SEO is throughout the site is always a process of beginning and end

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Nothing today, online sloshing occasionally admin5 an article (article details) to the majority of his words quite agree. Special Appreciation: (Quote the original) also is the water from the well, Dense cask and sparse bamboo basket, in just out of the water that moment still almost water, the more go up the gap is greater. Before we start to shake it up with our sucking energy, we may need to ask, what exactly is the bucket thrown into the well.

The purpose is to have more water in the well, if it is for the well surface branches and vines, and when the ponderation. Some objections to this sentence: (citing the original) SEO is strictly a predecessor, the results are only intermediate, or semi-finished products, only into the product-Web site goal results, can truly realize the value. For the second half of the sentence, I have a positive attitude, the goal is nothing more than a-site results. But in the process of achieving this result, SEO is really just a predecessor of the process? This sentence I hold a different attitude, I always think SEO is throughout the site has always been a beginning and end of the process. (End: The earth has died, not to mention the site)

In different stages, there are different SEO methods, at different times have different SEO skills.

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