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Zhejiang Online Zhejiang Business Network every year in recent years been topped the most difficult employment season, but the talent market, "millions of annual salary", "triple wage" rumors have been on the increase, especially on the point Small-sized Internet companies are embarrassed to say that they plan well for the future if they are not tossed out to recruit talent.
This is not the past few days, others are thinking about how the Mid-Autumn Festival, IT people's most popular circle of friends is a variety of styles of advertising.
"How to solve the single problem as soon as possible? Come to the goose factory, give you a chance to look directly at the Goddess of Tencent!"
"Those bad guys leaving: How are you? Mid-Autumn Festival, especially miss you, remember the way home. Address: Wan Tong Road on the 18th."
The owners behind these recruitment ads are among the best in the industry, or nonsense, or warmth, the purpose is nothing more than: Come to me this child, the two wealth, as well as a sense of belonging.
Tencent official WeChat rushed in before the Mid-Autumn Festival, made a illustrated school enrollment ads, less than ten minutes reporter's circle of friends and chat group was shuffled by this ad.
"Sister said: graduation season then, I volunteered to join a variety of job fairs, and later met Bai Fumin only found that finding a job, might as well find a good father-in-law. I heard this year goose factory school unusual, they To do a 'private custom'! 'Private custom' that is tailor-made, ah, you are not starting salary 'rookie price' ... ah ... "
Seductive discourse, coupled with "to youth", "personal custom", "China good voice" and other movies, popular variety pictures, the key is the end also attached to the two most beautiful Tencent programmers and Tencent game factory flower photos, Let a group of young men passionate, hate themselves not in Guangzhou (Tencent headquarters). It does not matter, Tencent simply put this year's school enrollment into an online reality show, in their words, as long as you log in Tencent's recruitment page will be able to "lie in the blanket to see preaching." How to facilitate how come.
This voice hardly ever, it came again a new message. Ali hit warmhearted card and smiled and asked: "Those bad guys leaving you, how are you?" Even the former seven photos of employees leaving Alipay, each accompanied by a paragraph of words, for example, "I heard that you often in the cafe Write code, we just opened a Starbucks downstairs, come back okay?
Finally, said the last sentence: "Mid-Autumn Festival, especially miss you, remember the way back home."
In fact, in order to grab talent, the Internet giants tricks, eye-catching posters, ridiculous slogans, viral video ... ... as long as the effective, what tactics are not important. For example, Baidu annual meeting in 2014 was promoted to a "parent meeting" by Robin Li, Baidu travel expenses, the parents of outstanding employees and team representatives invited to the Baidu headquarters in Beijing, came up with a grand ceremony . Li Yanhong personally present gifts and gifts to parents, and even allow parents invited to "360" degree without a dead-end visit to Baidu.
Although there is no such a gimmick advertisement, but in fact, Baidu's size is no better than that of Tencent, as early as the first half of the release of the 1000 internship positions for students. According to the latest information on Baidu's recruitment website, the figures of 1,000 are just plain and most of the internships are in an "open" status for a long time and there is no definite number restriction. How high is the percentage of Baidu interns becoming full-time employees? According to Baidu's internal sources, in the past two years, intern ratio of about 50%.
Although fighting for talent in the talent market is fierce, how are the results?
Last year, a well-known headhunting website made an interesting statistics: jump from Baidu to Ali, Tencent, Qihoo 360 employs 30 people, of which 23 went to Ali; jump from Ali to the other three companies The total number of employees is 23, of which 19 are Baidu's choice.
Really, jumping around, most of the talent can not jump BAT.

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