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Network PR with "Ban Wang Lao Ji" incident into the public eye. If it is not insiders insider disclosed that it is difficult to know this to the King Old Kat brought a broad reputation of the "ban" incident, is not a netizen's careless move, is actually a professional team behind the results of the operation, and the team is the network PR. Why is network PR being watched? Because the disaster relief donations donated 100 million of the enterprise more than one, but no one's performance so immediate. Network PR, to "take the Internet users throat" image turned out to be born.

In fact, network PR is the product of the era of network marketing, refers to enterprises, organizations, individuals, to the Internet as a carrier to increase network visibility for the purpose of the dissemination of a series of communication activities. Although some people describe the network PR is "the Left hand flowers, the right hand buried mine", but the appropriate use of manufacturing events + public opinion to promote these two network public relations means, for the new situation in the tourism industry how to get publicity, is not a breakthrough.

The marketing of scenic spot in the era of direct passenger

With the National public holiday policy adjustment and self driving tour, self-help tour of the rise, the domestic tourist attractions are busy, travel agencies, the phenomenon of leisure is widespread, domestic tourism, the era of direct passenger has arrived. Tourism statistics across the country's scenic spots, all mentioned that the proportion of tourism scattered significantly increased, large teams have a downward trend than in previous years, and small self-help team increased significantly. It can be seen that the rapid development of China's casual tourism, the bulk has become the protagonist of the tourism market, its autonomy and autonomy of the ability is also increasing.

Under this background, the traditional marketing mode that the scenic spot takes the travel agency as the main channel and concentrates on the team market cannot stabilize the half of the tourism market. At the same time, the emergence of tourism sites but let the plight of scenic spots marketing channels "way out."

The number of Chinese Internet users has increased to 221 million in 2008 and the number of Internet users is the largest in the world. Chinese netizens spend 3.28 hours a day on the internet, while the average television use is only 1.21 hours. The huge number of users and the high level of user exposure has made the internet a total leap into the traditional four media, and even more than the traditional media important media. Therefore, the network marketing is definitely the general trend. And the scenic area uses the network to carry on the marketing, besides can occupy the massive Netizen consumer group, also has the following advantages:

First, the cost is very low. If compared with the traditional paper media, flat media, the cost of online advertising is very low, the amount of money will certainly let the scenic area of publicity pressure greatly reduced.

Second, greatly improved the area's brand attention. Tourism E-commerce in full swing, domestic now how many travel agencies are not net it? And for tourists, the network has become a part of life, at least in the current situation, the number of people through the network to view tourism information will not be less than the number of use of the media.

Third, increase the success rate of tourists. The biggest problem in the past is the limited amount of information, tourists are not interested in a scenic spot. Scenic spots in the tourism site advertising effect is different. As long as the tourists feel that the advertising content is attractive, then you can directly click into the scenic site. Extensive and informative information, greatly enhanced the possibility of moving tourists.

Doctrine One: Manufacturing events

Online marketers are increasingly aware of the power of "events"-if they can create an event that many people pay attention to, or "properly" implant brand information in an event that is already a matter of concern to them, then not only will the high degree of attention be ensured, To ensure the correct transmission of brand information is stone. As a result, the first step in the network PR was made in the process of manufacturing events.

In fact, the past domestic scenic areas with the production of events as a marketing strategy there are no lack of successful examples.

July 2007, the News of the reappearance of the water Monster in Kanas, the following two months, the upsurge of the water monster detonated the national, Kanas became Baidu's hot keyword.

In a short time, want to go to Kanas to see the water horse tourists, squeezed out Kanas, scenic spot peak per capita reception volume once exceeded 5000 people. I do not know if it happened or deliberately, the water horse news release time and Kanas peak season is fully consistent, reasonable and full of "water horse" marketing to the local benefits of the high, has exceeded the water horse itself value.

In July 2008, a Sanya Netizen posted a post saying that he found that many domestic and foreign tourists openly swim in the Sanya famous scenic spot-the Dadong sea. Subsequently, the media reported on the East and west side of Sanya, Hainan, a spontaneous formation of a nude bathing. Nude swimmers form a certain size, up to four hundred or five hundred people.

