Pointing the media Cao Tong: The biggest feature of mobile marketing is the product of advertisement

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News and Technology May 7-8th, the fifth session of the Global Mobile Internet Conference (gmic 2013) held in Beijing, its theme is "http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/18826.html" > Redefine mobile Interconnection , Gmic 2013 will lead the world to think about the real value of mobile internet and give it a new understanding. At the meeting, pointing the media CEO Cao Tong was invited to receive the news and technology interview.

In the interview, Cao Tong expressed his opinion on the idea of burning money in the field of mobile marketing, he said that mobile marketing did have a period of burning money in the first two years, but those stages were only representative of the competition at that time, out of the need to cultivate the market, for the support of developers, or the so-called excessive support, high prices to buy, The low price of the sale of the behavior appeared to burn the money, and now we see that the industry is more rational, or to return to the nature of business, advertising itself is a very clear profit model or business model, so we believe that the field of mobile marketing will be very good in the future.

[VIDEO] Cao Tong: Mobile marketing is a kind of effect products

At the same time, he also thinks, because the brand advertisement market and the O2O market rise, the mobile marketing domain will be the huge blue ocean.

When it comes to mobile marketing and traditional PC marketing differences, Cao Tong that the most important feature of mobile marketing is "advertising products", the previous advertising is a line-like and chain-like process, from advertisers, agents, to the media to the user of such a process of dissemination. And now an ad to be from advertising planning, product design and even the choice of advertising media are for the user Service. In the final analysis is your service to the user how, this is completely different with the PC characteristics, so, we think this is one of the most important point of view, in the mobile marketing era it is more than advertising, rather than product services.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

News and science and technology: everyone dispatch friends good! At the 2013 Global Mobile Internet Conference, we are very honored to invite the CEO of the media Cao Tong, please Cao and you dispatch friends say hello!

Cao Tong: Hello! Everybody dispatch Good afternoon!

News technology: Cao, recently pointing to the media are busy what?

Cao Tong: We are launching a play related to everyone, we call pleasure, pleasure is a lot of netizens, including dispatch friends to play mobile phone game platform.

News Technology: So we also started to do the platform?

Cao Tong: Called game joint operation, we are not CP, we do not develop, we are mainly operating, promotion, operation, customer service, billing work.

News technology: How do we think of such a platform?

Cao Tong: It looks quite different. In fact, pointing is the strategy of advertising plus operation.

We used to promote mobile games to a lot of CP companies, like 2. CPA a how much money. Now you find that after the CPA, including its activation fee, registration fee, some even to the tertiary pay, and increasingly the value of the continuous promotion, so we changed from CPA to CPS, from CPS into a joint operation.

We have a slogan called "The hand swims the value of the Dream teacher", originally you are a CP, now a lot of small CP survival pressure and the overall competitiveness is weaker, there are 10,000 hand tour CP, can make money 10% less than, most believe they also need support, important promotional support, and operational support, Believe that these jobs are very valuable to them, help them to "dream", let them grow up from a small CP, a great support for a boutique game, this is what we are doing.

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