Search Engine Optimization Strategy (II): The importance and writing of Web tags

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In the last article, "Search Engine Optimization Strategy (a): keyword selection and reorganization" We have a detailed discussion of the keyword selection and reorganization, screening out high-quality keywords for the development of the site to do positioning. In this chapter, we mainly analyze the importance and writing of meta tags in web pages.

One: The value of META tags

About the META tags as webmaster we are not unfamiliar, it is embedded in the Web page of a special kind of tag. Contains a special description of the page, mainly to the search engine to reflect the information about your site. So, in search engine optimization rankings of META tags is very important, but also an excellent site indispensable things. The META tags include: Description tags (description of the content of the page), Keywords tags (page keywords), title tags (the title of the site, strictly speaking is not a label) to do the following content for detailed analysis.

Second: The formulation of META tags

1. Title Label

The title tag is one of the most important tags in the Web page, written in front of keywords and description, which is also more advantageous to the site's ranking. Whether it is a Web page or the entire site, it is the user or search engine to see the first content, so concise and can reflect the essence of the description became the first choice. For example, "Webmaster Network" A look will know is the Webmaster type site.

2, Description label

       following the title tag is the most important description, the best way is to follow the title tag with a tag. It can be a paragraph or a sentence. At the same time many search engines allow the description of the word number of 150 or so, so you have to ensure that the label description to be in 150 below, otherwise the superfluous content will be search engines to get rid of the information on the site is also the residual and not all the expected effect. After the above specification, make sure your description can reflect the content that the website topic wants to describe, add the keyword that has already filtered out to complete the description description. Note that in the description the key words are also the most important, so how to highlight the key words depends on how you describe.
       3, keywords label

The value of the

       relative to the title tag and the Description,keyword tag is less important. Many websites have even neglected to write, but the correct writing will still optimize the rankings. The previous two tags are the user can see the page description, and keyword is a hidden tag, the user is not visible, so also only for search engines have a role. It is provided to the search engine to explain some of the keywords or phrases associated with this page. (keyword can only contain content associated with a page that exists)
       Tip: Each page in the page summed up the keywords must correspond to different content to make a description, the most taboo is to add the whole site in the tag keyword. This in search engine, to your website has the disadvantage of no benefit. At the same time, multiple keywords should be separated by "comma", the meaning of "or" is represented by commas, while spaces represent logic "and", other symbols are not separated, which is also the common sense that keyword description must know.
       usually keyword tags in the same form of the keyword should not repeat more than 3 times, try to avoid the same keyword repeatedly, because the search engine will think it is garbage " Keyword ", so will also be punished by the right to fall. Most search engines generally allow a maximum of 1000 characters to be used in keyword tags. If each page uses relevant keywords can improve the site in search engine rankings. One of the most important factors is the redundancy ratio of keywords, if your keyword has only one character, and you keyword tag to make a description of the character is 100, so that your keyword redundancy is 1%. And the search engine is to pass this algorithm to specifically analyze the part of your site, and then improve or reduce the site rankings. Therefore, the removal of redundant keywords is conducive to improve the site rankings.
       Summary: Web page label optimization is about the overall ranking of the site, learn how to use the Web tags to play the most important role in the survival of the site to win greater status. The content of this chapter ends, the binary network original writing.,A5 starts.

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