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Search engine to identify the important part of your site? From a simple part of the search engine is basically from your link to judge your station important layout, and the weight of the external connection is with the interaction of large web sites, often get the approval of the search engine 1th.

How do you make a quality external connection and the external nature of the propagation? Here I have two simple statements, the first is to find some larger sites for exchange connections. This point if in your station has not reached a certain amount of component estimates is difficult to achieve, then the second is to write good articles, so that the major sites or other personal blog reproduced, or to buy some good site sites such as a link to the model reached! SEO its technical content is not high, it is not a technology, but a strategic approach to the rules, in addition to its own Site page optimization. External connections and local internal connections are also important process procedures. If your site has a lot of quality outside the connection, it can be said that your SEO optimization can be achieved one step more important related work. Also can realize the search engine to your site weight of recognition.

But note that those external joins are correct, and those external joins are wrong. Search engines have a certain evaluation of the quality of external connections. such as: Some friends want some external connection, and bought some external mass forum, mass blog, mass message of the software, and then in the network mass a large number of external connections, then this approach is correct? Personally think that this approach may be a short-term you can get some effect, then a long time, may lead to the site will be k off, such practices are greatly not recognized by individuals, such practices will also bring a lot of spam information network. There are quality connection practices that I have already suggested.

outer JOIN definition

The following personal references have quality measures for how to do external connections.

1.Backlinks definition

See how many Web sites connect to your site, how to define the quality of backlinks?

But related backlinks it does have a special meaning, especially if you enter some competitive keywords, its benefits are basically obvious. As you search the search engine for a more competitive word. Search term for: "Entertainment" then the word is likely to search out the result will be tens of thousands of of the data, or a hundred thousand of or more. In addition, if you can do local backlinks standardization, then there may be a quality backlinks can directly bring you a good ranking.

Link is more than just a quantity, but also a quality
link it is not but for quantity, more importantly you should be from the link to your site to judgeBroken, generally good site content he brought a not only the flow of friendship, he is more important to you can bring to the search engine weight and friendly included, good rankings.

So what is a good link? To judge a good link, you think you have to start with the content of the site from which you do the external connection. High-quality link must not escape the good content of the article, and is the content of the article must be related to the content of your site. This type of link can be considered a good link.

How to make a good link you must be aware of the following points:

1. Related to your site content links.

2. Premium link is available in the article with a textual description of the connection.

3. To get the other side of the connection it is best to recognize which site of the PageRank for the most suitable quality link.

4. Pay special attention to the other side of the site in doing your connection, you must pay attention to whether the site was the search engine punishment. Otherwise spammers Google and other search engines will also penalize your site. So do not do link in bulk, otherwise the existence of the punishment of the risk rate is also quite high.

High-quality link making

There is also a way to make high-quality link, then to the Web site or search engine directory to submit. If the site is manually edited, after you have included the text of your website, then this kind of way is high-quality link.

There are two more weight-weighted web sites Yahoo and Dmoz,yahoo are charged and the price is a bit expensive, but he does have some value. Once you have submitted the Yahoo directory, he will be concatenated to all the Yahoo data search engine to collect your site and have a good weight rankings. Of course, there is a free directory site, that is DMOZ, because the station is a manual editor, 8630.html "> sometimes submitted after a few months may not have been included." DMOZ as the largest manual editing directory site, it also has the most authoritative voice right. If you can submit more than two sites in the directory, whether in the case of a good ranking or the situation will have a certain weight, of course, the external link is not enough, to the overall coordination of the page optimization, marketing planning and so on. is the real SEO.

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Related keyword parsing procedure
META tags optimization
combine the above two articles to see.
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