more than $ 1 million. The reason is that pornography and gambling domain names have always been the most expensive domain name field. In response, the well-known US technology media "commercial insider" recently sorted out the "top 25 domain names in transaction history" according to DN Journal data.

In the history of the 25 most expensive domain name if you have long been registered


Price: $ 1.2 million Date of sale: July 2014

In July 2014, was registered as a domain name dealer by the domain name dealer Sedo for $ 1.2 million by Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co., Ltd., an ICANN-accredited global 1629th-level domain name registration Business, the 42nd top-level domain name registrar in Mainland China) and the site also holds many other well-known domain names.


Price: 1.35 million sale date: October 2013

A man named "Rick" registered's domain name as early as 1996, and did not agree to sell it until October last year.


Price: 1.5 million US dollars sale date: 2006 has created the highest ever auction of real-time auctions on the domain trading platform. According to DN Journal, Sig Solares, CEO of, the successful owner of, paid 1.5 million at the fastest rate at the online domain auction at US dollar acquisition fee.


Price: $ 1.5 million Date of sale: 2009 completed the deal in 2009, the seller is Paley Media in Seattle.


Price: $ 1.5 million Date of sale: 2007

DN Journal wrote after the deal was completed: ", the world's leading provider of backup and archiving solutions, has decided to acquire the domain name from Tandberg, the latter The world's leading provider of visual communications products and services, headquartered in New York and Norway. "


Price: $ 1.52 million Date of sale: 2009's transaction made a big profit on the domain name trading platform, which was completed in October 2009 and BuyDomains as a trading broker.


Price: $ 1,659,000 Sold Date: 2008

Minnesota's Associated Computers, Inc. sold the domain name to ESS Data Recovery on February 1, 2008, while the latter had been hoping to acquire the domain name.


Price: $ 1.7 million Selling Date: 2009

It was reported that the deal even exceeded $ 2.5 million, but the actual price was $ 1.7 million and the buyer was Real Estate Disposition Corp.


Price: $ 1.75 million Date of sale: 2010 was sold for $ 1.75 million at the DOMAINFest Auction in May 2012, when, the second largest selling price, sells for $ 450,000.

Price: $ 1.76 million Date of sale: 2009

Travelzoo, a global online travel giant, acquired the domain name in January 2009.

Price: $ 1.8 million Date of sale: 2007

For a man named Page Howe, 2007 was a big deal for him because he sold two domain names this year at a seven-figure price, with selling prices For $ 1 million, costs as much as $ 1.8 million.


Price: $ 1,960,000 Sold: March 2014

The domain name was sold at a private auction in March this year, with the acquirer 37 Game China Game Developers (37WAN).


Price: 2.1 million US dollars to sell: 2007

In October 2007, was successfully sold at a domain name auction.


Price: $ 2.1 million Selling Time: July 2013 was successfully sold to a Chinese company for $ 2.1 million at a private auction in July 2013.


Price: 2.4 million US dollars to sell: November 2013 sells cybersquatters SnapNames for $ 2.4 million in late 2013.


Price: 2.43 million US dollars Sold: March 2014 was successfully sold to Gamewave Group Limited for $ 2.43 million at a private auction in March 2014.


Price: 2.45 million US dollars Sold: 2012

Financial information firm bought the domain for $ 2.45 million, the highest-priced domain of the year.


Price: 2.6 million US dollars to sell: 2011 was sold in July 2011 and Moniker as an intermediary facilitated the deal.


Price: 2.75 million US dollars Sold: 2004

ClickSuccess LP, an online seller of financial instruments and products, bought the domain in 2004, the highest-priced domain for years. It should be noted that was sold in 2003 for $ 5.5 million, but the deal also includes other asset transactions.


Price: 2,858,900 US dollars Sold: 2008

Unister GmbH bought the German domain name for $ 3 million in 2008.


Price: 3 million US dollars to sell: 2009 years

G & J Holdings bought the domain name for $ 3 million in 2009.


Price: 3 million US dollars Sold: 2006

The largest Russian manufacturer of vodka-funded Russian billionaire bought Vodka in December 2006.


Price: 3 million US dollars Sold: June 2014 was sold for $ 3 million in June 2014 by ICMRegistry, the US domain name registrar, which included 40 other key domain names.


Price: 9.5 million US dollars for sale in 2007 was the highest priced domain name deal at the time, and was done in cash, with Moniker acting as a broker to make the deal and sell it to MXN Limited.


Price: 13 million US dollars for sale in 2008's transaction amount has been included in the "Guinness Book of World Records" and has become the world's most expensive domain name. Adult entertainment company Escom LLC sold it to a company called Clover Holdings Ltd for $ 13 million in 2008.

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