For a time, the Da dong hai Nude Bathing beach became the object of hot Internet users, "Sanya Dadong Sea" The keyword rate of high ranking Baidu rankings, although there are Weidauf voice, but more netizens express understanding long live. The reputation of "Sanya East Sea can swim naked" has spread out, a lot of tourists to Sanya to take a look at the psychological "attraction" to the East China Sea Scenic Area, although the bare swimming of the Big East Sea is only a simple phenomenon, not the legendary uproar, but there is no doubt that the great East Sea visibility has been unprecedented increase, become Sanya tourism another hot spot.

But at the same time, once the manufacturing event this step if the focus is not positive, public opinion guidance is not allowed, it is very possible to move into sucker.

such as the "Bastard Door" event. A scenic spot in Wuhan City launched a "Summer Night" activities, of which outdoor tents camping has an unwritten rule: the same tent, both men and women to match. "The mixed account" the stipulation is in the net to cause the controversy, many netizens posted on the net to criticize this. Mulan Tianchi explains, this kind of camping way in the outdoor circle called "The Bastard". Because camping out in the mountains outside, security issues cannot be considered. Men and women "bastards" can take care of each other in case of unexpected danger. We think: In fact, the original intention of the scenic area may be good-into the outdoor professional elements, but with the dissemination of the object-the general public some "information asymmetry", the effect of natural bad.

To sum up, we are not difficult to find that the success of the event manufacturing is only in line with 3 points: 1, the event must be new, odd, interesting. 2, to cater to the psychological audience. 3, the dispute is supplemented, the positive public opinion orientation mainly.

Doctrine II: Public opinion Promotion

Web2.0 era has become a hotbed of the network PR strategy of the scenic Area, the tourism website with web2.0 as the concept can extend the tentacles of public opinion to the majority of individual netizens. Including news, blogs, forums, IM, WIKI, Circle Group, Electronic magazine, picture movie, Micro-video and other new media forms, such as the comprehensive and effective use of more than 10 means to form a unique effect, comprehensive coverage of the innovative communication model, and quickly improve the reputation of the scenic spot, and accelerate consumer decision-making, and so on. The use of first-class ideas to form a viral transmission, customers can create a refreshing brand effect.

Recently, there have been sites using its platform, for the scenic area to build a long distance to promote the bridge, such as the industry's well-known tourism network.

From 2005 with the same network to become the first domestic business-to-business, two-way platform of the tourism web site, with the advantages of the industry platform's resources and direct customer platform 120,000 IP audience, the same way network operation of many successful scenic spot promotion cases. For example, 2007 "Chinese Dinosaur Garden" China Travel Blog Competition ", a combination of nearly hundred media, travel agencies held, attracted a large number of tourists, writers, photographers and many ordinary visitors to participate in the blog involved in the destination from the tropics to the polar all-encompassing, in the tourism industry caused a great response. The direct economic effect is that 2006-2007, Changzhou China Dinosaur Park tickets sold more than one times, turnover exceeded 100 million yuan; not only did they earn a pot full, but also the Changzhou tourism year received from less than 4 million people led to nearly 10 million people.

It is reported that the operation of the mature tourism platform in this year will be the launch of the big big. Following the beginning of the year with the Inner Mongolia Chifeng Hexigten Qi reached annual strategic partners, will be the launch of the "Prairie Star" Kashk Teng Tourism Network Image Ambassador selection contest.

Analysis of the network marketing events to create gimmicks, "Tourism Super Girl" selling point to create really enough new, odd, interesting enough to attract a large number of netizens to participate; Contestants can get extremely valuable media exposure is the most consistent with the psychology of the audience. The second is the public opinion promotion, according to the same network with the relevant responsible person introduced, with its no strong network to promote the offensive, there will be tens of thousands of contestants and more than 100 online media coverage. No doubt, This competition will set off in the tourism industry public opinion Whirlpool, and the popularity of the scenic area itself, virtually will be launched.

A successful network public relations operation, can let the King old Kat obtain "ban" the huge effect. In front of the flowers and mines, uphold the purpose of doctrine, network public relations means of borrowing, or can create a new chapter of scenic marketing.

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